0 I saw you @ Pressure too. Keep at it babe. The single’s market needs more like you. We have more fun anyway. Trust me! Look for a note on the silver hi-fi . . . Box No U/394/3. O I saw you at that dinner. The Chat, long gloves and foxes, but remember eyebrows are the key touch. The future is bright, the future is orange. Use it wisely. Box No U/394/5.

O I saw you born under a wandering star . . . you with long white sleeves. Me: an Australian on holiday, looking for someone to share the Glasgow night life with. What about it, Daddy Cool? Box No U/394/7.

O I saw you in Bennets 4/8/00, pink top, dark hair, lovely eyes, Edinburgh girl. Me grey trousers, black top. We kissed as Hazel Dean sang in background. Would love to see you again. Box No U/394/20.

O I saw you in cafe Cosmo. Kindly return my shoes. Box No U/394/21.

O I saw you all the nutters who party with me for the last six years. Hope you will miss me coz I will - Pepe. PS Keep the noze sore! Box No U/394/22. O I saw you Gawain, flawed knight I’d like to get your armour off! F.H.T. Box No U/394/23.

0 I saw you all you folk past and present of the Borders Cafe Puma crew. I love you all will miss you . . . or not. Love Simon. Box No U/394/24.


O I saw you in Borders on Monday, meeting your friend and was drawn to your sideburns. I’ve stolen your copy of ‘0’. Box No U/394/25.

O I saw you and the puma went waaa my little Vickatu. Box No U/394/26.

. I saw you MUNDO. We don’t have to take our clothes off...tohaveagoodtime... we can dance and party . . . and

drink some cherry wine. Love it.

Box No U/394/27.

v We saw you two in the Attic, 28/7/00. I was bold and spoke to you, my friend was a shooting star. We’re sorry you weren’t as bold, we’d like to give you a second chance. Get in touch. Box No U/394/28.

O I saw you heavenly angel you captured my soul and set me free, a sparkling star you gave to me. Blessed with the light, we’ll travel together, our souls reunited, entwined forever. K x Box No U/394/29.

O I saw you Toby - guy with blue V-neck. Talk tennis, it turns me on, have I told u lately??? Box No U/394/30.

O I saw you Icelandic/ Glaswegian doctor in John Smiths Bookshop. I was attached, dark-haired bookseller now single. Get in touch soon. Box No U/394/31.

O I saw you in Bar Brel, foxy barmaid all in black, nice smile. Fancy a Hoegaarden with me sometime? Box No U/394/32. O I saw you swimmy fish T- shirt, nice arse, best smile in the world. Three little words. Box No U/394/33.

O I saw you from the ‘69’ers, who are you? Which one of us do you want? Box No U/394/34. O I saw you Emma, in the Tinderbox with your sister and a gorgeous Frenchman. Gee! Who’s that man? Box No U/394/35.

O I saw you Jemma when your naive mind made such a terrible mistake. I will always love you but mourn our death with tears. Live with hope. Sadness sucks. D. Box No U/394/36.

Please note

For your I Saw You to be included on these pages, you must supply your full name and address with your advert.

48 ms usr 17-24 Aug 2000

O I saw you J MC Las Palmas to Glasgow. You: good looking steward serving coffee. Me: guy in seat 11B. Let me return the favour. Box No U/394/37.

O I saw you Kenny from the Citz? Nae luck! Box No U/394/39.

O I saw you Susan cheer up! Even Kathy Bates smiles (sometimes). Box No U/394/40.

O I saw you in the basement of Fopp Union Street. Will you ride the ginger surf again? Box No U/394/55.

O I saw you Fi, did you eat ma wings. David yer roast dinners are smashing. Box No U/394/62. O I saw you Dave, Shea and I love you. Box No U/394/63.

O I saw you Craig, lose weight before the plane goes to Shetland. Box No U/394/64.

O I saw you Flooded Byres Road 29/7/00. I ferried you by piggy back to Bonhams but it was closed. I stood with wet feet all night, but it was worth it. Box No U/393/l.

0 I saw you in Bar Brel rolling down the grass, short dark hair, glasses. We were with our friend Brenda. Please reply Hunkmaster aka Alan. Box No U/393/2.

O I saw you gorgeous blonde in Brel wine Bar on Thursday night (27th July) wearing white dress, drinking a pint. Box No U/393/3.

O I saw you Philus Fogg. Would you like a snog? Come and stay with me rent free. Box No U/393/4.

Q I saw you looking pretty in Oblomov Merchant City, you haven’t had a shag in over a year, let me be the one to make you grin from ear to ear. Box No U/393/5.

. I saw you April in Oblomov Merchant City, will you shower yourself over me? Box No U/393/6.

O I saw you Ross holding back the door, would you like to come in and show me some more. Box No U/393/7.

O I saw you eating dead slugs on the manure heap in Bargo. Boy with the translucent skin, I want to eat your parents’ phlegmll Box No U/393/8.

O I saw you D Youngy you sexy boy gonnie gie us wan! In the Tron- I pure love you! Box No U/393/9.

O I saw you yours fancy don’t you! T-shirt boy. You are one hot specimen. The time to shock is now. Box No U/393/10.

O I saw you and your gorgeous eyes knock me over big boy- I love you David. Box No U/393/11.

O I saw you biker chick ride up to the Polo, flaming hot bike(red) what a stunner the girl on the back was!! Driver not so hot!! Box No U/393/12.

O I saw you all my gringo’s! No, oops! I was in Tinderbox since I like quality coffee. But I still miss the gringo’s! Box No U/393/13.

O I saw you gorgeous Mediterranean-looking science man here and there. Your noble profile, sophisticated voice, sexy arms and hot butt won’t be forgotten. Let me be the target of your next experiment. Box No U/393/l4.

Q I saw you every day and you thawed me. Now you are gone and so is my sweet tooth, you were my special friend indeed. I know I’ll miss you bad. Louise. Box No U/393/15.

U I saw you Sumo ‘that’s pure cooooool! !’ Enjoy life on the sinking ship. Box No U/393/16. O I saw you espresso lady! no I can’t come in! eek! But I think that’s a blessing don’t you? See you on the back steps girly. Box No U/393/17.


O I saw you John, in Arlon and travelled with you back to Redford (sleeping!) I was a numpty not to get your number (no danger!) so I am ‘snookered’ so please drop me a note of your number, address or email and we will go out for a drink. Love Clare. Box No U/393/20.

O I saw you handsome bearded man in Tennents, Sat 29 July. You, watching football at the bar. Me, the guy watching you. Forget Rangers, you can score with me anytime! Box No U/393/23.

O I saw you drinking strawberry soya shake in the 13th Note, 3rd August, 10pm. Spotted you a week or so ago in your ‘Straight Edge’ T-shirt: are you? This vegan, straight-edge would very much like to compare notes on goatee- growing, tattooists and baggy breeks. And, of course, to snog you too. Box No U/393/24.

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