The Exciting Taste of a Spanish Night Out

The sun has gone. the rain has appeared and our holidays have faded into the past. but don't panic as we can keep our dreams alive by recreating the atmosphere. enjoyment and authenticity of a Spanish night out by having it right here on our own doorstep. All we need are the right combi— nation of ingredients and we can create the perfect Spanish result.

We call our amigos together and head into town in search of the taste of the Mediterranean. Before we know it we are walking into the tapas bar and into the heart of a good night out. The atmosphere is already alive and the bar is full of like

minded people capturing a slice of the Spanish vibe. We make our way to the bar and it is San lvliguels all round to savour the refreshing golden liquid that we remember so well. We are instantly transported back to the Med and it is time for us to party. The conversation is starting to flow and before we know it our group has doubled in size and some very exciting new friendships are being made! We order some tapas along with some more San Miguel to keep up with the energy of the evening and the fast pace of the chat that is happen- ing round the table. The energy of the night is heightened

with some Spanish rhythms being played in the background charging the atmosphere and helping to keep the bar lively while capturing the essence of Spain. It is then that too much laughter and talking tell us it is time to order some more refreshing Spanish beer and enjoy some more chat- ting and not to mention a little bit of flirting! The fun and excitement last well into the night but the taste of Spain lasts even longer thanks to the atmosphere and com- pany as well as our favourite Spanish refreshment proving that it doesn‘t matter what you do or where you go. San Miguel is one of the most important ingredients for a taste of modern Spain. In fact, next time we are going to go one step further and head out'to a salsa club and introduce the taste to some more new friends!

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Enjoy San Miguel at these top style Bars

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