Festival Special Front'mes Our extenswe coverage of the Edinburgh Festival continues wrth features on Bjork, Davrd SOul, The Simpsons, lvloon Unit Zappa New releases and Don juan. Plus Festival Listings Guide and Festival Fl . d Freeloaders. Film Ilntex

, Im Is In s 6 Phil Kay 9 Stand-up's original man of surreal letters indulges in some Music

Substance abuse. 7 Denise Mina

Glasgow’s foremost crime wrrter talks abOut the arrival of her second novel, the Tartan Now phenomenon and how she's a disaster

at pub quizzes.

The transformation from comic strip to cellul0rd has never been an easy one, but X-Men c0uld be the first to do its paper

counterpart justice 10 Patrice Leconte

He's one of France’s most prolific and highly-praised filmmakers, but the director of Ridicule, The

Hairdressers Husband and La Veuve De Saint-Pierre refuses to be prgeonholed as an auteur

22 Attica Blues Former darlings of the Mo' Wax stable, these British beatheads return after a two-year hiatus to prove that ‘Jazz’ needn’t be a dirty word.

z, 50 Iain M. Banks

He’s put the ’M' back which can only mean that Mr Banks has got another SCI-fr novel out.

56 We Saw You So, what dld you think of the new FOPP records store and Gone In 60 Seconds?

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