Sat “26 Aug

Main Stage

Cotton Mather 2—2.30pm

Upbeat country-tinged guitar work from these favourites of Noel Gallagher. Ooberman 2.45—3.15pm More off-kilter pop melodies from this feisty bunch. Shed Seven 3.30—4.15pm

York’s biggest export specialise in bouncy power indie pop.

Asian Dub Foundation 4.30—5.15pm

Agit-funk dub from this politically charged rock cross pollinators.

Foo Fighters 5.45—7pm Dave Grohl excels With his fuzzbomb guitars and soaring choruses.

Primal Scream 7.30—8.45pm

The Scream Team parade their cod-revolutionary gUItar and electronica soundclash. 0asis9.lS—lO.45pm

The Gallaghers blast the competition away With their attitude and bombast.

Evening Session Stage

Quinn 2—2.30pm Stealthy, growling guitars and from this group of Glasgow scene veterans. The Vegastones 2.45—3.15pm

Quirky funky pop with a Latin twist from V2’s latest acquisition.

Annie Christian 3.30—4pm

A return for this rocky four- piece except With the addition of some wild, buzzing electronics,

The Nectarine No.9 4.15—4.45pm

Ex-Fire Engine Davy Henderson’s growling new wave-ish guitar fuzz. Hobotallc 5—5.40pm Melancholy business from Dunbar’s most exciting export.

The High Fidelity 6—6.40pm

Obtuse electronic rock experiments from Sean Dickson and co.

The Dandy Warhols 7.10—7.50pm

Spunky rock ’n' roll from this yank quartet. Teenage Fanclub 8.20—9.15pm Homecoming show for Weegie’s favourite melodic sons.

New Band Stage.

My Drug Hell 2.30—3pm New rock act with some serious Stonesy Attitude. Solaris 3.15—3.45pm Catchy indie guitar trips from this Edinburgh outfit. Speeder 4—4.30pm Creeping Bent’s feisty indie types.

Imperial Racing Club 4.45—5.15pm

Edinburgh punky pop firebrands.

Philly 5.30—6pm

Funky reggae vibes with a rock edge from this one- time Macy Gray collaborator.

Sound Buggy 6.15—6.45pm

Sprightly upbeat indie types. Cosmic Rough Riders 7—7.30pm

Feelgood COuntry indie pop from this Glasgow trio.



Single day tickets £30 0 Weekend tickets £55

All tickets are subject to a booking fee.

Credit card bookings can be made on the following numbers: 0870 730 0247 o 0141 308 8800 o 0141 339 8383 o 0141 287 5511


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Primal Scream

UK Play Tont

Dara O’Briain

This Festival Fringe favourite comes all the way from Ireland to entertain. Parrot

A stalwart on the Scottish comedy cichit with a line in sharp comic observations. Adam Hills

An Aussre who has consolidated his stand up success with appearances on The Big Breakfast and The Stand Up Show. Marcus Brigstocke An accomplished award winner with a taste for character comedy.

Marty Wilson

This Aussie comic, hugely popular in his home territory makes a rare visit to Scofland.

Sonnie Mann’s Chapel 0f Karaoke

See Friday

Phil KaylMC)

See Friday

Ross Noble

cadet will confuse, astound and amuse in equal amounts.

Shock-haired, Geordie space .

Ex rience Darce Arena

Michael Kilkie

1 1—1 2pm

He of the Atomic Baby residency.

Zammo 12—1 pm Perthshire’s own house loon and the other Atomic Baby resident.

Simon Foy 1—2pm Resident at the Tunnel’s house and garage night The Ark.

Jon Pleased Wimmin 2—4pm

Famed now more for his DJ skills than his cross-dresing antics.

Sister Bliss 4-6pm

The Faithless main woman plays on the eve of the release of a new solo single. Scott Bond 6—7.30pm Gatecrasher resident Bond brings abit of Sheffield madness to the Green. Lisa Loud 7.30—9pm

A splash of glamour from this hard house spinner. Mauro Picotto 9—1 1pm This Italian DJ and producer makes another vrsit after his acclaimed set at Homelands.

17—241 Aug 2000 THE lIST 11