Salsa Spanish Style

We've had the clubbing in Barcelona and we've had the atmosphere. energy and fun of an excellent night out at a Spanish bar but we still want more. So. we decide to add to our Spanish party vocabulary by going to one of the many bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh which fea- ture salsa nights.

The amigos rise to the challenge and dress to impress for a long night ahead although we realise we need a little help before hitting the dance floor. We find the ideal venue which holds salsa classes just before their club starts. and to top it all off they also serve our favourite Spanish beer San Miguel. and with this in mind we head in and pre- pare to be salsafied.

The class is full of salsa lovers and novices but before long we have found dancing partners and our hips are swaying and our feet are managing to shuffle in an impressive salsa style. It is time for a break before the club starts and we have a refreshing San Miguel while rest- ing our weary and bruised feet. We grab a table along with our new friends and get to know the people we have been wiggling with for the past hour just that little bit better.

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In no time at all the club is jam packed and the energy is electric with good music. chat and a vibe that carries you off to far away places. We order some of our favourite beer to keep us cool while the rest of the evening hots up in more ways than one! The music seeps into our bloodstream and we are whisked onto the dance floor to show off our new salsa style and impress our new friends. The atmosphere is fan- tastic and our new found confidence allows us to loosen up and let the sexy Latin rhythms turn us into the best dancers on the floor. That is until too much laughing. fun and bruising tell us to sit down. enjoy some more San Miguel and the company of our new dancing partners.

The night passes in a flash and yet again we have had a fantastic taste of modern Spain from the Latin style music to the Spanish style beer. We decide that our salsa style needs a bit of polish and our new friends need a bit more attention as well as some more San Miguel. so the next step in our grand Spanish plan is to enrol in some popular salsa classes. All we have to do now is choose which one of the many classes to go to and this time we have a selection of partners to take!

Enjoy San Miguel at these top style Bars

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