Festival Special Our extenSive coverage of the Edinburgh Festival continues With features on American comedy films including the Coen brothers’ Brother, Where Art Thou?, Cabin Pressure/War Of The Worlds, Das Rheingo/d Scottish Opera and Miffy author Dick Bruna. Plus Festival Listings GUide and Festival Freeloaders.

4 Phil Kay

Comedy's lateral thinker prowdes a long, long list of topics stand-ups c0uld use for their shows.

6 Titus

With Titus Julie Taymor has adapted Shakespeare's bloodiest play for film. She tells The List why it’s time we took Our Violence seriously.

ygé‘e-gg‘sitp f.§.=t;'i:‘:;. 3_

.. L L . i. .. {it '2'~l§“;i‘\..".’ iii; i‘épii'é The List talks to the Fannies, who headline the West Coast's new music festival. Plus full Glasgow Green line-

up, running order and times.

14 House Of Mirth

Gillian Anderson came to Glasgow to film Terence DaVies’ adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel. Round the corner at the Citz, Giles Havergal was adapting the same book for the stage.

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I . IL -l . “h. 22"" . m M “t”: ’h“.' 'c ""“ “Mu

Time Code is an audacious, experimental film inten/veaVing

four improvised stories shot in real time and proiected on to a split-screen simultaneously.

25 The Dirty Three Australia’s most atmospheric band, and former Nick Cave collaborators, come to Scotland to play the big cities.

56 We Saw You

So, what did you think of Time Code and Tangent at Love Boat Party?



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