V I saw you I saw you working iti Bikt) nti [faster Road around two months ago. You: tall. gond- Iooktiig. dark hair. He: blnnde. buyttig drill? You asked ill needed some help. I-‘ancy meeting tip some time‘.’ Box No [7396/2.

V I saw you si.\ Iiinnths ago and melted. (‘an't w ail to see you again; miss you too much Sesball. Bn\ No [7396/3.

V I saw you .le t'at vue at the ()denti lnr Wong Kar-Wai. He didn't give a talk. biit your scent. your smile atid aquellns oins under the stars saw me by. Are ,Vntt iii the tiinod lnr Iove'.’ Qui/as. ()uizas. QIIIZLIS . . . Box No [.7396/4.

V I saw you It' I haven't stiogged you by the end ol tniiiglit then I'm a real mug. wlin you probably shouldn't pick up. (Sexy Steve) Box No [7396/5. V I saw you (r1 the Liquid Rnniii (0‘ Idlewild. Me Seal-nod T-shit‘t. you had abandoned your lrietids. I thttik your name was Helen'.’ Meant ll) get your number bttt batid started? Box No L7396/6.

V I saw you Birgit iii I989 atid lor some time alter. it was sublime. I.niitse l99l loved the 2pm altertinons. Spanish Snpliia I992 que barbartdad. Ilolly III I993 atid you wouldn't go away. l‘t‘eya I994 going Dutch. Jane I997 instead nl ['2 P()P. I.nuise ll I998 strawberries atid cream alter beltane. Iilaine [999 and some nl your lriends tried Inn. Rachelle I999 beitig psychotic. Karen I999 lrnm FAVORIT. tint so cool without your sparky sell. l.isa I999 stunning bitt sent In City entry Nicole let papa) 2000 gullible tint. horrible. tiiad bad atid dangerous In kiinw lnr sure. [ftiknnwti blnnde beauty 2000. lovely cheery Karen Peckliam's Bruntslield. thitik lruity Belgiati beers. With thumbs up In everyone else over the last lew weeks. keep up the good work. You all blew me away. Box No [7396/8.

V I saw you III the Assembly Rooms [9/8/00 just belnre the (.it‘eg Prnnps chat show. Ynti asked tiie tl I’d L‘II]()_\'C(I the show. I didn't reply. I'd like another chance to. Box No [.7396/9.

V I saw you each nl yoti dancing. singing. laughing. crying. sober & drunk - Inn tituch French Canadian wine?

is sntiieone sick or having ses'.’ Pntitid drinks at the Trnti. socks on the door. stripping (Muchn .‘ylatiibnl. lnntball iii the Meadows. (‘atiada Day. "America Day'. the (iata. (IL’B 4077. the list goes on. You are all like stars . . . shiny atid lar apart? .Ie t'aime mes atiiis. (PS I have ilie power nl (it'C_V.\Is’[III.I Box No [.7396/l3.

V I saw you Subway. (‘nwgale 26/08. You gnt'geotis public school boy If) Me too drunk. shot'l dark hair. not a Iesbiati. as you believed? You not gay'.’ [low abntit a night less drunk [OSCIIieI'I’ Box No [V396/I5.

V I saw you rock on. hope you Iiave a great b-day. You're a stallion. Ynti should take over your dad's stud larm he he he. Love u loads. Jenny. Box No [I/396/ I 6.

V I saw you on Wednesday. Disappointed things didn't work nttt. Hope you are happy when you ‘do your thing'. I miss yoit tiiy (‘atiadian angel. llnpe w e cati he good lrietids. I will In\ e you always. .Ien xx Box No [.7396/I 7.

V I saw you sexy dancer. gorgeous person. tempting atid leasing at l‘itture Pritiiitive. Thu 2/9/99. [inlnrgettable Box .\'o [7396/40.

V I saw you gorgeous Phil at lititure Primitive. I” 'ing class? Box No [‘/396/4|.

V I saw you Sara ((1 the I.iquid Room. livery tiiglit I come atid stand at the bar desperately waiting for you to emerge lrnm your nll'tce. I hear you like your Absinthe? Absinthe makes my heart grow londer my love? an .\'o [.7/396/42.

V I saw you (ji‘nnya ispelling'.’i atid Helena (0‘ .\'na alter Taste birthday. Why don't ['-2 ditch the scooters atid come ride a hot—'7 Phwoar! Box No [7396/43. V I saw you Dan lKIILly'iII with the indie twee massive (0 Taste alter party. You are the grand initiator stay back boy? Box No [.I/396/44.

V I saw you lidwatd lrnm SI. stt'okin' the duke (0‘ Negncianlsl Down bny'l Box No [7396/45. V I saw you Sarah and Alice with your tits not at Motherlunk. Habit'.’ Box No [7396/46.

V I saw you Queen nl Sheeba getting thrown out nl .‘ychnnaId's. Get those big Macs out more nlten girl? Yeelia. Box No [.7396/47.

V I saw you Allin atid lleleiia at Motherluiik. Dan atid (irainne are to corrupt you yet . . Box No [l/396/48.

V I saw you iii the Venue. l'““”ed out ol tiiy lace. What a tiile. Box No [.7396/49.

V I saw you I'llvvnnd Blues at (‘amel Beat‘s last night on [0/9/99 at the Venue. You datice Cnnllll Box No [9396/50.

V I saw you bliiiditig twisting nipples. steaming. glowing iii the dark ol I‘ultire Primitive. I.nve tunnel! Box No [7396/51. V I saw you (‘at'rie iii the clnakrnnm at the Liquid Room. I lost my ticket bitt I'd love to wait all night iii the back with you you red lint mama? Box No U/396/52.

V I saw you I‘inna. a lrieiid oI Steve's at lititure Primitive. the \‘enue on 'l'liursday 2nd Sept. (it'eal niglitll Box No [7396/53. V I saw you Alan (a .\Inthet'lunk. Your girlfriend thinks my name is Bill atid also thinks I'm her best lriendl Why does she drink snno much > Moray. Box No [7396/54.

V I saw you Alan It. you big

ginger technn god. I'll Iiave your

909 anydayl Future Primitive. I3n\ No [7396/55.

V I saw you at ‘Why Bradley' gig supporting Bernard Butler, You are tall. long haired and sesy. I watit to show you my g- stt'nig In Stereo .\I('s. Bn\ No [7396/56.

V I saw you at I-‘uiure Pi'imtti\e. Superb tiiisli mash nl house. techno and breaks ipast. present atid luturei. Very original. ('heers evelynnel Bn\ No {7396/57.

V I saw you Mr l‘utut'e Primitive. ['ndergroutid‘.’ s Warehouse parties'.’ The place to be‘.’ .»\tninsphere‘.’ (‘Iieck the Ilyet's'.’ See you there. Bos No [7396/53.

V I saw you (it'ntiya at tlte dnnr nl I)i\a. You're so lint Id In\ e to get knocked back by you and made sweet love In? an .\'o [7396/59.

V I saw you at \‘2 (sexy 0.! I. You caught my eye ~ I hope it was Inye'.".’ Box .\'n [7396/60. V I saw you the handsomest man iti Iiditibut'gli. sexy Brian >- your lint bitiis burned my tongue meet the iii my special place. [by e yer lint dawg. Box No [7396/6 l.

V I saw you Yogi at Diva at the |.tqtnd Ronni - you smelt i'eallly strange and why did you have that Becks bottle pnkitig nut nl ait (II'IIIL‘L‘ II shouldn't hay el Boy No [7396/62.

V I saw you ginger technn meistet‘. lai'giiig it at l-‘ulure Primitive. The (‘onleiz 2/9. Please be my DJ? Bn\ No [7396/63.

V I saw you male dancing queeti. tight moves. Ilasli smile. contact me lor men tti chi'a lun iblite T-shii'l. red star you know who you are). Box No

I 7396/64.

V I saw you big. brown lit/1y hair. l.nud ('anadian \‘tIICL‘. Slintit louder Pl.Ii:\Slil Big shout to :\S(‘. Please cotitact Iiiel Bo\ No [7396/65.

V I saw you at the Bernard Butler concert (\’I the Venue. You. Brett Anderson Innkaltke. Me. Sadie I'I'tisl. Believe. I30\ No [7396/66.

V I saw you .‘ytiek in that .Iagiiar. Do you smear yoursell iii iuna‘.’ I wanna do tlittigs to your second belly button. I‘IUIII your kids. Box No [7396/67.

V I saw you lint Nicky l-' in (‘ntiipany mag and then down on da street. You light my lire. Stay deep iti tnticli. Box No

I 7396/68.

V I saw you Sarah .I. matiageress nl T.I..R. We spoke at .‘ylntherlunk. You were very tipsy once again! You thntiglit my name was liric —— it's really Peter. Are we still lriends'.’ Box No [.7396/69.

V I saw you don't kiinw your name. disc jock. bttt seamless. underground house was stunning at I‘uliire Primitiye. When‘s the nest one‘.’ Box .\'o [.7396/70.

V I saw you busty blonde 'IinI lips'. You rocked my world. comeback nttt nl my dreams atid itiln my Iile B. Box .\'n [7396/71.

V I saw you Helena smashed nut nl ynur lace at the ()uthouse alter Taste. You puked III a glass right in lt'oiit nl me. l.ct me taste that lumpy nonsense! Box No [7396/72.

V I saw you eager beaver outside Taste rather on the balding side. Mind you don’t catch a cold. Box No [7396/73. V I saw you hi. lat blnke iii the corner. loved the beer staitis. Still. Future,Pt'imitive's a

l' “itig. banging night all the satiiell BU\ No [3/396/74.

V I saw you Duke with Charlie on your head at the Taste alter party. .‘ylinni . . . linger lickitt' good? Box No [7396/75.

V I saw you baby I) shakitig that ass III Iladdows with your spiky blonde hair —- you sexy bitch? an .\'o [7396/76.

V I saw you at I’hil's party »- you really pill me oll the drinking game? Plinarl (‘an we get together over some sutiis'.".’ll I3t)\ No [7396/77.

V I saw you rubber toe you were iii the 'l'raverse bar. Ionkitig suay e iti your blue llawaiiati sliii't. Nice eyebrows! Box No [7396/78.

V I saw you at the (‘uban Brothers. I9 Aug. You pierced and eIIlike. l'tii lint lor some ellin action baby. It's good to touch? let’s touch? Box No

I 7396/79.

V I saw you Beavis lookalike at Blue Bar Cale. You. drinking vodka-Red Btill with dark— haired chick. .\le. tliitikiiig what a dude? Box No [7396/80.

V I saw you [the the callipers. Show me some more. (irooving w IIII crutches. whell hey! Box .\'o [7396/Sl.

V I saw you Sarah at .‘ylotherlutik alter your dinner. ll you would have brought me I cnultl'ye tiiade ynur lave -- .-\tiibrnsia Rice - oonIi arghl I3ii\ Ni) [7396/32.


V I saw you Grainne messed oitl nl your head at Mnthet'lunk. How many days on a betider'.’ (let your tits nnt doll atid gie its a leel again . . . l I can‘t resist those lull atid brimming jugs ol Inve? Box No [7396/83.

V I saw you Sara with your so called breast nbsessinii. They are .IIISI sweet as they are hubba hubba babeefl Box No [7396/84.

V I saw you Duncan shilling at the Venue. Ilnrny enough for ."nu'.’ Box No [,3/396/85.

V I saw you the Irish bar man at Pure many days ago. You're gt'nnvy baby. The girl with the sparkly dress and the Gnldschlager. Box No U/396/86. V I saw you at CnckTales. 23/8/00. You were sealed to my Ielt at the end ol the second row. Me. I was wearing a suit. you smiled outside alterwards. Box No [.7396/87.

V I saw you at the Liquid Rnniii Wed 23/23/00. You. sexy lrntii Dublin. Me. the guy who was admiring your tattoo. I would love the chalice to see it again. Box No [l/396/88.

V I saw you iti Royal Bank. St Andrew‘s Square. 29/8/90. [2.40pm. You lair damsel iii cream blnuse. Barber jacket. which you took nll Iniig wail. .‘yle ~ dark. b/w tweed jacket. Fancy a drink. Box No [7396/89.

V I saw you sitigttig Dean Martin with attitude. You have gorgeous blue eyes atid a smile in die lnr. Sing to me all tiiglit Iniig baby. I want you tinvv. Box No [.l/396/90.

V I saw you at Stevenson College. I lhitik yottr name is Martin. You're my sexy mechanic. Please ask tne out ‘cns I'm too shy to ask you. love the girl who looks at you iii Ittsl. Box No U/396/9l.

V I saw you Duncan with your one eyebrow propping up the bar nl Motherlunk with all those women hanging nti your every word. I watit you to be my one atid only sparky alesandet'll Box No [5/396/92.

V I saw you iii Kasbar. Iispinnage. [9/8/00 when I squeezed between you and your lrietid. Me the drunken neck Iicker. You the drop dead blnnde. l cati lick all night baby if you want. Box No U/396/93.

/—2[ Sep 2000 TIIELIST 89