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Seeking new voices to reflect Scotland’s racial diversity

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BBC Scotland in association with BBC Diversity Centre invites applications from writers from an ethnic minority background to attend a screen writing course in November 2000. The course is intended for new and experienced writers who wish to enter the field of television scriptwriting.

'l'lie l’i'inge ()l‘lice l.\ looking for a willing and alile graduate who \\;llll\ to knoxx ho“ a l'estital is run. You \in| i‘ecei\e training in a wide range ol‘ areas including marketing and eient management.

()ne _\c;ii‘ contract - salary L").()(l() - {HUM} tit‘l‘t‘lltiillg‘ (ill L‘\pc‘l'ic‘llt‘c‘.

Writers are invited to submit a CV and writing sample Le. a stage play. a screenplay. a radio play or a novel. The work does not need to have been produced and can be of any length. Alternatively applicants may submit a one-page synopsis outlining an idea for a television drama.

For a full job description. contact the Fringe Office on t: 013] 226 5257 i': 013] 220 4205 or e: 2l(llllill(“ cdf'ringucom.

('losing date for application is Monday l8 September.

Send CV and samples marked Migrations to: Sarah Pole. BBC Drama Scotland. Rm 2170, BBC Queen Margaret Drive. Glasgow (312 8DG

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For further information. call Sharon Charmer on 020 576 4682 Closing date for applications: September 15th 2000

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This scheme is operated under Section 37 of the Race Relations Act. which per- mits organisations to provide training for people from specified racial groups. where those groups are under-represented in certain types of work.

To be eligible writers should live. or have lived. in Scotland.

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Closing date: 15/9/00 Interviews: 20/9100 - Box OFFICE ASSlsmmmlHime) Drumsheugh Gardens. Edinburgh, EH3 7RN. TEL

Closing date:11/9/00 T: 0131 623 9411.

For job description and ana Iicationtorm lease call - ' 01316683456 DD D E.

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