Boys Don't Cry (18) 114 mins 7*: iv a: va-

A transgender romance which stole the hearts of critics and audiences alike

So, you've got the chance to make a debut feature film and you want to just ease yourself into the business with a project that will get you noticed but won't stretch you beyond your limits. Well, Orson Welles didn‘t believe that and Kimberly Peirce appears to be in his mould, having chosen one of the most bizarre murder stories in recent American history (which has to be saying something) as her inspiration. It took Peirce three tough years to track down the right actress to play the transgender hero(ine) Brandon Teena, but with Hilary Swank getting the role, everyone was rewarded as she walked off with the Best Actress Oscar and Boys Don ’t Cry stole the

hearts of critics and audiences alike.

Having continually escaped her identity in order to find herself, Brandon goes one transgressive step too far by getting involved with some hard hicks in Falls City, Nebraska. Driving, drinking and fighting with them is fine while it lasts, but the threat of discovery hangs ominously in the dusty air; Brandon is forever one tiny mistake away from betrayal, rape and murder as she falls disastrously in love with the permanently wasted Lana (Chloe Sevigny). Shot mainly in semi-realist tones and occasionally in dreamy hues, the slow-burning tension leads to an unbearable climax.

As much tender love story as sharp dissection of a life built around violence, Boys Don’t Cry is a brave and brash debut. Like Orson Welles, Kimberly Peirce will have a tricky time emulating it. (Brian Donaldson)

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Three Kings

(15) 114 mins - ~ -~

Three Kings mixes action thrills With surreal humOur and political satire to produce a war movre that's in the same league as classics like MA SH, and Kelly's Heroes George Clooney, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg and Spike lonze are the four grunts who go AWOL at the butt end of the Gulf War in search of some of Saddam's gold It's been marketed as a gung ho adventure, but as a friend of mine said, 'How did this ever get past Congress7' (Warner) (Miles Fielder)

Borler Room

(15) 115 mins . *iv a

Giovanni Ribisi plays yOung entrepreneur Seth DaVis who runs his own illegal gambling venture, but moves into stockbroking in a bid to gain his father’s approval. Mixmg With young men, who include Ben Affleck, With far too much money he soon discovers the company has a dodgy side and the FBI become involved The

most exCiting film about stockbrokers since Wall Street With an excellent performance from Ribisi, but let down by too much finanCial (argon and the clumsy handling of Ribisi's relationship With his father. (Entertainment) (Henry Northmore)

Next Friday

(15) 94 mins it it 1r

Ice Cube returns With the seguel to the movre that broke him as a potential comic player. Cube has a remarkable ability to look 20 despite being 35 and his on-screen laid-back charm works a treat. The main problem is With the Story. The first movre was essentially Clerks for South Central LA: two kids lounging about, trying to do as little as possible. This, on the other hand, is a sparky, saucy caper mowe, which sadly, fails to fully ignite. (Entertainment) (Mark Robertson)

In Too Deep (18) 93 mins x r

Officer Cole (Omar Epps) is a dedicated cop, determined to go deep

undercover to infiltrate the syndicate of da hood’s crime lord, 'God' (LL Cool J). Cole soon finds that he’s ‘in too deep’ however, as the line between his true identity and his street persona blurs and he looks set to risk his JOb and his girl. Except he doesn't. Formulaic and never qwte hitting its mark, the film also wastes Pam Grier in a peripheral role as a surveillance cop. (Metrodome) (Catherine Bromley)

RETAIL The Sixth Sense (15) 103 mins it it if a:

Haley Joel Osment is the poor little kid who sees dead people, all the time, everywhere, and naturally it terrifies him. Bruce Willis is the psychiatrist haunted by the death of a former patient and distraught at his break up With Wife OliVia Williams who comes to the boy’s aid. M. Night Shyamalan is the first-time feature director who superbly executes a riveting, chilling Supernatural thriller. In years to come, this one Will be bracketed With Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorost. (Buena Vista £15.99) (Miles Fielder)

Asterix & Obelix Take

On Caesar

(PG) 106 mins

If you’re a fan of the Asterix comics then you'll enjoy this live action film which follows the efforts of Asterix and Obelix, played by Christian Clavrer and Gerard Depardieu, as they attempt to fOil Caesar's eViI ways. This is achieved With doses of magic strength-givmg potion, trickery, torture and a lovely buxom blonde. It's a very amusing cartoon caper, With a hint of Monty Python humour and a nod in the direction of a Carry On film. Life Is Beautiful's Roberto Benigni appears as a Roman Villain, (Pathe £12.99; £19.99 on DVD)

(lane Hamilton)

Pola X

(18) 130 mins r i:

Leos Carax's first film since I991 's Les Amants Du Pont Neuf is a Wildly impasSioned, modern-day gothic tale adapted from Herman MeIVille's Pierre, Or The Amb/gurt/es that’s striking and pretentious in equal measures. Rich bOy novelist Pierre (Guillaume Depardieu) lives With his mother (Catherine Deneuve) in a Normandy chateau, but he abandons everything to discover the secrets of the world after the appearance of a mysterious, melancholy girl Who claims to be his long lost Sister. Beautifully filmed and With an atmospheric score by rock legend Scott Walker. (Artificial Eye £15.99) (Miles Fielder)

Sex: The Annabel Chong Story (18) 86 mins it x +

This dOCumentation of porn star Annabel Chong's bid to secure notoriety by fucking 251 men in ten hours is extremely disturbing Much is made of the empowered Chong's

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On Her Majesty's Secret


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career plans and of the way in Which she links that With her gender studies at university under her real name, Grace Quek. But director Gough LeWis’ shadowmg of Quek reveals an unhappy and ineVitably eprOited woman, While the filming of ’The World’s Biggest Gang Bang' slips uncomfortably into its own brand of eprOitation. Of c0urse, it’s also fascinating VieWing. (Metrodorne £14.99; £19.99 on DVD)

(Miles Fielder)


fr it "s i: k Uanllssable

.l' is * it Very gOOd

): .i r. Worth a shot 7: Below average

You've been warned

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