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w. ~v 'I have a permanent hole in my ;_ head} g Jackie Chan admits that his film career may have left its mark‘

Pencil Friday 29 and Saturday 30 September in your diaries becau that's when The List is joining forces with Budweiser to presen two nights of cult American film‘» totally free. We're presenting ' screenings of Pulp Fiction (Fri 29 ' and LA. Confidential (Sat 30) at the Corn Exchange in Leith followed by a set from top Beat 106 dance 015. To register for your free tickets call the Budweiser Bigger Picture hotline number 020 7349 5069 and look out for more news and an exclusive competition for List readers in the next issue, out Thursday 7 September.

‘It pisses me off that the entire world believes that it's morally y V A-OK to rape musicians of their i art and their livelihood.‘

P Shirley Manson on Internet file- sharrng programme Napster.

‘I play a grumpy old man who spends his whole life filing records.’

John Peel on his typecastrng debut In Five Seconds To Spare.

'I did consider saying my boyfriend played for Man City and that we have a kid called Chiswick.’

Sprller’s SOphre EIlrs-Bextor on possrble tactics In beating Victoria Beckham to the number one spot.

'Quite frankly, many of the young women there would be quite unsuitable as a future Queen. The place is littered with women who are unable to remain in their underwear.’ A Buckingham Palace Insider explains why Prince William’s education \VIH be furthered In St Andrews and not In Edinburgh.

‘People shouldn't hate me for the rest of my life. It was only a game.’ Nick ’Nasty Nrck’ , -- Bateman after , I being turfed out of the Big Brother bunker

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