The summer may be over but there are still parts of Glasgow and Edinburgh where you can discover the sunshine of Latin America.


I Arakataca! at the Bongo ('Iub.

I Ipm 3am. £5. l5 Sep. Monthly I).ls [UPI‘C IngIcse t(‘olumbiai and .Iaffar tSencgaIi bring their espert know ledge to bear on the best African. l.atin and ('aribbean beats.

I Club Latino at 'I‘he Bongo (‘Iub. (‘Iub 1.;ttitiotakcs a well-earned break. to return on I-‘riday 3" ()ctober. l‘eaturing free dance class with the Salsa Angels at I0.30pm. food b_\ ('Ith Latino cafe atid Ii\eI_\ performance of (‘apoeira iii the gallery

I Fiesta Latina at In iot Row I'nion. 9.30pm 3am. C4.5l)t£5.51)l1 £3.50 for members of Hispanic Society I4 ()ct. Monthly I)Js .-\na ck I’acho live it up l.atino style with their heady mi\ of salsa. mambo. met‘engue. \allenato and many more. :\t‘t‘i\e early for your free dance class H.30me with the Salsa Angels to get you iii the mood.

I Salsa Con Sabor at (iaia. Illpm 3am. 9.4 (free before midnight i. Weekly Dance classes from 8pm \\ ith .\'aito teaching salsa and met'engue atid then hot l.atino I).I action from I’aulito. lending a liest) mi\ of salsa swing. merenguc house and Iatiito pop to the proceedings. You can also try otit some I.atino line-dancing with Satn frotn 7pm.

I Salsa Viva at The Venue (top floor). l0.30pm 3am. £7 tL‘5i. 15 Sep. Monthly Iiiesta forever at this monthly I.atin treat hosted by the authetitic maestro 1)] ('oco \cga. who funnily enough has the knack of making you dance till you drop. llovv com cnient.



I Club Latino at Bat'acoa. I0pm lam. I‘ree. Weekly I.atiti tunes to keep you dancing.

I Cuba Norte at ('uba \oi‘tc‘.

IIIpm lam. Free. Weekly It's Saturday so it must be salsa.

I Latino Loco at liI Barrio. 8pm lam. I‘t'ee. \Vcekly (io mad foi‘ it I,atiit st} Ic as I).ls deliver tip the latest I.atin hits and hottest beats from the barrio. More info from events“:


I Latin Explosion at The Mambo (’Iub. 10pm 3am. £5. Weekly Hold on to _\ottl' seats because this tni\ of I.atin l'Il}IIlllls ls highly volatile and likely to blow your socks clean off. Dance classes start at 0pm for beginners and for more esperienced salsa aficionados at 10pm. priced £4 which includes entry to the club.

I Rio at Iigo tforiticrl} Iideni.

I0.30pm 3am. £7: E5 in fanc} tIl'L‘ss, ‘) Sep. Monthly I’tle the fruit upon your head for this cha cha cha carnival part} hosted by the latino cousins of Vegas. Senor Daddy I.o\e. Milton Bananas. Ion} I)'.'\more and Sam Miguel. (‘hicken iuggltng and limbo dancing are only two of the tIIslIllL‘lI) Bt'a/ilian traditions open to the ardent carnival enthusiast.



I El Barrio at H Barrio. 8pm Iatit. I't'ee. Weekly Sunday night is flamenco night with DJ Domingo tappropriateI}

enough I. pltts live music and dancing.

I In The Groove at l’opRoktt.

0pm lam. Iii'ec. Weekly Big Bcat's I).I 'I'tllkll lttlses in ct IIIL' tIL‘CIss \\ IlIt tt ItlL‘IItiW melange of I.atin. tall and soul tunes.

I Latino Sundays at I.oca. 0pm lam. E3. Weekly IIL'atI till“ ll I'tii' salsa. merengue and I.atin pop with His. live music and percussion.

I Tango El Domingo at Bat'acoa.

5.30 0pm. liree. Weekly An early evening hang-out for fans of tango. with beginners and non-dancers welcome. (‘Iasses start at 5.30pm.



I Tango at Iil Barrio. 8 I lpm. Free. Weekly Warm up w ith the best in moves and grooves. plus beginners’ dance classes.

I Baracoa at Baracoa. ltlpm lam. l‘ree. Weekly 1)] .Migttel pla) s a Latin \L‘Iec‘litin.

I El Barrio at [£1 Barrio. I lptti lam. liree. Weekly ('uban son attd salsa actiott \\ ith regulars from the Latin posse. plus dance classes for early birds. EDINBURGH TUESDAYS


I Baracoa at Baracoa. 10pm latti. l-tee. Weekly I).I ()rlando pla_\ s a Latin selection. Dance classes with Sam. E4.

I El Barrio at Iil Barrio. ‘me lam. I‘ree.

Weekly l)ls supply the Latin \ ibes.

I Salsa Viva ((1 SigIo. 0pm lam. I‘ree. Weekly llot tropical rhythms to enjoy

\\ ith your cool tropical cocktails.



I Baracoa at Baracoa. 10pm lam. I‘ree. Weekly I).I Miguel plays a l.atin selection. Dance Classes W ilIl :\IL‘\. E4.

I Caliente, Caliente! at l-Ll Barrio. Illpm lam. l‘ree. Weekly llot salsa and merengue action with dance classes at the beginning of the ev ening. See 'I’hursday listing for more info.

I Tango at ()sygen. ".30 IIpm. E3. Weekly Strut your stuff alongside fellow enthusiasts. \\ ith beginnet‘s' dance classes at ".30pm.


I Baracoa 7 Victoria Street. 225 5846. I El Barrio 104 \Vesl Port. 22‘) 8305.

I Cuba Norte l‘)3 Morrison Street. 33] I430.

I Bongo Club 14 New Street. 5565304. I Teviot Row Bt'islti Square. (150 4673. I Gaia King Stables Road. 33‘) 7086.

I The Venue (‘alton Road. 557 3073.

I The Mambo Club . ('avettdish. West IUIIL‘I'Hss. :33

I Ego I’icard} Place. 478 7434.

I PopRokit Broughton Street. 335 5583. I Loca 335 ('ovsgate. 335 54I3.

[IONS listings BVOIIIS lntorcamblo EDI‘IIIIIS music

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These organisations also run long and short-term courses where you can work on those Latin moves.


I Academia de Salsa lixpert tuition from local and (‘uban instructors held at various venues. for different abilities. (‘all 0141 564 1983/07933 010613 for full details.

I The Dance House Napiershall Street (‘entre. 3‘) Napiershall Street. 0l41 403 8645. Run a wide range of dance classes. including Salsa.


I Dance Base Assemny Rooms. George Street. (II 31 335 5535. Wide range of classes. check out or phone for a brochure.

I Dance For All Studios 9h (irange Road. ()l3l 44] 3660. Range ofclasses. including Rueda l)e ('asino.

I Freddy Ramirez Southside (‘ommtmity ('entre. I17 .\'icolson Street. 0| 3] 667 0484. Salsa. tuerenge and bolero cubia.

I Manuel Montenegro St (‘olumha‘s (’hurch llall. I3 l‘pper (iray Street. 0131 558 78 l 3. 'I‘raditional Latin American datice classes including Merengtte. lambada and Samba.

I A website

w ith details of Latin clttbs. dance. music and language classes in Iidinburgh. as

w ell as links to other tiseful sites.

Get a taste of the Americas at these restaurants and bars.


Cottier's 03 ()5 Ilyndland Street. 357 5835. You'll find Mexican fajitas. Peruvian skewered barbecued sirloin aitd Brazilian fish on the menu at this popular venue. The Gaucho Grill I33 West (ieorge Street. 304 53I 1. There's a distinct Argentinian influence on both the decor and menu here.

Havana 50 Hope Street. 248 4466. A taste of ('tha can be found iii this vibrant bar. club and restaurant. including twenty different cocktails and a fine selection of ('uban cigars.


Baracoa 7 Victoria Street. 225 5846. Soak tip the (‘uban atmosphere. at cafe-bar where

m Organised by We Scmttsh Cuba Saltrlartt/ Campaign

you cart sample traditional fare as well as the turn and mint-infused Mojito cocktail. Cuba Norte 193 Morrison Street. 321 1430. A popular venue due to it‘s party atmosphere. you can watch dance classes while munching on Cuban-style tapas. Café Habana 22 Greensidc Place. 558 I270. Lively decor and music mark out this bar. which serves food during the dav.

Sf . “if

n. “I em I it 880 MM .6 it

. . no. .5

Scotland's No. 1 Salsa club


Now at

The Asylum


11pm - 3am

Caledonian University Student's Union

(opposite Buchanan St bus station)

Tel 0141 564 1983 for info

21 Sep—S Oct 2000 THE LIST 111