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Tr'rps to the prom and anxretres ahout (her‘ry popprng are Just not dorng rt for Hollywood teen flrrks anymore The new ta(k seems to he a good, solrd rnrettron of danger, rntrrgue and death, wrth mmres lr‘ke l/Vr/d Thrngs, Cruel lntentrons and l‘rna/ Destrnatrorr (aprtalrsrng on the krller‘-thrrl|er‘ suttess of St ream

The latest, then, rn thrs new strarr‘. of teen drama rnxarrahly made ‘3.th a(tors long past therr‘ teens Gossrp follows (ollege medra students Cathy Jones (lena lleadey , Derrr< k flames l\lar'sdenr and lravrs rNorrrtan Reedusr as they try and enlrven therr‘ dull, prrvrleged lrves by spreadrng jarty gossrp around therr campus Harmless (‘ollege rapes turn nasty though, \.‘-."hen an rdle rumour leads to a rape (harge and an, albert super‘frtzal, exarnrrmton ot' the free .lne l)et\.‘.'een wanted and unwanted sex ensues

In many \.*.ays an amalgamatron of a namher of llrrzs, (jossrn takes the sexual lemons and shrftrng allegrantes of the threesome from S'nal/onx Grave, the hrtter (ollege rr\.'alr'y from Heathers, the neat ont t‘.'~.rsts and t-..rns from the Sr ream tr'riogy and, of (ourse, the good looks and sirt k drret tron of all the teen movies, to (reate a farr'iy de(ent mystery thrrller Catherme Bronziey I General release from Frr 2:3 Aug

There's Only One

Jimm Grimble (12)10 mins

Danger, intrigue and death

Lrt'e (ould not he ‘.'.orse for ftfteen- year-old Jllllll‘y (rrrmhle ‘le\.‘.:s lxltKerr/ro lhe poor lao dreams of l)(‘(()lll|ll() a r)r‘()t(>ssr()rral footballer, hut the rnorrrent 're hits the l)ll(ll his sk l? deserts hrm happrer off the T'reld, erther, hrs mu'r‘ 'Cr'lh‘r l~.l<Keer has rust dumped Ham, *Ray \.".’:nstone, tl‘e n‘an ‘.'.ho rnsorred hrs lone of Llanthester ('rty, he 's 'oulVeu at s( wool, and atks the (oarage to speak to a gr'l he ‘ar‘t 'es

Luer‘ytnrrrg (l‘langes sane"; a tra'np (Jane lap-ota re g1.th Jrrr‘r'“, an o l pan of

He rs "rot mu<h

5- I "

Cute urban fairy tale (with footy)

foothal: hoots Not orxry do they tu'n rtrrr‘ rnto t'te denon ()f‘ fl‘t' l)!l( 'r l‘e a".'.ays dreamed of herng, they also at't'et‘. exeryone aro.,r‘ l hrr'r lo' the better, -r‘.( 3ud."g nrs (o\'.eo Pl, teather 'Rol)ert Car'lyie rr‘-srde Jrrnmy hrmseil I’

»\"e spet‘af, or s t"e "hag'r

Desorte a trtle ‘.'.hr(h l)l'()(hl.'ll's the unzoueness ()5 'ts "tern, t"e'e's "othrng hrs (ute ..r:)a" tarry tale inert, plot (leseropment Zs uner‘rrngly pr‘edr( tahie, (ltazar fer a (li( he Yet so'vie".o\.'. tne (ast, through thezr (onx'rttroe and (harr‘t, make t'irs moure ha'd to drs ke Nonetheless, stranded rr‘ Irmho t)et‘.‘.een adart and (":‘d fare, rt's hard to see '.'.h() the moyre was made for Steve Applehaurr:

it. General re/ease from Frr 2") Aug See feature, page 8

s:.rpr.srng or oar‘trrula'ly andn. dual about

Whatever (Extension du domaine de la

lutte) (18) 120 mins

A krno o5 ntddle-(lass Set/l (ontre [or/s r glit don-.n to the eye—pdr)r).rrg (out seuuente, ha! drrertor and star

(o—‘.'."r‘.er‘, Plrrlrpne Ha'el doesn’t gurte r‘a'e (raspar Noe's trn..'e"salrsrr‘g 'rr'selah :rsrn Hare‘s unarmed (entral (lzararter 's a rr‘or'e relr'red rn'sant'troptst t'r‘an l-Joe's

huttlter He sees ll‘(- '.'.or|d as a sardonic stUdy 0f male rage \.'.l‘ere 'nen (ontrol the etonorny, '.'.orr‘er‘ are r" (harge ol the se:-;..a parse strrr‘gs, thus

rnrxtur'e ol ‘.'.rnners and losers, and hot j;.‘>'. ‘rnanualiy or! se:-..ra ',/ aso

leavrnt} our (ornl'ortal)l‘;/-otl r‘rero '.'.!'.."rou‘. sex ‘0' t.‘.(> area's, and a ‘eL'ox'.

(orrroany employee, lsserand losebartra,a2£~1—,ea'-olo an; 'r

A5 l" “(HMS (‘dll 0" ld lé‘llll'le [)efendue, d re< to' 'erta errus harr‘serl to

..lt!r"ate 'lr'ale gafe "ope, tl‘e study

a(('..=satrons of 'rr:s()g',rrry [)eferrdue t"e the l'orrrz ol flare as ire

of an atlarr taertg ra'rrera, f" " s '3: st'ess ' (lrrettly rnto the lens Here, lla'el's (l‘aratte' suggests l sse‘and's set-tual taaltrre '.'.'?l.'l ‘.'.o.'rreh has s(a."ed 'nrr‘. l()l(".'(" "oat 'e'.er~.ge t (()l'rl)l(‘lt‘l',' l)t‘~,<>t‘.(l your rear h tame up a (areer as a rna'rlerer'

Ol)‘.ro.rsly, flare 'tas h's tongue (lat-eh hat you ee a so .'.ea'r'tg hrs

l‘eart o'l hrs sleeve lhrs as "rat h a stud, o‘ "rafe 'aget

s r"a:e rrrtorrlpeierrte and, .rr (orrsegue'r<(-, an rr'tpressz'. l‘eartt'elt 'lorr/ l.l<Krr)r).n

:5 lt/rrrhurg/r r'-r/rn/'ror/',e from /.’r r' (var)

e ‘doug‘, 'r‘:-tta.'e ill the sa'oonrr and the

new releases FILM

parkirk Town Ha" l‘zrlkrrk ( ouncrl

Thursday 14th September ANIMAL FARM

Guy Masterson performs hrs rnternatrormlly acclarmed solo adaptatron of George Orwell‘s mas- terwork. Mastersort's unrque form of performance stOrytellrng rs hrghly physrcal and vrsual and creates magrc rn the rmagrnatron. It has to be seen to be belreved how one man can create a whole larmload of anrmals. 7:30pm £6. £4. £3 (schools)

Thursday 21 st September JALEO Flamenco

Wrth a new company of award-wrnnrng artrstes from Sevrlle. Jaleo return to the stage thrs year to re-create the magrc and colour of Andalu5ran Irle rn a compellrng new programme packed wrth rnlectrous rhythms. frery emotrons and paSSIonate drama. Trcket prrce also rncludes FREE after show 'Tapas‘. 7:30pm £10. £8

Tuesday 3rd October

GISELLE-Connotation Cwmnr Ballet Gwent

Featurrng Adolphe Adams trmeless musrc. thrs brand new work presents a thrrllrng and unrque rnterpretatron of one of the greatest love stones ever told Vrvrd characters. fragrle emotrons. ghostly

apparrtrons and the lrnest CIaSSrcaI ballet 7:30pm £8. £7 & £5

Wednesday 4th October ANTIGONE - TAG Theatre Company

Is Antrgone a young woman engaged m a home frght agarnst state sponsored rntustrce. Or a reckless maverrck who refuses to grow up” Is Own a responsrble. pragmatrc leader who puts the state above hrs own lamrly or a despotrc and rnllexrble old man who refuses to Irsten to reason or natural rustrce’) Thrs powerful new verSron of Sophocles classrc explores the c0nl|rct between the personal and the polrtrcal 7.30pm £6. £4. £3 (schools)

Thursday 76th November SEX & CHOCOLATE - THE MISFITS

A comedy thrrller ab0ut love. mobsters and mallesers' Jan has just turned 50. she's all alone. the krds have flown the nest and rt's holrday weekend Faced wrth the prospect of delrostrng the trrdge she makes a deCrsron whrch \.'.'r|| change her lrle forever Guaranteed to make y0u laugh. cry and grve up on that dret'“ 7.30pm £5. £4

Tickets and further information from The Steeple Box office (Tel: 01324 506850)

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