Individual counselling/therapy.

Short term therapy for specific problems. or longer term therapy for more enduring emotional atid behavioitiral difficulties.

Positive. practical and flexible approach. with free initial session. Professionally supervised arid insured.

Contact Deborah Finn: ()l4l 342 4402 or 07977 042294.

FIONA D HAY Professional Holistic, Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology l‘iona creates an especially holistic massage to give the receiver of the tailored massage a feeling of completeness atid well-being. Both reflexology and therapeutic massage in their own way. aims to work as a pre- ventative health care and to help towards eleviating paiti. Fiona is a Member of the (itiild of Complementary Practitioners. For more information to or to make an appointment Tel: 0131 225 1052, Pager: 07669 082679.

I The Bowen Technique (ientle. holistic therapy. Relaxing. non-invasive treatment effective for back paiti. stress. neck. shoulder. knee problems. migraines. asthma. hayfever. Mli. PMT. Alison I-‘orrest. The Ross Clinic. 3‘) Ruthven Lane. (ilasgow. ()I4l 33‘) 6846.

FEELING STUCK? Iixperienced. qualified. gay- friendly counsellor cati help you work things through. Depression. loss. abuse issues. Individuals/couples. evening/weekend appointments. Initial Session Free, Fee Negotiable Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

I Pilates - benefit from postur-

al rehabilitation tisiiig method of

Joseph Pilates. Open day. Saturday 26 August. 9am-4pm. Join in demonstrations! Studio I{.K Pilates. 23 Montgomery St. The Village. Iiast Kilbride. Tel: (“355 222 233 (across from train station).

I Yoga at Sttidio IiK Pilates. Open day Saturday 26 .»\ugust. 9am-4pm. Join iii yoga demoii« strations? Studio liK Pilates. 23 Montgomery St. The Village. liast Kilbride. Tel: ()I355 222 233 lacross froiii train station).

PILATES COURSES Strengthen and tone your body through movement.

One to one Pilates sessions also available.

Tel: 0141 339 4747


BITE DENTISTRY small. frietidly dental practice set iii relaxed informal surroundings. All aspects of dental care provided including: hypnosis and sedation for the anxious! Iivening appointments available. Contact Ms Eimear O'Connel BDS Ms Andreana V Soave 805 on 0131 446 9578 6 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH10 505

I Reiki:- forthcoming events. Paisley Art Centre. 24 August. 7.30-8.3(lpm. ll November. l2.3()-3.3()pni. (ilasgow Shakespeare Street Youth Clttb. 26 August. l.3()-3.3(). ll Sep. 8- 9.3()pni. 14 ()ct. I.3()-3.3()pm. Ay'r Town Hall. 30 Sept. l2- 4pm. Phone ()138‘) 765547 for details.

I Flower essences as reeotit- mended by Travis aiid Ptin and features iii the Scotstiiaii. Anxiety. stress. phobias. headaches. ulcers. skin prob- lems. A qualified therapist can help. www.cdiness.co.tik. 0131 446 ()68 l

PERSON CENTRED COUNSELLING can help you to understand and change life problems. depres- sioti. abuse. stress. relationship difficulties. bereavement. Ring Marion Osborne in Glasgow on 07931 527243.

JANE ALDOUS Person Centred Counsellor Offers a supportive space to be heard. Personal & work relationships itic. I.(iBT. Depression. self blatiiitig and loss. Individuals. couples or groups. 0131 667 9536 e-mail: sula@care4free.net or jane‘ ~aldous@talk21.com

I Counselling in Glasgow for issues around relationships. sex- uality. bereavement. abuse. stress. work or personal devel- opment. For an appointment. phone Michael Rigg on ()I4I 95‘) 2345.

I Enjoy a deep therapeutic hydrotherapy massage in Dead Sea Salts llown in from Jordan. pure seaweed from the coast of France. natural herbs frotii China or aromatherapy salts from the Isle of Arran. Mulberry Spa. 13 Inverleith Row. ()l3l 558 3303 for info/gift vouchers.

300Y&30l|l mm:-

I Chi-Ball using philosophies of 'I‘ai-Chi + Chi-Kting to balance mind & body. Join in demon- strations at Studio liK Pilates. open day Saturday 26 August 9am-4pm. Studio IiK Pilates. 23 Montgomery St. The Village. Iiast Kilbride. Tel: ()1355 222 233 (across from train station). I Pilates, Pilates. Pilates everyday of your week? ‘Moveiiients that we make everyday require exercise that we do everyday" (Joseph Pilates). Classes available daily am + pm. Call Studio Pilates on (H.355 222 23.3 (across from train station).

EIGHT STEPS TO HAPPINESS meditation classes with '/.en Kelsang 'I‘harcliin. Buddhist

Monk atid psychologist. R S A

M I) - (ilasgow. Tuesdays 7-9pm; Society of I-‘riends.

7 victoria Terr. lidinbtirgli. Wednesdays 7.3(l-‘).3()pni. For brochure call 01387 860298.

Don’t sit around this weekend, have an entertaining weekend with Sky. For more information call our recruitment advisors, Search Consultancy, on 01383-734444 during normal working hours.

I Everybody Salsa! with the award-w inning :\Ctttlellll;t de Salsth lixpei't tuition from our

team of local atid Cuban instruc-

toi‘s. Monday‘s: 6.45pm. improvers. Tuesday s. 6.45pm. advanced Rttc‘tl;t/S.45piii. It) week beginners course coni- iiiences l2 September. £5 per Class or £30 for ll) weeks ls;i\e £205). Limited to first 25? .\'o partner reqttired. Venue: Iidwards Bar. 4 ll) Sattcliieliall St. Saturdays (0 llavana. Ilope St. lptii. ll) week beginners course commencing Saturday l) September. 2.30pm intermediate Rtieda class. For info tel Shannon ()l4l 564 l‘)S3/()7l)32 (lll)6l2.

I New adult beginners 'l'ap itlltl Ballet Classes in \Vesl lilltl of (ilasgow. Tuesday evenings front 2‘) August. I‘or more infor- mation call (ll-ll U46 54S6.

DANCE CLASSES .\'ew adtilt beginners tap and ballet c‘lttsses lll “est l‘illtl (ll. (ilasgow. 'l‘iiesday evenings ft'oiii 29th August. I‘or iiioi'e inl‘oi‘iiiation call

0141 946 5486

Search 5 ;

If you want a night out with the stars, and make a little “pocketmoney”. join the entertainment revolution at Sky.

Positions in Customer Service - Temporary £4.80/hour, Weekend evening shifts

Sky Television is leading the entertainment revolution bringing satellite television to millions of homes throughout the UK. To help support customer demand we‘re looking for Customer Service Operators to work weekend evening shifts between 5pm and 11pm Saturday and Sunday, on temporary contracts.

With over 4,000 people in our Livingston operation you‘ll be part of a fast moving, fun working environment, with paid training provided. It you are a good communicator with basic PC and keyboard skills we would like to hear from you.



DANCE BASE Best dance L‘litsses tn the world. for e\ el‘y body. .\'exl season slitt'ls ()ctobet‘. Book now or you know you‘ll regret it.

Call for a free brochure. Tel: 0131 225 5525 Email: dance@dancebase.co.uk www.dancebase.co.uk

I Tango Argentino relaxed beginners classes every Monday and Wednesday iii the baseitieiit bar at ()xygen iltiliriiiary Street. off Sotitli Bridge). followed by a Salon. .\'o partner required. 7.3ll-l I.()(lpiii. class 7.30- Sllllptn. admission 1.2. See just how simple the tango really is. (ll3l 557 5217.

I Salsa Sabrosa Salsa & Merengue classes (a Havana. Ilope St. (ilasgow. Tues - Thur S- lllpm. Beginners welcome

no tieed to bring a partner? Price 924/85“ for the evening. .»\|| classes follow ed by Salsa Sabrosa l)J‘s. Check out our club nights on l‘riday s ck Saturdays (0 Bar lla\ana. More info'.’ Karen Pasi

OH! 33‘) 4W3

salsa.sabrosa((I dancscope.l't‘eesei' \e.co.tlk

7—221 Sep 2000 THE “ST 81