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Dangerous passions and explosive drama in The End Of The Affair

Neil Jordan's film output hasn't been for everyone. Some see Mona Lisa as hackneyed small scale gangsterism, The Company Of Wolves as unscary fantasy horror, while The Crying Game may well be the most over-rated movie of the 905. Then, there are the likes of We’re No Angels and High Spirits for which few words exist to describe the horror in their viewing. For those of us taking that standpoint, The End Of The Affair comes as a

welcome and revelatory delight.

Starring the glacial Julianne Moore and the stony Ralph Fiennes, their dual coldness thaws to light up a story which, in less confident hands, could have fallen on its angst-ridden arse. Based on the semi-autobiographical Graham Greene novel, the pair play Sarah Miles and Maurice Bendrix, star-crossed lovers if ever you saw them, while Jordan regular Stephen Rea, plays the wronged yet deeply unsympathetic husband.

Throw in an uncharacteristically subtle performance from Ian Hart as the private detective steadily drawn into their dangerously passionate world, and another melting Michael Nyman score, and you have both the makings

and the delivery of a minor classic.

The End Of The Affair all turns on one dramatically explosive moment which comes out of nowhere and will leave you breathless as the truth about it becomes clearer. It's also gratifying to know that someone can still turn out fine art on the back of an average track record. (Brian Donaldson) Available for video rental from Mon 27 Aug on Columbia Tristar.



(12) 162 mins

Who'd ever have thought :t. Mike Leigh doing a 19th century perrotl drama,7 Frocks and frorrts there might be in this drarnatrsatror‘. of the rot ky but frurtful working relatronshp between popular opera artists Gilbert and Sullivan, but the character comedy rs pure LOIQII, The emphasrs rs on preparations for a London production of The Mikado and, while there are too many musical numbers, the cast are superb, from leads Jim Broadbent and Allan Corduner to Scots Shirley Henderson and Kevrn Mt Kidd. rFox Pathei (Miles Freltlerr

MYstery, Alaska (15) mins tbc ti.-

It's drret ted by Jay Roach lAus'trn Powersr, written by Davrtl E, Kelly lAlly

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and The Insider's Russell Crowe So, how did it end up being relegated to a strarght-to-vrdeo release7 Is it shite? No, actually it's an entertaining sports comedy in whit h Russ's tough rte

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Agnes Browne

(15) 88 mins

Artgelrta Houston (Irret ts ant: stars at this (omit tale of a Torn Jones—f1xated \‘/l(l()\.‘-/ and mother of seven, ekr'rg out a irvrrig rn Ireland an the iate l9bOs Houston must have consulted The Big Book of Irish (th nes before

comment rng frlrrrrng, as this is art poverty, heatist ar‘ves and tenacity :n the face of atlversrty Twee ( .":(l"(l( ters and a t'l:msy plot means that the best things about it are the TUH‘ Jones numbers whit h br‘rr‘t; blessed relief it'()li‘ a soaridtrat k of aggravatineg insistent folT-c intisrt Dowhrrght silly lUrwersah rDawn Kot'ei

Best (15) 102 mins

Football films rarely store and this Vlt“.‘.’ of George Best hits the post and

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mysterious V'SIOI‘ promises to offer eleven-year-oltl Cathevme th‘t'r Arnold: the ( t‘.a."((‘ of salvation Bu: ner blind faith ("eatesa spna o‘ 'r‘ass “yster'a I" 1; I ,;.r« ,- PM (I Sll'.(°. U"‘orfu'latery, t"e

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Cookie's Fortune (12) 118 mins

House On Haunted Hill Evee when Robert A t'r‘a" woth out i W 1" H" ' W h z I H I.” l a studio ptttr'e, his it rr‘r'bakr'x; E I “‘ I. I. ' V . ‘7 2 rerearls streets a”eatr of ()i".("' 3 I a 'I l H V. . i 'nar'rstrtni'n ‘: 'ns Here, the (Wet tor of' «rt/7 A S H, r’\./thsll.’///€’, ti'l(l Sim/t (Hi8 World At War .— Volumes 1 & 2 turns his atrtear's .'H‘:"(2 to a". a”r:ab,e, ' v : -: " :v ' : ' y, (().".‘|( 'rtzu‘tre' "lysftv‘y se'. ’r‘- srr‘a .tovrn Ho: y Sprngs, I'.I ssssrpbr As ustra,

Altrrtar‘ ,l'sSWI‘tH‘s a great (as: Glerir‘ (Jose, Ll‘.’ Tyler, Jatrarr'ie luloore, Patricia Neal, Chrrs O'Donne r, Net: Beafty, w . » r _ 73,—5 ("‘arles S [)attor‘ who "a'r‘rrrafe ‘. ' j M about x'rho lat-0(1- o-tl \.'.()."lti" (,ool-c'e ; ‘y to" her ntor‘ey (treat trues sou"(itrat k “I . ‘5 too ‘FVIU'TK‘HTJ'I‘ {149‘}, {.19 99 o" l I U if H DVD lerIes F‘eltle" O w ' i 7' 1‘ fimfifilfiir. h g.»

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Gregory's Two Girls (15) 111 mins

Tx'rehty years a‘ter Gregory’s (yr/i, oar hero is nov. art dealrstrt L'lg 'sr: teat her at its o d st l‘oo' pupils 'one of '\.'.«"rorr‘- is the par". ( uia" 3' past r" Paris that r‘x-‘o ‘Jt‘tl l‘s ‘e a"o

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The Lost Son

(18) 98 mins

Ix-top Xavier Ior'ibar‘t: [)ar‘te

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STAR RATINGS Unmzssabie Very good Worth a shot Beloxt' .‘in-‘HKJO You've been warned

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2.1 Star: 1:» THE llST 55