I Hairy wee reprobate seeks flat to share with. 3+ others iit lively West littd flat. smokes. drinks (lots) atid has a friettd called Barry. £200 pm approx. (‘all .lantes ()l-ll 339 I248 if ttot there please leay e message.

I Strathclyde student (m) seeks room itt comfortable llat. City centre or near ttibe. Mas £200 pcitt. Must be gay-friendly. 07980 652703.

I Room needed urgently for friendly Aussie girl for three

\y eels only from .30 Sep. Please pltotte ('arolyn after 6pm 0l~ll 9J6 5964/07773 322952 West End preferred.

I Friendly mature student, 35 ns male. interests gym a tlte arts. seeks gay

friendly flatshare within walkiitg distance Byers Rd. up to £300 pcm pref ittc

bills. Tel 079-16-2l93-l6 or tttal-

I C\\;tlsott(“ liotniailcom


I Double room pref uttfurn req by 37 yr old postgrad. it/s. male pref ott bits route lo Napier/(‘raiglockltart. litttry' frotn 23 Sep. (‘all Tim on 0l6l 860 5286.

I Tango teacher/author look- iitg for a rooiti tit a fun flat. pref Marchniotit/Bruntslield /;\lorningside. (‘all Steve on 0l3| 557 52l7.

I Two female students look- itig for 2 single rooms iit shared flat witlt otlter students. approx £200 pcitt + bills. starting 22 Sep (it earlier. (‘all Nina on

0|3l 226 I803 or email: nbei'ke- itteiet’m‘yaltoocont

I One or two bedroom flat t'eq asap for qutet \egetariait female. pref Portobello or :‘V'ltisselburgh. Would also con- sider flatshare. Refs avail. Must be DSS friettdly. 0|3l 669 2006. I Mature student (female, 405) final year art school. seeks budget accotitttiodatiott. Mon- l‘ii terttt time. (‘all 0|X75 835363.

I Friendly female looking for room for 1 month itt central lidittburglt flat asap. email: alc- gra55(n‘hotntatl.com

I Double or Single room wanted itt friendly/relaxed flat for young working female. Prefer Bruittsfield/Marchntont/Meadow s area. but central considered - end Aug. £240pm (ittc bills) MAX. also smoker. li-ntail Mlssql.ttlylnmesmItollltttllcoltl or call 0l3 l -650--l097.

I Male, re-Iocating to Edinburgh. seeks spacious. cen- tral rooitt (around £200) to share wttlt wonderful people. l know flats. the likes of this CXISI. so...please help? Tel: 0l738 730 222.

I Mature student (lettitlle. ~10s). litial year. art school. seeks budget accttittitiodattott. Mott- lt'i't. term time. ('all 0l875 835 .363.

I Attractive guy, 33 with

wide range of interests seeks

. female iii West of Scotland area

for companionship attd possible relationship. Box No 396/l. I Attractive, professional

, female 32. likes films. walking.

meals out. travel. gynt. seeks male. 30—38. with GSOH and

5 similar interests for friendship

initially. Edinburgh. Box No 396/2.

. I Good-looking

Mediterranean 29 year old. immature guy. without a family plan. searches for equivalent girl for lots of futi likes: music (especially Abba). bubble gum. leather trousers. pancakes. (‘alviit & Hobbes. send photo-

graph. Box No 396/3.


I Happy, attractive, educat-

ed single dad. very yOUllg 45‘

exiled in Scotland. but occa-

sional visitor to Glasgow. seeks ; single ntum for outings etc with

kids. Box No 396/4. I lniquitous Glasgow guy 34.

tall. dark. attractive. smoker.

Seeks night loving anthracitic female mitts. 28—40. with long

ttails. short skirts attd wicked sense of adventure. Photo if poss. Box No 396/5.

I Intelligent, creative. liter- ate male. 30s. likes good [lilies and quiet times. seeks girl. 24—34. for usual boy meets girl things. lidinburglt area. No pre- conceptions. All letters appreci- ated attd answered. Box No 396/6.

I Energetic, lively. chatty female. 29. says you can't know too many" people? l‘ancy coming along to clubs. general socialis- iitg [./.\'!\‘ pursuits. the outdoors. football etc'.’ Well. get iit touch. Glasgow. Box No 396/7.

I Single male, 43 it/s. slim. enjoys keeping fit. reading. long walks aitd good conversation. seeks similar lady to relax attd spend time with leading to long term relationship. Glasgow area. Box No 396/8.

I Girl, (39 - eek!) graduate/prof. seeks bright. articulate. solvent. tt/s. gay- friendly. cat loving man with sparkle to talk shop. eat. drink. see films. Hate opera attd hill- walkitig. Like Big Bro. lirasiet'. Gimme Gimme. Chicken Run etc. (,‘ltatty letter aitd self por- trait or pic please. Box No 396/9.


I Sometimes sparkly Edinburgh n/s man. 32 with blue eyes seeks similar woman with no ties attd basic knitting skills. Wool supplied. llonesty' attd openness tttore important than occupation. education etc. Box No 396/l0.

I Genuine good looking 6ft

Glasgow ntale 32. Likes variety

of sports. music. cinema. Seeks tall. affectionate. attractive female to enjoy good things itt life with photo if possible. Box No 396/l l.

f I ‘I’all dark handsome educat- i ed ittale seeks mistress to obey.

Box No 396/l 2.

7 I Honest, open-minded, reli-

able. unpretentious. easy going.

(ilasgow based male. 4|. wttlt

diverse interests attd who is engaged in life. seeks good natured. positive. spirited woman to feel connected with. Box No 396/l3.

I Glasgow based male, pro-

fessional. (late twenties) ittto sports. cinema. wining/ditting

t atid reading. WLTM intelligent.

attractive attd caring 20/30 something (ilasgow female for friendship and possibly more. Box No 396/I-l.


I Gay guy, 30 something. tall. slim. great sense of

humour. Hottest. genuine. Likes ?

theatre (comedy) cinema. eat- iitg ottt etc. Looking fora simi- lar guy. Friendship (hopefully more). Photo? ALA. Box No 394/56.

I Bi-sexual guy, 5ft 9—10. dark hair. slitn. likes socialising. clubs. pubs. cinema. shopping. holidays attd countryside seeks female perhaps talkative with interesting personality for friendship. perhaps leading to tttore. Box No 395/5l.

I Gay, 38, tall dark. hottest and genuine. Likes eating out. cine- ma attd enjoying life. Looking for active sorted guy. hopefully leading to l—2—l. l‘itt profes- siottal with a good build. Box No 395/52.

I Me, 35, gay woman profes- sional sensitive attd caring. look- ittg for my soulmate. ittto fun things. enjoy eating out. wine. cinema. travel etc. Would like to meet you if you are hottest attd caring attd like similar tltittgs. Photo would be nice. N/s. ALA. Box No 396/50.

How to reply to a


All you have to do is send your letter to:


14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 lTE


At the

McLellan Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall St

Glasgow (32 3EH

and we will forward it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

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