From producing distinguished

filmmakers to providing

locations for high profile films

such as Terence Davies’ The

House Of Mirth (pictured),

Glasgow has proved itself to

be a major filmmaking city.

The GFT celebrates that with a

series of screenings and guest

appearances kicking off on

Sunday 17 September with

the first Glasgow film of

modern times, 1979's That

Sinking Feeling, and an

appearance by director Bill

Forsyth. Glasgow Connections

continues throughout the

autumn with appearances by, 53mm Anderson among others, House Of Mirth lights up in Glasgow executive producer Bob Last

(Sunday 1 October), Silent Scream director David Hayman (Sunday 15 October) and Orphans producer Paddy Higson (Sunday 19 November).

Wine, nappies and song "

Stuck indoors changing the baby and dying for a pint?

Well, now you can act like you’re young, free and single once more thanks to internet company, which has just added nappies, cold six-packs of beer and Single bottles of chilled wine to the list of items it’s prepared to deliver to your door in under an hour. Better news still, the service has extended from Edinburgh to Glasgow, so now we can all pick up our CDs, snacks and books without ever leaving home.

meld cons:oe'eo up i‘ting yncs n th the phattest of beats. Arches, Glasgow. FRIDAY 15 Queer Friday Ceieo'athg Queer Suhday's ‘zrst o tt"day by ,urnphg bac< a coup e o‘ nignts, Eurovsion entrant N cc French, stand- uo comic and te'iy star Rnona Came'o" and pop egends The V age peooie make my soecia’ guest appearances. Ego, Edinburgh.

SATURDAY 16 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ler and Ethan Coen retu'“ O" glorious ‘0'” wt" a ramp "9 ta‘e oaseo more thac 'oose y m Homer’s Odysse/ George Crooney and John. Tu'tu"o excel as a coup e of cha " gang escaped cor‘vzcts. See p'ev ew and

review, pages ‘i9 and 22. GFT, Glasgow,

Fi/mh0use, E dinburgh.

Bjérk, Mon 18

SUNDAY 17 Bob Dylan Mr Zimmerman-fever comes rotino‘ in cycles and there’s a huge swelling of retro-raVing going on at the moment. Take yOur chance to Vlew a legend .n the ‘lesh and hear the music that helped shape a century. SECC, Glasgow. MONDAY 18 Dancer In The Dark BJOrk has garnered the plaudits for her performance n Lars von Trier’s modern musical, and now you can get the SOundtrack, Selma songs, which works extraordinari‘y well on its own, tnan< you very mucn See len~ review, page 20 and album review, page 44, Cameo, Edinburgh and GFT, Glasgow; One Little Indian Records.

TUESDAY 19 New Work Scotland Programme ll See tomorrow's stars today as emerging Scottish artists are



given a platform for their fresh talents. See preView, page 67. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. WEDNESDAY 20 AD. Edwn Morgan’s prickly interpretation of the i-fe of Christ has already raised a few ecc es asticaf hackles, but Glasgow’s Poet Laureate s tough enough to ride the StOrm. See feature, page 14. Tramway Glasgow. THURSDAY 21 Beck's Futures The UK tour of this new annuai a: prize has a"- extendeo stay in Glasgow w'th Roderick Buchanan’s \NIOF‘W‘g work dispiayeo alongs:de pieces by Lucy McKenzie, lvlartin Boyce and mm Shr'giey. CCA @ McLel/an Galleries, Glasgow.

7—21 Sea 2300 THE “ST 5