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What happened to Smashing Pumpkins‘ General (onser‘sus rs that they rneélotxeo, ntatureu' and became br:llrar*t Ilia-.e another theory They turned shzt And 'Try, Try, Try' Hut it oror. es 'ne rrgl‘t \r'dl'ter‘eas B'ly (‘or‘gar‘ aseu' to rock, Bobby Grlleswe ar‘o Primal Scream nov. roc K rice proper bastards, of \.'.".< in. “Au tr‘tr' Creatron *ttttr rs proof Soandrng lll\(‘ a hundred speedtrealc prtbulls gettrng r'las"e(: up rn a combine Paneste", rt's Si".()l(‘ ()4 the ‘.'.eel\ an‘. '.".(’(’r\ of the yea", trancly \'."r( r‘ s a snarr‘e to! The Delgados, \".l)()$(‘ ‘No Danger (."ernla? Underground *trki'l mrgn’. othertarse have made rt, berng as rt rs a touchrng and tlpirftrrtg tarnent abort.t, we l, in > oerng a bugger

Next Just vfirrat t'te ’r.‘.()".(l r‘eeds A"othe' ‘l.< «J‘g (70"‘0.’ 'l.lus:( l" The Sun Cunehal * by Action Spectacular s te"t"I-rate at best "oodér. nrsn, and tranx t'tese

("-ar'rata's uese'".e _o be taken oatsroe and le‘t to roast rr‘ tne sun T\.‘.ats At the ot'rer er‘(: of sl‘(‘:!t‘t)i:"(} "oc .\ rs

Add N to (x) beat their organs

Straw, '.'.‘r‘.ose 'r-lor“t“t‘a<le [KP (<).t.'nl).a inkinka rs a oxely, sl()\:(‘lllV slab of feelgood swagger Gang b'ess 'ern

Demyr‘o "to the sarxrt set: 2'.or"o of (rtar‘ty poo, (().".‘»(‘ up aearnst Melanie 8, whose ‘Tell Me

a bad star) at that stopm-starty sou" t'

tne \. :leo Ho's. (:o go that” And

g' t o B ..a! \, anu ' e ha oo .t g o'eass So wart ng Jet-p |

.(3( arms St<l"(l(‘."(l'\ (Z. :t‘{"‘ {DOD 1's "(‘3 l-dl'st’tl T" t'h" {‘XI"("Y)(‘

ng'. ..e'ustt.

()tlr' " S (‘t‘lJ-SI'YL'YI ()'.(" , (3"11 SO'V‘i‘

(()".‘{‘{)<i(-\ 'n str'ar‘ge ‘asl‘.o"

('cli) l“t)t.'.".(‘

s No Doubt vat" ‘8 'r‘ple K"‘(l 0‘ lr‘e'

\rrrgrn *itr rs actually not

‘1 yer \<‘.l)'\’s are so good at Guaranteed she'll be dorng that gent; (hrc ken' dance :n e'r'e ass ng guestrons, rs Billy Piper really the best Brzta n can come up \‘zlilt to \"rrgrn *r rs utterly anooy"e (at \,

‘.'.ltt(lt exert by t?‘(‘

"ext Finlay Quaye's nac k, and "e "‘ear‘s bus;r‘ess It by 'busrness', you mean 't)L.'"\ rock 'eggae sm ‘.'.".h ' (os t"at's that ‘Sprrrtuair/ed' :Eprc drink

s Also attenpt " } a

lraurha tit) And the strangest tnng about t ls that "beat out oe‘rant Ix ".(l of ‘.'.ay, despite strll hatrng that rrrrtat:ng orr‘t s ng "g to" then‘

Fatally, (3"(2 bred-t tab v. "o t" s trrrte, rs Add N To (X) l'terr ’Plug xlt‘ ln' :Mute *‘kitr grootes aior‘g n a tflrttrr'e retro

‘l't "t; a" : (anoodlrr‘g n ./ero gray ty \l'x/h (h rs a good thrr‘g

Doug Johnstoner

Astor ' as " aut 'r)'( l‘ e " .r' s‘ro' ;t’ to e<'e' " a' t't 'oentrt .P, Stars (3" Sam" 8 T"'s 's n a', "g " t'te sar“e ii<i~ para as i’ one and la' att' Astor a t e” ' g e r 't - " s oal T“ s s (r w. .' one s‘ .tf eac"

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tape (0" o (:a

wtbt Paw .Irlt’

Alpinestars B.A.S.|.C than B Hooe)

t't'(:'()’ _.t’l\,tl' <:'(l('t'(ll)t' zut/()(:(l"\"

..3r(,. t \(l l/t ()tla “(Ml

\>\.((("s\, t. . ‘stt’t'lt'Cl l)‘. '_' (I‘M' t' {'t'k

..r)(‘)‘.t')l\ ,'.l K's

./ (7: J11") rtl (: ’\\',

Llano »\ pl'testa's are not b, a"; "‘(":"‘)l;"{'(‘rk"f; T"("“<1l‘s(<‘r "‘oau 't'e I' Mr), '- . oo‘m oe

arl'r 'at. “r'o' 't v: 'e sj.' t' (rt Cza'. ‘.,.r"a" s, lam-yua, in son-:- tt e t>'-i'(iiktZ-;‘<i'. a”)

wuss )~1(({'S)\I ..'<"r ‘t’,

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.r><a‘ 0' f7 8_.r‘set St' {2 a"d "for.

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xx 1 .l .«l', 1'4“, (1"? "‘()l(‘

(H, Jl/I' r: .' ).' H l ' ) Ht

t. . tr .)t ) ,t (z r. r>~ l .r K“ ' .- .".‘ <(;°r'(,r E%'<;" (n

Various Artists Beachlife (london)

)'[) (LC 8 tutti. .(1'rl.t I: l)t.'l)’);('

J‘)'\r{)'.'.frl‘)(‘ "t"... (VT. 'l;t't’(">._"‘(l "MAN

x' (U (111' ftr'r‘ ".<:.:" (r l;tl.. :' t‘. ::'r'

r. 't" r":(().'(1 (r’fu'tHlt' '- ‘.a"lr~’l .'.".' otsr;'t-,-'t'ar:r." ire,

' ’t' ’:_. tt- 't‘ to', I'M-(M 'r 3 based

a'oar‘d the :oose concept of berng a soa"(:t'a< -\ ‘o' "ols, out .s ‘n rea'rty a 'd"(l(2~'“ groaowg o‘ sate hrts and old re antes t"at "axe appeared o" etery ot"e' :on‘p‘, o"g before t"!s Sure

T We ls Noz'. and lSee Yor. Baby' are st? good tunes, but ase you" .r“ag"‘at o" rec o'u (o'wpa': es The "st ( l) "as son‘e upbeat house l"("<‘r(}(", bat the secor‘d rs a real "mode (e'tarn y "o shortage of top names o‘ r‘ar‘les, Uke letttreld and

.t..t,.e Boyd 0'7 l()l‘(l()ll, bat do we

need ar‘o.he" tra< K from that bloody l.l()t),' all):;'r‘- or some se<ond rate, ltslo'rr‘an took-assoc ated nurnbers llo‘.‘. t"at's that I ta; r'tusrt for t"rrt‘-.vsornethrng (rather party (ottee tab < op-outs tr) no 'nagrnatron Marx Rooertsor‘

FOLK/POP Various Artists

Playpen (Playpen Records) A!) (lli)lll'l ()l ":(“L (3(()tl8ltl( llltlSK ll'()lll

the .rl-ces ot l"ea (:rlr'tor‘e, Bllly Bragg, H 'o, Room and ldd=e Reader Oh no' ,(rt. groa" as you load th s (lllfllt'l rnto t'ie (awage 'nam'g a l“:("‘.l<ll note to sp " ‘.or.' Sarto}; Denny t F) rrnrnedrately atter to hem "ot'. t should be done No need, t‘nvs 's great ll‘ea Cirlrrtore's opener 'l’eopt- l I'M" Y:)u' rs a (oil-cer, Bragg -s (lt‘t)t"lt(tal)l(" rt unznsplred \.*.'rth .ers:()r‘ ot ‘l.lust l’arnt You A

3’ r tare It aiso (ontarns a terrrht tune

tron‘ Jont, t".e ethe'eai '( onle as You are , piasl r.’a ( arthy and lhe Brg l().(' ()'r "est'a 0"; Mrs beats ‘.‘.l3ll a

t."dar' e'rar' troabatlour heart

l’al [Jae

METAL Motorhead

The Best Of l.lotorheaci (Sanctuary)

Does exact t. \.'."a'_ t sags o" t"e t r‘, tn's one Tuxo CDs, -10 t'ar ks, taro hours, 27 "ates a":: 26 ‘st‘(()"(ls of the best meta exe'". payed A‘ t"e a'npneta'n "e S()(‘:\(‘(l( ass ( s we "ere, Sl‘()\.‘\.‘z"(} nrer se l.loto"‘eau ar‘o strzl are a (olossa lze'Tce o" tr‘e \.‘.()."l(l o‘ roc-c 'o one' t"eoas12‘5 '('our‘t 'er“ yea"s lo" (o' er tors t"e'e are rare so"gs, o'er. oasw,’ easeu

.r\'e stat? a"(t teams o' ('-i( x "g s ee'. e

record reviews MUSIC

notes For the rest or ;.s, there's Just go“ atter gem o‘ att tage, gurtars and greatness Ar‘d f' you tl‘. nk there's a better way to St)("‘(t two 'nrnutes and 46 S(‘(O"(}S 0" your rte than lrstenrng to ‘Ace 0‘ Shades tne" yo'a’re sadly, sadly staxe" Doug Jonnstone.


Barnes/Weller Band Cannonball (ASC Records) * r Alan Barnes and Don Weller are two of Brztarn's leadv‘g saxophonrsts, and they (o-led th:s t" bute to the rnusrc of Car‘nonba'? Adderley, usrng one Of the late great altorrwen's fatourrte

(ornb nations, a sextet The tunes are all assoclated mth the saxophonrst, rncludrng Nat Adderley’s classm 'Work Song' and 'ere Samba’, Junror Mance's 'Jubrlatron’, and Bobby Trmmons's 'Drs Here And Dat Dere', but they stop short of ssrnply regurgrtatrnq Adderley's rnrrsrc Instead, e near tnerr own energrsed and rn‘-.'entrye rnterpretatrons of these ('lasszc tunes, \‘.|Ill ensemble arrangements largely shared by the two saxopl‘onrsts and, ;n the case of Vrctor Feldrnan’s ’Azule Serape', pranrst John Donaldson .Kenny lylathreson)

JAZZ Charles Lloyd

The Water Is Wide (ECM Records)

C "arles Lloyd '.‘.as assoc rated wrth the t'ree 33/; axa'rt-garde and the nascent }a/./-"()(-\ rrtoxe'nent the late 60s, but as 'n;.s:;al grec tron has been less trenet c during hrs current strnt Wltll LCM lr'ls seventh album for the label rs an n‘peccabry performed collectron of a dozen, ballads, .ncluornc; several of

n s o.'.". tunes alongsrde rnterpretatrons o‘ (ldSSlCS from the Ellrngton 7-Strayhorn t)()().\, a splrrted spr" tual and the much- :oze'eu Ce t:( ‘oik song whrch l)'()‘.1(l(‘8tltetltt‘tt‘dC'K The stellar band features planlst Brad Mehldau, gurtarrst John Aberc"on‘bre ar‘d the great Bllly lltgg ns on drums, and the musrc‘ axoros the orre-dr'ne'tsronal feel \yhrch (an aftfrct :rnremrttrr‘. ;;y slow-tempo Kenny ltlathresonr


STAR RATINGS dnmrssable Very good \‘v’orth a shot Below average You've been warned

Butter wouldn’t melt in the mouths of those lovely lads Motorhead

Set 333;? THE LIST 41