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This 1855 architectural landmark can now house 1.100 punters

Side Dishes

Food news with fast service BUZZING INTO THE former Bath Street premises of Tex Mex/Score rs MOSK:IO Bar and B'tes. Toe man be“ r‘o tee new Glasgow operation 15 Net! Connoigy, formerly of Budda as well as the late- iamented Rock Garden. With Quinn McMahon Deslgn, he has re-orvrdeo the space around a central island bar, us:ng predomznant'y coo' COIO'JS to complement sta eeo o ne a"0 sandstone. Conno iy s oo.-< “g to create a a o-bac< at'nosone'e and says he wants peopie to 't'eat .t as a 000’ ratner than a se.t'-consc oas style bar. Inexpenswe tradtonaI ‘dnnkng’ fooo such as burgers, r:bs, p'zzas abng w'tn more nea'tny terns sac". as wraps and saiads are ava'.ab e r‘oon—8prn. Happy notlr runs 4—7300" wt“ 0 "ts o‘ :ager and 80/- at £1.60, voo<a ano mx at £1.70 and oott-es o‘ wee at £6.95. The wee<eno DJ rte-'00 bangs r‘ Steve M 00 eton ot' So‘e Msszc and


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J - E E a.

Ooch’s Chrrs Lamb. I Moskito, 200 Bath Street, Glasgow, 0747 337 7777

AFTER MONTHS IN the making, the new JD. Wetherspoon mega-pub has finally opened on Glasgow's Jamaica Street. The Crystal Palace gets its name not from the English First Division squad but the origins of this 1855 architectural landmark. It was the first commercial building to use the pre-fab cast iron structure pioneered by London's Crystal Palace. Two floors of this former warehouse with arched windows can now house 1,100 punters. The two meals for £5.99 menu (available most days between 2pm and 10pm) is popular and drinks are generally cheap: £1.59 for lager, £1.85 for hand-pulled Deuchars IPA and £1.80 for a double shot of house spirits. In keeping with Wetherspoon dictates, there is a strict no music policy, no pool tables and no children are allowed.

I Toe Crystal Pa/ace, 36 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, 0747 227 2624

Cuba Norte

192 Morrrson Street.

221 1430

Brenvenrdos! Welcome to the authentrc Dremler palador. Dance, Wine and

one In Cuba Norte Sunsr‘rne.

Filmhouse e

88 Lothnan RoaoF'qu'IIC>USE 229 5932.

Rezaxeo‘, avnospner c ca‘e oa', servng great va be snacks, saaos, spec a s 8"C other“. cappacc nos —10a"n’._' ate.

Isabel’s Cafe

83 Clerk Street. 662 4014

Stone wa red smote-free 0858"“9’". oas s, se'v ng homemade vegge/vegan teeg;:3§h.eeageg§aeqcheap- Tapas Olé

10 Eyre Place 8

4A Forest Roao 556 2754/557 510‘ 30 different tapas 10 of fush, 10 of veggre, 10 of meat. Ltve "T‘USEC, parttes weacome.

Wok Bar '.l* "l

26-30 Potterow 0131 667 8594 Fresniy cooked, como-nmg féavoors of the Far East, rncluoIng the tastiest drs'nes ‘rom Thailano,1apan,Cnrna and Malaysia and the best range of Asan beers.

Bar 10 10 MiCneli Lane 572 1448 Contemporary food, woe rage of vegetar an drs'nes. L!ve ,azz Sundays afternoons. DJs and or nks promotrons.

Havana 50 Hope Street

Mercnaot Qty

248 4466.

Best of iatrn cwsme. Half prrce t’aJatas and DbrrItOS. Men-Sat, 5—7pm.

MAO Merchant C.ty

CAFE t BAR 5645161.

Smple, QuICK and healthy Far Eastern Cmsrne. Eat'ng out made easy.

Mao Café Bar 84 Brunswrck Street

Maclachlans Brew Bar

57 West Register Street, 332 0595. Qoai'ty out of the ordinary w'tn beer brewed on the prernrses, 100% Organrc fooo and Irve mus:c.

Pancho Villas

26 Bert Street, Merchant City. 552 7737 Mexrcan born owner of Pancho Vellas Mayra Nanez hopes to bong some of the rea Mex=co to Scotvand. Buen provech





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