Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street. 221 1430 Brenvenrdos! Welcome to the authentic premier palador. Dance, Wine and

dine in Cuba Norte Sunshine.


88 Lothran Road. 229 5932. Relaxed, atmosprer c ca‘e par, sew cg great value s'iacKs, saiads, spec a s ahc br I: ant cappucchos »— 10am ate.


Isabel's Cafe

83 Clerk Street 662 4014.

Stone mated s'ro<e-‘*ee basement oas s, seruung homemade vegg e/‘regan fooo - Fresh, dercsous and cheap. Tapas Olé

10 Eyre Place & 4A Fores . 556 2754/557 5101 (I C“ 30 different tapas

10 of fish,lO of veggie,10 or meat Live mUSlC, parties welcome.

Wok Bar '0! uh uh

26-30 Potterow

013i 667 8594

Freshly cooked, combining flax/Ours or’ the Far East, inciuo’rng the tastiest dishes from Thailand, Japan, China and Malaysia and the best range of Asian beers.

Bar 10

10 Mitchell Lane

572 1448

Contemporary food, wrde range of vegetarian dishes. Live jazz Sundays afternoons, DJs and drinks promotions.


50 Hope Street

248 4466

Best of iatrn cursrne. Half price fajitas and bUrTlIOS Mon-Sat, 5—7pm.

Mao Café Bar MAO

84 Brunswrck Street CAFE * BAR

lvlerchant City

564 51.61

Simple, qurck and healthy Far Eastern Cuisine. Eating out made easy.

Maclachlans Brew Bar

57 West Register Street 332 0595. Quality out of the ordinary wrth beer brewed on the premises, 100% organrc food and live mUSIC

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street, Merchant City, 552 7737 Mexican born owner of Pancho Villas Mayra Nunez hopes to bring some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho

missed your chance . . .

Edinburgh & Glasgow


8 drinking guid

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