Thursday 24 August—Thursday 7 September 2000


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Festival Special Our extensive coverage of the Edinburgh Festival proves 7 we've saved the best ’til last. Check out Our features on The 34 Theatre Boosh, Ham/er, Nederlands Dans Theater and Paul Verhoeven Plus Festival Listings Ciuide and Festival

34 Drama 81 Dance listings Freeloaders.

i . . . 35 Comed 5; 3 Budweiser's Bigger Picture See two Cult American films for free 35 Clubs 6 Peter Mullan 37 Clubs listings The man who directed My Name Is Joe made his name 40 Venues "“ in theatre So, why are peOple shocked to see him __ appearing in Mike Figgis’ adaptation of Strindberg’s 41 11“ MISS JLJ/IG?

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8 Robert Carlyle


, The man who has played more psychos than Jeffrey 44 GIasgow 1! . Dahmer has had human dinners, is gOing soft for his _ b. latest role. But not for long _ i . 45 «I a 10 Christopher Brookmyre . . Scottish literature's most savage satirist is back. With 46 CIaSSIerd Boning A Frog, he is heaping his contempt upon the 46 Recruitment Catholic Church, New Lab0ur and the prison serVice. 49 Hatshare

And he's not short of adVice on where not to get a

Vibrator lodged 55 I saw You 12 True 53 Books Multimedia. A word that brings you out into a cold sweat 50 New titles or has yOu rapidly dialling that ticket hotline At Tramway, an k installation and performance piece is set to have you 50 800 events

Questioning those preconceptions. . . 60 I V

14 Citizone

Coming to a Sitting room near you is the latest example of 61

our obsession with TV’s most addictive form A new Glasgow project is a liVing soap crossed With theatrical 62 Food travelogue

64 We Saw You



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