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Salsa Jive UK



Scotland and North East England

Add a touch of Latrno exotrcrsm to

your lrfe, and keep up to date wrth Salsa nrghts and classes rn your area, All you’ve got to do rs get really good at rt and enter one of the natronal competrtrons lrsted here as well. You never know, rt c0uld change your lrfe.



Of c0urse, the other type of salsa rs desrgned to be eaten, and Will probably blow your head off. Never before have I seen so many reCIpes for so many salsas (not that I go lookrng), and some of them look lrke they c0uld floor an army. Try an 'Oh My God’ or a ’System Cleaner', the latter guaranteed to make you 'go’ at least three trmes durrng your meal



Thrs srte rs an Ideal Jumprng off spot for lovers of Latrn musrc, from contemporary Jazz crossovers to more tradrtronal styles. Everythrng rs here and It clarms to be one of the largest websrtes of rts krnd rt also has a lrnk to the largest collectron of artrcles wrrtten about the genre.

Latin Recipes

blackbean.com/capuccino/ recipes/recipeshtm

It has to be sard that the South Amerrcans know how to cook food, wrth some of the most exotrc and excrtrng drshes In the West. There are a few here, all qurte mouth-waterrng, along Wrth some potentrally lethal cocktarls Almost desrgned to help you out wrth the above dance steps.

If you’re one of those people who needs a chrllr frx every day, then thrs rs the place for you. Everythrng you could possrbly want to know rs here - from the world's hottest pepper (a 1994 Red Savrna Habanero) to how they actually measure the heat (probably by feedrng them to some poor guy and measurrng the express:on on hrs face). Aye carumbal

Jennifer Lopez home page wwwjenniferlopezcom

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No Latrn-themed column w0uld be complete wrthout a shameless reference to Ms Lopez. Nothrng much more to say Just the usual prctures, brography, chat rooms and that krnd of thrng. But honestly, rt rs better than most, based around a Flash rnterface. Qurte pretty to look at. That’s rt really.

Roll Your Own Cigars www.rollyourowncigar.com/

Cuban Crgars do not come cheap. But they are the best. Thrs srte tells you exactly how to make them yourself (serrouslyl). They'll sell you genurne Cuban tobacco and all the leaves needed for the whole process. Whrle they're not made rn the tradrtronal fashron by rollrng them along the thrgh of some Cuban woman, they carry more prestrge than your last erla jOb.

ON-LINE Music sites

In the early days you may have thought the internet was made for compulsive masturbating deviants, with pornography being the most requested word on search engines. That was until that little word mp3 appeared and rapidly took over. Despite the huge amount of downloadable music available on the net, for the music enthusiast it can prove to be more than just a place to source dodgy bootlegs. Providing a platform for new live music is www.liveanduncut.com showcasing bands on the internet before advertising where they play live, where punters can vote for their favourites and the winners will get £10,000 and a ten-date tour of the UK. The voting runs until February 2001 so you have a while to peruse and decide on your faves.


Accommodating a whole other strata of music is www.atrecordings.com which has gathered together over 100 independent labels providing a myriad of music styles from jazz and folk to electronica and modern classical. The site is user friendly and value for money and is the best way to sample some of the world’s best new music.


The terrifyingly named www.911murder.com is a much


more entertaining product than the title may suggest. Primarily an outlet for black music, fashion and culture, the main strength of the site is the exclusive downloadable tracks from the cutting edge of drum 8: bass, hip hop, soul and garage with artists like Larry Heard, 4 Hero and Aphrodite available. www.icrunch.'com is another dance music site with everything from local luminaries Glasgow Underground's back catalogue available to download to Delgados and Timo Maas videos, and

features, tracks and videos on most left-of-centre music genres.

www.nme.com is the online big sister to the inkie version and gets the exclusives online before the print run has even come out. It has an extensive archive, webcasts, a helpful but clunky gig guide, and all the features you’d expect from its paper relation but more.


The big brother to NME’s Brit tyke is www.rollingstone.com, US rock institution Rolling Stone magazine's gargantuan site. The site has a huge searchable archive of bands for those of you who really can't get enough of Blond Redhead or Fiona Apple. Being hugely US-centric it provides an insight into bands that will top the college charts there but often remain unknown here.

(Mark Robertson)

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