O I saw you when Major Tombo couldn’t ground control the crazy Redbull man of the taste universe. Before I saw you shebang, boom there! Your sodapop bubble massage blew me everywhere. Box No U/395/22.

O I saw you gorgeous guy in Frankenstein pub, Friday 11 August. We exchanged glances all night and then I asked you to dance. Me in bright pink dress, you in white T-shirt. Please get in touch. Box No U/395/23.

O I saw you just outside the main entrance to Edinburgh School of Art on a sunny Monday morning just after 9am. Your beauty outshone the sunshine. We walked past one another and exchanged glances. I was in a hurry and missed stopping to find out more about you. Perhaps a coffee . . . or a drink sometime, somewhere?? Box No U/395/25.

v I saw you Medic Mike in CC. Blooms, Fri 11th. You touched me in more ways than you might think! Get in touch, Jx Box No U/395/26.

O I saw you bus stop, St James Centre, 14/8/00. Dark hair, grey T-shirt, you got on number 1 bus (top deck). Me tall with glasses and lots of bags. Love to meet you. Box No U/395/27.

0 I saw you behind the counter in Little Italy. You wore a black stone necklace and are American? I was in a red jacket and ordered cold pasta and soup. I said I would nuke it later. Wouldn’t mind warming you up. Box No U/3‘)5/28.

0 I saw you a year ago slurring poetry at a Nick Cave gig, Princes Street Gardens. Leaves, leather jacket, can of lager accessories and gait kind of freestyle. I’ve moved 400 miles to find you. Box No U/3()5/29.

U I saw you in the rain July waiting for a bus to Glasgow. You, 2nd year Law, me, dry in the doorway might have a job for you! Box No U/395/30.

56 THE “ST 24 Aug—7 Sep 2000

Q I saw you looking slim, dark and cool in your staff T-shirt and head-set at Robert Newman at The Scotsman Assembly on Thursday. I’d form a queue for you anytime! Box No U/395/31. O I saw you behind the bar at the Three Sisters . . . then later you stuck your finger up at me . . . I like your attitude . . . what’s your favourite song? Box No U/395/32.

O I saw you on the 26 bus in Edinburgh, on 15/8 at about 5.15pm. You were wearing a black and yellow rugby top and had grey trousers with chinese lettering on them, and you had dirty blonde spikey hair. I was sitting opposite, black shirt and blue jeans. Get in touch if you wanna chat. Box No U/395/34. v I saw you running out of Edinburgh Castle. You tripped and I caught you. You gave me your number but I washed it. Please call me if it’s you. Box No U/395/35.

Q I saw you at Tony Bennett in the Gardens. You were with a group of friends and borrowed my corkscrew. Your smile charmed me . . . how about meeting up to share a bottle of wine and a few more songs? Box No U/395/37.

O I saw you nearly every day. I wanted to snog you but you only let me feel you up. You are the flower of my life and my Mr White everything. Love you Divine Miss M. Box No U/395/38.

O I saw you at Dynamic Earth. You: International woman of mystery (aka Sarah). Let me be your mistress, we’ll have some fun, to be sure, to be sure. Box No U/395/39.

O I saw you big up to big gay Al at the Traverse. Who loves you! We do, from all of the lovely ladezz. Box No U/395/40.

v I saw you Phil S. at (Fitz)Henry’s last night. Your eyes met mine across a table of film execs: take me to your sleazy bars . . . Box No U/395/41.

U I saw you briefly this morning with weetabix on your head. Mummy loves you and will see you after the bloody festival is over. xxx Box No U/395/42.

O I saw you in Bar Kohl. looking seriously sexy behind the bar you must know who you are! Box No U/395/43.

O I saw you and lost you Claire at Dysfunction/Venue 17/8/00. How can I find you again you sexy girl!!!?? xx Box No U/395/44.

O I saw you Barry Gibb lookalike in the Barony Bar. You looked lovely in your Aberdeen top. See you soon. Rebecca. Box No U/395/45.

O I saw you Betty F. at 4Play. Nice to see you back @ Mercado. Keep it rockin’. Box No U/395/46.

O I saw you Carolyn @ Iguana. You caught my cow . . . do you want to go mad with me? Box No U/395/47.

Q I saw you Claudia at Subway, Cowgate on Sunday. Where have you been all my life? Come visit me at Vtcy Wines. Enjoy your trip. Box No U/395/48.

O I saw you soft eyed, slightly tired, mostly content. You walked with the grace of dreaming, the belief of children. Jo, where will you shine again. Box No U/395/49.

Q I saw you Kiwi boy in Iguana halo shining. You are my angel, take me up to the clouds to sing. Box No U/395/50.

Q I saw you all you sexy girlies out there. Keep kicking it for the girls. Box No U/395/51. O I saw you Sarah in the Cowgate Subway. Reading my Wall Street Journal! Box No U/395/52.

O I saw you Canadian beaver at Iguana. Box No U/395/53. O I saw you Anna W. But now you’ve gone nip it in the bud and come home . . . Box No U/39S/54.

v I saw you Scott K. but not for a while now. I miss you miles away. Maybe in March. Love always P. Box No U/395/55.

O I saw you hot Irish Xena. I watched you at Traverse 18/8 and have wanted you since. Give this girlie a call, I’ll bring my staff. Box No U/39S/56.

O I saw you blonde-haired girl with red top and glasses at Traverse Bar 18/8/00. Dump the ugly bloke in the denim jacket and have some real action with the blonde Irish girl sitting over from you. Box No U/395/58.

0 I saw you soft blonde sex bomb! That Irish accent doesn’t fool me, I see your wild side. Come show this Norwegian goddess how it’s done . . . Box No U/395/59.

O I saw you nosy long-haired guy. Burgundy shell suit and all! Leave it to the girlies! You can’t keep up . . . Box No U/395/60. O I saw you with eyes of burning brown, smouldering look and smile of fire. Rock my world! Box No U/395/61.

O I saw you in my dreams, when you were in Blackpool. I felt all of your loving thoughts and feelings. I stayed up all night enjoyingl! Box No U/395/62.

O I saw you you were there as you always are with your sun flower smile and the lovely walk. I tried to touch you and you knew I was there. Be there again as always. Stephen. Box No U/395/63.

v I saw you you were like heaven, open to the eyes for everyone to see, you amazed me, but then you smiled and everything else became NOTHING. . . Box No U/395/64.

O I saw you I think your name is Steve. You had a lot of piercings. You’ve pierced my heart with your baldy love missile. Box No U/395/65.

O I saw you sitting in Southern Cross, blond crewcut, gorgeous mouth, twisted jeans? Looking like a teapot and feeling sorry for yourself. See you when I’m in Scotland next Festival?! Box No U/395/66.

O I saw you licking the rim of your new cup . . . Thinking how nice it was that I smelled like your brother. . . Box No U/395/67.

O I saw you Floor Dave of the Buffalo Grill. Please get me off! Box No U/395/68.

O I saw you Boltie pumping it up like a lilo at Taste. Please meet at the airport one more time (& then some). Box No U/395/69.

O I saw you Mikey at Maison Hectors. Same again this Sunday, love Bernie and Catriona. Box No U/395/70.

v I saw you Paul at Bruntsfield. Ten months ago, let’s make it another ten. Sweet pea! Box No U/395/71.

O I saw you Bernie and Catriona at Taste at Teviot. Be there next week for some more fun. Box No U/395/72.

O I saw you at the City Cafe on Sunday 13th Aug 2000. The guy with the dreadlocks sitting at the bar reminds me of someone! Box No U/395/73.

O I saw you at the Donkey Show of course - is it about you? You can ring my bell if I can pull your ring. Box No U/395/74.

O I saw you Egyptian pierced princess in new piercing studio on Victoria Street. Puncture my face like you punctured my heart. From ever devoted slave girl! Box No U/395/75.

v I saw you outside Urban Victoria Street looking cute and nervous. Did you get that piercing? If so, let’s compare holes. Tall skinhead with tattoos. Box No U/395/76.0 I saw you for the first time during general studies at St Mary’s College 1986. So after fourteen years, this is probably a little overdue. WILL YOU MARRY ME? Box No U/394/38.

O I saw you Watercress gig at the Bongo Club. Girl with short red hair. You danced with friends then sat on your own. Me - red hair, black clothes and an inability to speak. Box No U/394/1.

O I saw you in ‘Beefeaters’ with Colin, Audrey and me. It may be years ago but where are you ‘Lesdora’. Graeme would love to hear how you are. Coffee and chat? Box No U/394/2.

O I saw you and now I don’t. But I hope you’re happy and found what you wanted for your needs. Remembering the good times. Enjoy the sun and keep that special smile. Box No U/394/4.

O I saw you Raemond C of Standard Life you’re my Mr Perfect and just to let you know I will always still love you . . . W. Box No U/394/6.

. I saw you SPIKE? At The List Festival party. You: cropped hair, black T-shirt, denims, mate of Del. Me: Asian, black shorts and T/red streak through my hair, from Glasgow. Took me a while to figure you out which isn’t usual. I asked you to pose for me, you gave a resounding ‘yup’: I’d love to continue our conversation. First time I was honest about you-know~what, if you can remember, to a stranger. I need to start working ASAP. Get in touch. Box No U/394/8.