Thom Yorke awaits his audience

{ hip hop; a looping, swirling bassline underpinned by precision-tooled drum loops, it descends into squalling, white noise jazz, until Yorke screams 'Turn it OFF!'. Guitars, and untreated vocals, don’t appear until almost halfway in, on the monumental 'How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found’, a brooding, waltzing lament, it’s the bastard offspring of 'Paranoid Android’ and 'Street Spirit’, and about the closest thing to a single there is here. Meanwhile, the distorted breakbeat psychosis of ’ldioteque' nods towards the Aphex Twin’s juddering melodicism, and the sub-aquatic dissonance of ’Treefingers’ - four rhythmless minutes of undulating, shape-shifting anti-melodies recalls both Brian Eno and sonic experimentalists Autechre.

There's a new sense of doom here, not explicitly stated but woven through the fibres of the album as a whole; Yorke’s disjointed, cut-up lyrics are scrambled snatches of some epic narrative dwelling on isolation and disorientation, on hopelessness and the abject acceptance of what comes next. ’Throw me in the fire/Throw me in the fire,’ he sings on ’ldioteque', ’This is really happening/Take the money and run/Mobiles chirping.’

How all this will translate to a stage show is difficult to imagine, not least in a 10,000 capacity custom-built tent. There’s little on the album that isn’t heavily processed and meticulously sequenced, and certainly in London’s Royal Festival Hall gig earlier this year, atmosphere won out over bombast. What audiences will make of Kid A’s nightmarish genius is open to question; there are no hooks here, no easy answers, no singalong choruses. And hiding behind the standard Radiohead motifs the coruscating guitars, the plaintive, anxious vocals, the sudden howls of noise there's a new-found warmth; in the crackling analogue melodies and the wayward, experimental structures is the sound of a band at ease with themselves. This, screams Kid A, is what we are. This is why we're here. Not to suck lemons (whatever Thom Yorke says) but to blow minds.

Kid A is released by Parlophone on Mon 2 Oct; Radiohead play Glasgow Green on Thu 28 & Fri 29 Sep.

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The autumn album release schedule sees the really big boys playing it low key. U2 and Radiohead are using the internet as their main promotional avenue for All That! Can Leave Behind (Monday 30 October) and Kid A (Monday 2 October) respectively. Expect U2’s most honest, straight-ahead rock album since The Joshua Tree and much captivating weirdness from the 'Head.

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke makes a guest appearance on P] Harvey’s new platter Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (Monday 23 October), her first work since 1998's Is This Desire ?.

In the heady world of rock, the big boys have been toiling away at new projects. Nine Inch Nails release Things Falling Apart in mid-October, containing ten new tracks and remixes of tracks released on their album The Fragile, released earlier this year. Not wishing to be outdone, Trent Reznor’s one-time protege Marilyn Manson puts out the outlandishly titled Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) (Tuesday 24 October). Still no chance of that Steps collaboration then.

At the throne of the pop world, the girls are going

head to head in a ruck for the queens of pop title. All Saints’ second album Saints And Sinners hits the streets on Monday 16 October, three weeks before the Spice Girls unleash Forever (an ironic title, surely, given the nature of their solo efforts), which is delivered on Monday 6 November. This is all in the wake of Madonna and Robbie Williams who will inevitably be vying for the top spot even then, despite their albums being out already.

The October rush continues when Placebo release Black Market Music, The Beautiful South release Painting It Red and Teenage Fanclub celebrate a return to notoriety as the nicest men in pop with the genially titled Howdy! (all Monday 16 October).

Further down the line, look out for treats from The Orb, Daft Punk and Arab Strap as well as another new Radiohead album in the spring. They're spoiling us surely? (Mark Robertson)

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