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Monday 18th September - Friday 22nd September



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From the jaws of defeat comes a fragile victory

ROCK Grandaddy

Edinburgh: The Liquid Room, Tue 29 Aug. A Grandaddy gig is a (urious thing Their t'.'.'o proper stuoio a’btims to date, Under The Western Freesray and this year's highly attlaimed The S()/)fi['.'/df(‘ S/ump, have been near per‘ect panoramic masterpieces of (ompfex, fragile guitar inusit and plaintz'.‘e 'neiaetholy What's more, they ‘.'.ere prone.r a/burns, you know, almost iE'KC' Ishuddeiv (onCept albums Only good

L ye, to begin ".‘.’lll‘i at least, Grandaddy seem to fail to lte up to their reputatoe Fi‘JO bashful beardies froie inlodesto, California, they appear unsu'e of tnemselves, larklustre and perhaps even ortasionaliy 2.'.':‘fuiiy obtuse, as they saunter h"()ugh the more onstu'e songs froii‘. then bark (atalogtie, only playing half of some

Ti‘en niidxa'ay through the shot; soniethzng sonie'.'.""ere (litks into pEate All o‘ a sudden Jason lytle and his (o'epadres seei'i to have purpose

It (oines '.'.'ith the 'nournfui yet


CI State/Lunarpage/ Summersalt

Glasgow: King Tut's, Thu 2-1 Aug.

The quirky charm of Summersalt

A stibtiued audiente stayed glued to the floor staring as Summersalt :a" tiroiigl‘ a typit afly < liaotw set lheii guzrky pop (oir‘iiseo and bemused e.eij./oi‘e, euen though they have

uplifting 'So You'll Aim For The Sky' all sparse keyboard sweeps and laidbatk rhythms, when the band seem to make up from a deep sleep and realise that they're attually on stage, playing in front of people.

From this pomt on they seem to relax, and the (rowd goes With them Although garnering the biggest cheers, the band's singles are quickly dispensed ‘».'.’lth, the likes of 'Hewlett's Daughter’ and ’AM 180' appearing early on and getting short shrift its in their more don-.rnbeat, bleaker tunes that Grandaddy really come into their own Songs like Underneath The Weeping \t’vslloy.” and the superb 'Nonphenomenal Lineage' enable the five of them to get into a beautifully la/y groove, ekrng out every last drop of emotion from their lonely lyrirs

lt's a sign of hov. much they do relax that Grandaddy play well over their ailotted time, and as they're driven from the stage by some pumping teriino, all sheentsh grins and faltering steps, t's (fear that the ." ght, eventually and gently, belongs to them <Doug Johnstoner

threatened to (aim (io=.'.'n tne nian:( ness that they exude, fortunately they (ant gt: te tame it, their :nfettious keyboard liites (oetniue to burst through exery song Summersalt are not a band that take themselves seriously some of their songs .‘ind their pair of \'()(dl|SIS sguatxking l:ke (hi( kens and b /ar"ely enough this :s no bad thing It's just a shame that the audier‘te didn't anpreeate their sense of humour more

By the time Lunarpage took to the stage, tne venue was full and they had an .n‘pressive (!()\.‘.(l (heering theni o", deserxedly so as they belted through some iiraiestit guitar bop lt's obviotis Lunarpage have spent so"‘e t we unorkir‘g the.r fine sotind and (rafting their songs to l)("'f(‘( ton Thea \.'o(alist is a little r‘ei‘,‘.n:s(ent of your man ‘rorn l‘~.lansur‘. at trines and they may not sparkle saith origna .ty btit have the (harm to ozei the grumpiest of (rouds \.'.'t'i t'ter strident melodies

Although the (!’()\.‘.(l hag :essened diaii‘atxaily for C I State, It just ie‘t them more room to name, unit h t'zey’ oid lhe groovy rhythms and 'r‘fet t ous melodies kept exeryone's heads bobbing and feet shuffling and as they lau".( hed into ‘Yellox‘. Popper" surely a potential sii‘gle', a reggae rhythm took over, giving their pet uitar', (tome/- esgue sound a ‘.‘."‘.ole other dimension ‘Kt‘H‘ll l.l< Kean