Radiant sta

When Juliette Binoche appeared at a photo call in Cannes, where her new film Code Inconnu premiered (it's also screening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Saturday 19 and Monday 21 August), she sent the national press into a frenzy. Binoche's radiant beauty and formidable acting talent have made her an international star. See her now in La Veuve De Saint-Pierre (see Film preview and review pages 10 and 11).

May the force be with you

Star Trek games, much like the series, are a hit-or-a-miss affair. But Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (out Friday 1 1 August, £29.99), is guaranteed. Built around the Quake III engine, Elite Force is a first-person shooter that pits your wits against the baddest baddies of the Star Trek universe, _ i including the biomechanical Borgs. All the familiar Star

Trek gubbins are featured, as well as some newly improved " weaponry to give the Federation the firepower they've always dreamt of. And the enjoyable storyline will ensure that all but the most severe Trekophobes will play this until their fingers bleed. Just remember: av0id the red pullover.

ALL-"E cnome of i\\O nights on boats. Tangent Don’t do that, do ce’ebrates six years of house parties this. Eight days of unmissable stuff. the Fentik do on Renfreu Ferry is enliyened Dy appearances from, James Layelie and w“ Sidewnoer See preview page 27 A i Various venues, Glasgow

THURSDAY 10 George P. Pelecanos Washington DC 's finest l‘OIl txriter pubnsnes The Big Blow/down, another pacy, thrillng and atn‘ospher c segment "Om his 0 C Quartet Serpents Tail. FRIDAY 11 Abbott And Costello

her success in Chicken Run, ioms American funny lady Karen Loftus. mth a bash aboard the Loxe Boat \\hl|€ Mansion ’5 Cafe Bar, Glasgow.

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Cue the poo

Some kids are never happy, eh? But exactly what is it that makes us squirm at a picture like this? Dr Val Curtis is one person who’s spent an unusual amount of time pondering that question and is featuring heaVin in a three-part Channel 4 series, Anatomy of Disgust (from Tuesday 15 August). ’I was doing research into hygiene around the world,’ she says. ’I began to notice that what disgusts us tends to be the same wherever I go. These are shit, bodily secretions, rotting flesh, nasty worms, bullying, rape and pollution' You learn something new every day.


Should you find yourself stuck in the crowds in Edinburgh after all, you’ll be well advised to take note of the latest amenities. As part of the St Andrews Square bus station redevelopment programme, the city council has taken delivery of Scotland’s first automatic public toilets. Funded by advertising organised by the More Group, the self-cleaning loos will provide a different sort of light relief on the Fringe for a mere 20p a plop.

from America’s mid-West, parade their Nick Cave/Tom Waits/Smog-style atmospheric beauties with new album

MONDAY 14 Denise Mina Following the Three. Touch And Go Records. success of her debut novel Garnethi/l, the Glasgow writer returns, putting her heroine Maureen O'Donnell thr0ugh more hell in Exile. See feature,

WEDNESDAY 16 Starstruck Those poor luvs in the acting busmess have it r0ugh, don't they? This fascinating f0ur- part look inside the heads of such down-at-heels as Rufus Sewell, Mickey Rourke and AnJelica Huston will have

. SUNDAY 13 Karen It pa e 7. Bantam Monster Collection Video release of L ft A d L ;,__ Frags y0u weeping into your cocoa. See Bud 'n’ LOu's creature capers from the 0 "S n ynn ' " "hf. ' ' preView, page 52. Cnanne/d,

. I 50 S _ I, t r Ferguson Yes, a, . I y ‘_ v I TUESDAY 15 . ear y 5 Cream with aug ttei as the there are laughs to g , The Black {HURSDAY 17 mack umfo|05. duo ham It Up mm Frankenszem’ be had outwith the Heart Beautiful harmonies, col0urful 19W” and Hyde and The Mummy see comedy overload Procession costumes and the sweetest of

reView page 49. Universal, SATURDAY 12 Clubbing Boat Parties Keep yOur clubbing credentials afloat and yOu.r head svtmmrng with your

in the East as ‘V Lynn " Ferguson, hot" on the heels of I, y " J

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Darker than the melodies are aSSured from the Owls inside coat Zimbabwean fancy footworkers as pocket, these death cOuntry heroes Arches, Glasgow

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Anjelica Houston is Starstruck, Wed 16