O I saw you Flooded Byres Road 29/7/00. I ferried you by piggy back to Bonhams but it was closed. I stood with wet feet all night. but it was worth it. Box No U/393/1.

v I saw you in Bar Brel rolling down the grass, short dark hair, glasses. We were with our friend Brenda. Please reply Hunkmaster aka Alan. Box No U/393/2.

O I saw you gorgeous blonde in Brel wine Bar on Thursday night (27th July) wearing white dress, drinking a pint. Box No U/393/3.

O I saw you Philus Fogg. Would you like a snog? Come and stay with me rent free. Box No U/393/4.

O I saw you looking pretty in Oblomov Merchant City, you haven’t had a shag in over a year, let me be the one to make you grin from ear to ear. Box No U/393/5.

O I saw you April in Oblomov Merchant City, will you shower yourself over me? Box No U/393/6.

Q I saw you Ross holding back the door, would you like to come in and show me some more. Box No U/393/7.

O I saw you eating dead slugs on the manure heap in Bargo. Boy with the translucent skin, I want to eat your parents’ phlegmll Box No U/393/8.

Q I saw you D Youngy you sexy boy gonnie gie us wan! In the Tron- l pure love you! Box No U/393/9.

Q I saw you yours fancy don’t you! T-shirt boy. You are one hot specimen. The time to shock is now. Box No U/393/l0.

O I saw you and your gorgeous eyes knock me over big boy- I love you David. Box No U/393/l l.

9 I saw you biker chick ride up to the Polo, flaming hot bike(red) what a stunner the girl on the back was!! Driver not so hot!! Box No U/393/l2.

O I saw you all my gringo’s! No, oops! I was in Tinderbox since I like quality coffee. But I still miss the gringo’s! Box No U/393/13.

0 I saw you gorgeous Mediterranean-looking science man here and there. Your noble profile. sophisticated voice, sexy arms and hot butt won’t be forgotten. Let me be the target of your next experiment. Box No U/393/l4.

O I saw you every day and you thawed me. Now you are gone and so is my sweet tooth, you were my special friend indeed. I know I‘ll miss you bad. Louise. Box No U/3‘)3/15.

O I saw you Sumo ‘that’s pure cooooool!!’ Enjoy life on the sinking ship. Box No U/393/16. O I saw you espresso lady! no I can‘t come in! eek! But I think that’s a blessing don’t you? See you on the back steps girly. Box No U/393/17.

9 I saw you John, in Arlon and travelled with you back to Redford (sleeping!) I was a numpty not to get your number (no danger!) so I am ‘snookered’ so please drop me a note of your number, address or email and we will go out for a drink. Love Clare. Box No U/393/20.

0 I saw you handsome bearded man in Tennents, Sat 29 July. You, watching football at the bar. Me, the guy watching you. Forget Rangers, you can score with me anytime! Box No U/393/23.

. I saw you drinking strawberry soya shake in the 13th Note, 3rd August, 10pm. Spotted you a week or so ago in your ‘Straight Edge’ T-shirt: are you? This vegan, straight-edge would very much like to compare notes on goatee- growing, tattooists and baggy breeks. And, of course, to snog you too. Box No U/393/24.

O I saw you ginger boy at The Tap. I think you are regular and live nearby. I like when you bend over the pool table and stroke the pockets. Box No U/392/2.

O I saw you Alan at Safeways petrol station on Tue. You were busy but still managed to smile for me. Box No U/3‘)2/5.

Q I saw you working at Oddbins, Mitchell Street. You carried my box, now I want your tool. Box No U/392/6.

Q I saw you or spoke to you nearly every day for the last two years. We laughed lots and listened to loads of sad songs!!! Now you’re going away ‘dad’ (David) and visits to Bennets and the Polo won’t be the same without my partner in crime!! Luv u always. Sx. Box No U/392/l2.

O I saw you in Destiny on 22/7/00 wearing the white Friends top. You: blond hair, gorgeous and up for a laugh. You know who you are, so get in touch! Box No U/392/l3.

Q I saw you Roberta Flack sang to us; I sang to you in the South. I want you now, Lorraine. Box No U/3‘)2/l(). O I saw you Ilelena at the Network in Paisley 3/8/91, where we raved all night. Who would have thought we’d still have fun raving in the 2lst century. llappy anniversary big love, hugs and kisses from the Ginger One. PS We never did make that after-party in Summerston. Box No U/392/l7.

O I saw you Pierre, Je m’appelle Coralee. Je suis mignion. Je t’aime. Tu est un

'brouilleson. Box No U/392/29.

O I saw you you sexy sexhead. You were so sexy the way you sexily turn me on. ljust wanted to sexily pin your sexy body on the table and have sex with you. Your name was Ryan. Luv Sara. Box No U/392/30.

9 I saw you you served me at the Tinderbox. Just wanted to say, I’ll wine you, dine you then I’ll 69 you. Box No U/392/31. O I saw you sexy guy. You were serving at Tinderbox. I really thought you were beautiful. You had black spiky hair and wore a black T-shirt. Luv Cutie. Box No U/392/32. O I saw you fishy with your manly mum. Run your sweaty hands through your blonde hair. Let’s play naked volleyball you German love god. Ilola finny fingers. Box No U/392/33.

9 I saw you you big sexy beast. I want to stroke your blonde furry? Your dad tuned my piano. How much can you hold in your cheeks Mr Wilson of Arabia? Box No U/392/34. O I saw you you hunky wee guy with ginger hair. Your name is Scot P. and I really fancy you, so how about it? Box No U/392/35.

O I saw you Sophie, your hair was so sexily streaky. I loved the way your toes were bandaged up. Will you meet me on Sunday outside the church. Love Pierce. Box No U/392/36.

O I saw you 61; Pressure (Gene Farris). We danced, talked and got jiggy ‘till the early morn’. Thanks for a great night. Box No U/3‘)2/37.

O I saw you barman (u Brel.

Your sleeveless 'I‘ and sullen ways make me sweat. You hold

the keys to my heart, you fudge muffin. Box No U/3‘)2/38.

9 I saw you chunky ginger barman at trendy West Iind Lane bar. The way your tight T—shirt shows off that belly is great. Box No U/392/39.

v I saw you wearing something sexy in the Tron Friday l4/7/00. You little black beauty. Are you hung like a horse? Box No U/392/4l.

Q I saw you at CCA face party. You and your crazy friends. Kara you rock my world. Reply and we'll meet and have babies forever. Box No U/392/42.

O I saw you driving past in your Micra. It’s been a long time since the republic. I miss the chat. Bex, get in touch soon. C. Box No U/392/43.

O I saw you Jenny at Oblomov.

Let’s meet and drink lots of vodka. You crazy Western Isle chick. Box No U/392/44.

Q I saw you Michelle, next to the information desk just before you tripped effortlessly down the 10 steps and broke your arm. Box No U/392/45.


O I saw you chunky ginger bar guy (god!) My heart missed a beat the first time I saw you wearing that sleeveless black T- shirt. Woof woof. Box No U/3‘)2/40.

Q I saw you Findlay, singing very loudly with a harmonica player, in Borders Bookshop at 7pm on Thurs 20th July. I am an attractive female and a great admirer! Box No U/392/46.

O I saw you sweatily looking through the I Saw You’s, hoping there’d be a message for you. Not with your dodgy artskool fringe, one shoulder bag, pedal pushers, crap retro top and no clue whatsoever! Get a grip you numpty! I hate you! Box No U/392/47.

O I saw you Frutiano Delmonte relieving yourself against a shop window. Then to my horror you approached me and belched in my face and then introduced yourself as Frutiano Delmonte. Box No U/392/.48. O I saw you Sat 22nd on the tube. You dark handsome, listening to sounds. Me funky chic with the big smile. I gave you a wink. Let’s go for a drink. Box No U/392/49.

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