Mac attack

Every year at this time, we find ourselves getting all excited about the latest snazzy piece of computer hardware to come from those groovy folk at Apple. Two years ago, the return of head honcho Steve Jobs precipitated the launch of the Mac, the machine that went on to become a Visual icon of the computer industry, and last August it was time for the iBook, ideal for everyone so attached to their ilvlacs that they couldn’t bear to leave home without one.

This year is no different, as Apple prepares to sell the Power Book G4 Cube, a gorgeous looking compact silver box suspended in a clear plastic shell With tWice the processing power of machines four times bigger. It has no fan, so it's dead quiet, and it has an on button that senses when your finger is about to touch it. It's pitched at the mid-level market, somewhere between the casual domestic user and the serious design professional, and is selling for £1249 plus VAT.

The Pipeline Coming quite soon...

They've been lying low Since last year’s Flux Festival appearance in Princes Street Gardens but everyone's fav0urite electronic boffins

1 Orbital are back. Their only 9 «an live UK appearance this year 3 was at Scott Walker's pf“ " Meltdown in London in June

but the duo have confirmed that a number of tracks have already been completed for their next, as yet untitled, LP which is expected to arrive in early 2001 Talking as we were of crazed slapheads with a penchant for Jiggery pokery, Harry Hill makes a welcome return late in the


The Quotes

'Vegetarians and their Hezbollah-like splinter


a}. r" 0' I . _’. faction, the vegans, are an

affront to all I stand for. the pure enjoyment of food.‘

New York chef and author Anthony Bourdain tries to beef up business.

‘You get these people in the newspapers and there's always a little

i“ picture of them. I know I'm a minger but they're so bloody ugly it’s like "what a surprise you work for a newspaper and not on telly".'

Victoria Beckham dishes out some constructive criticism to her detractors. ‘The only one who doesn't deserve to win is the deceptive Nick.’

Ex-Big Brother contestant Sada on the deVious lvlr Bateman.

'You've got a SZOm movie star and you can't understand what he's saying.’

Guy Ritchie tells why Brad Pitt’s Irish accent is the funniest thing in the l forthcoming Snatch. ‘The way things unfolded for Charlie Bucket is really similar to

year With a brand new stand up show at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on 1 December

. . , Looking further ahead, those Wishing for something to defrost their toes on those cold Winter evenings can take solace in that next year's Celtic Connections has been confirmed for 10—28 January 2001. The line-up for the folk fest Will be announced at the offiCial launch on 5 October when Capercallie Will be playing live at the Royal Concert Hall . . Glasgow dance music's doyens of good taste Slam are to take over the programming of the club

nights at the City's club Alaska. The Slam crew are the people responsible for quality house nights like Relief and Pressure and Will take over in September so expect nothing less than excellent nights out the way things . . . For those more into chat happened ‘0' than charts, another me.’

significant highlight of the Craig DaVid new Royal Concert Hall cites the programme of events is the Chocolate continuation of its Factory Conversation Pieces series hero as a

With Michael Heseltine. Roy direct Hattersley and Sir Ranulph Fiennes among the forthcoming speakers.


ALI-11E Don’t do that, do this. Eight days of unmissable stuff. THURSDAY 10 Black Umfolosi Beautifui haririonies, colourful costumes and the sweetest of melodies are assured from the Zimbabwean fanciy foot\.'~.orkers as part of the Beat Route series. llie Arches, Glasgow FRIDAY 18 X-Men Marvel Comics' mutant superheroes make it to the big screen in the biggest and best blockbuster of the summer See reView, page 15. General release SATURDAY 19 The Idiots Lars von Trier caused a right old rumpus With this representation of the mentally ill This debut small screening includes a

meeting between the Dogme director and disabled people who are not best pleased With him. See preView, page 54. C/lell19/4

SUNDAY 20 Great Scottish Run Around 10,000 runners of all ages and abilities are expected to take to the Green in the event which has raised a mighty £20m for charity since it all began in 1982. Glasgow Green, Glasgow

MONDAY 21 Roxy Music The early years of many bands are their best times, and the glam-pop legends that were Bryan and Co are no exception. The first three

albums are gathered here including such classic tracks as

'Do The Strand’, 'Pyiamarama'

and 'Virginia Plain' Virgin

X-Men, Fri 18

TUESDAY 22 Carol Rhodes Only a week of the British Art Show artist's solo show to go, so get along to the Proiec‘t Room, post-ha‘ste She's taking her work over to New York and Santa Monica where acclaim Will take her to the next level. Tramway, Glasgow. WEDNESDAY 23 Time Code Mike Figgis' hi-tech experiment sees four improwsed dramas shot simultaneOLisly on digital cameras

, and projected onto a split screen,

See preVIew and renew pages 14 and 1S, GFT, Glasgow.

THURSDAY 17 Iain M. Banks Another corking sci-fi novel from the Fifer as he veers far from the Crow Road and returns to the future with his latest

Culture instalment, Look To

Windward Orbit

17- 23 Aug 2000 THE llST3