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There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (12) *** (John Hay, UK, 2000) Lewis McKenzie, Gina McKee, Robert Carlyle. 105 mins. Life could not be worse for 15- year-old Jimmy Grimble (McKenzie). The poor lad dreams of becoming a professional footballer, but the moment he hits the pitch his skill deserts him. Everything changes when a tramp gives Jimmy an old pair of football boots, which turn him into a demon on the pitch and also affect everyone around him for the better, including his cowed PE teacher (Carlyle). Despite a title which proclaims the uniqueness of its hero, there's nothing surprising or particularly individual about this cute urban fairy tale. Glasgow: Odeon At The Quay. Edinburgh: UCl. There's Something About Mary (15) **** (Peter and Bobby Farrelly, US, 1998) Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller. 118 mins. The third Farrelly brothers movie, following their supremely fun, but dumb debut, Dumb And Dumber and bad taste extravaganza, Kingpin, with an even more outrageous comedy . . . about stalkers. The conceit says it all: Small town geek Ted never makes it to the high school prom with gorgeous Mary, because he ‘zips himself up'. Years later and all healed and grown up, Ted remains obsessed with the date that never was. Edinburgh: UGC Cinemas. Thomas And The Magic Railroad (U) it (Britt Allcroft, UK’US, 2000) Voices of Alec Baldwin. Peter Fonda, Michael E. Rodgers. 7‘) mins. This adaptation of the Reverend Wilbur Awdry books is aimed squarely at under tens. Whilst children will be lapping up the tale ofThomas The Tank Engine aiding The Conductor (Baldwin) against the evil Diesel train, accompanying guardians will be wondering what happened to Allcroft's classic series narrated by Ringo Starr. Surely it was never this juvenile! Edinburgh: UCI.

Those Who Love Me Can Take The Train (15) **** (Patrice Chereau, France, 2000) Jean-Louis Trintignant, Pascal Gregory, Charles Berling. 122 mins. The minor painter, Jean-Baptiste Emmerich, has died. Despite living in Paris, his dying wish is to be buried in Limoges, and so catching the train to the funeral are a mixture of the dead man's friends, lovers, students and relatives. Chereau's first feature since [.a Reine .‘llargot is a fiercely intense, yet cathartic melodrama which, with every character suffering some form of a personal crisis, keeps veering off in unexpected directions. Brilliantly shot, Those Who Love Me. . . is also marked by a host of vivid, heartfelt performances. See preview and review. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Through A Glass Darkly (PG) **** (Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1961) Harriet Andersson, (iunnar Bjornstrand, Max Von Sydow, Lars Passgard. 91 mins. A young woman's descent into insanity at her lonely summer home is played against a cold background totally lacking in familial affection. Bergman turns what could so easily have become melodrama into a fascinating character study, not only of the mentally disturbed girl, but also of her emotionally crippled father and ineffectual husband. Edinburgh: Filmhousc.

Titan A.E. ( 12) *ii* (Don Bluth, Gary (ioldman, US, 2000) Voices of Matt Damon, Bill I’ulman, Drew Barrymore. 95 mins. Earth has just been creamed by the unspeakany evil alien Drej. llumankind's fate rests (literally) in the hands of humble astro-mechanic Cale Tucker (Damon) who is part of the small number of human

refugees sprinkled about the universe. A rip-

roaring space adventure like they certainly never used to make ‘em, Titan .115. (After z-arth) is animation imitating live action, and is markedly post-.'lrmugt‘(f(1(m and Independence [My both in look and outlook. (ilasgow: I.'(‘l. Edinburgh: UGC Cinemas. Kilmarnoek: ()deon.

To Walk With Lions (12) **** (Carl Schultz. ('anada L'K. Kenya, 2000) Richard Harris, Ian Bannen. Kerry Fox. 105 mins. Born Free brought (ieorge and Joy Adamson‘s work returning captive lions into the wild to a world-wide audience. Focusing on an elderly Adamson (Ilarris),

this film picks up some time after Born Free

left off. as pressure from herdsmen, the

34 THE LIST 21 Sep—S Oct 2000

government and waning bandits threaten the survival of his project. The moving narrative has a powerful impact, not least because it’s based on fact. Edinburgh: Lumiere.

The Umbrellas 0f Cherbourg (PG) **** (Jacques Demy. France, 1964) Catherine Deneuve, Anne Vernon, Nino Castelnuovo. 92 mins. Romance between a shopgirl and a garage attendant is rekindled when they meet again after years apart. Delightful screen operetta using only sung dialogue, with deftness of camera movement and delicious production design maintaining the interest when the plot creaks. Glasgow: GF'T.

The Virgin Suicides (15) **** (Sofia Coppola, US, 2000) Kirsten Dunst, Kathleen Turner, James Woods. 96 mins. American suburbia in the 19705. When the five beautiful Lisbon sisters begin killing themselves one-by-one, there's nothing the local and adoring boys can do but watch, and afterwards carry into their adult lives regret, confusion and loss. Coppola‘s adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides' novel is shot through with a beautiful, melancholic nostalgia for lost youth. The central mystery is never resolved, and the film remains all the more powerful for it. Edinburgh: Odeon. The Wicker Man (18) *tttt (Robin Hardy, UK, 1973) Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, Christopher Lee. 102 mins. A devoutly celibate policeman (Woodward) arrives at a remote Scottish island to investigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes involved in local pagan rituals. A Ilammer classic, with some extremely scary and erotic moments. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Wind In The Willows (U) tit (Terry Jones, UK, 1996) Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Steve Coogan. 88 mins. When Mole's home is destroyed by weasel property developers, he enlists the help of Rat, Badger and egotistical Toad to uncover a conspiracy. Jones's Python—for-kids adaptation of the classic novel is a tad self- indulgent, with some awful songs and lacklustre pacing. However, the characters and atmosphere will probably charm a younger audience not yet into their more cynical teens. Ayr: Odeon.

The Winslow Boy (U) **** (David Mamet, US, 1999) Nigel Hawthorne, Rebecca Pidgeon, Jeremy Northam. 110 mins. It has surprised many that David Mamet should adapt Terence Rattigan's very British period drama, based on an event which caught the public's imagination in 1912. The boy in question is expelled from naval academy for allegedly stealing a postal order, much to the consternation of his upper middle class family. At father‘s insistence, the Winslow's spare no expense to clear the boy 's name. The cast are roundly superb, evincing as much control as their director. Although the proceedings seem a little cold, that‘s Mamet‘s way. What astonishes is the sheer style and skill on display. Glasgow: Odeon At The Quay. X-Men(12) **** (Bryan Singer, US, 2000) Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman. 104 mins. 'lhis adaptation of the

' popular Marvel Comic sees super-powered

mutants outlawed in America of the near future. Magneto (McKellen), the master of magnetism and Holocaust survivor, will not stop at mass murder to protect his own kind; Professor Xavier (Stewart), a telepath, seeks peaceful co-existence with humankind. To further their ends the two old foes employ rival teams of mutants in a deadly game of chess. It's a difficult balance, satisfying the fans without alienating those unfamiliar with the comic book. X-Men pulls it off with speedy pacing, imaginatively staged action set pieces and a smart script full of witty dialogue and a message about race prejudice that‘s not overplayed. General release.


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380 Clarkston Road, Muirend, 0141 633 2123. Info: 0141 637 2641. £2.80 (£2 before 5pm Mon—Fri). Student: £2.20 (Mon—Thu). Child/OAP: £2.


Me, Myself And Irene (15) 8.20. Scary Movie(18) 5.50, 8.45. The Cell (18) 5.40, 8.30.


Me, Myself And Irene (15) Daily: 5.45, 8.35.

Also matinee Fri & Mon: 12.15, 3.05. My Dog Skip (U)

Matinee Fri & Mon: 12.45, 3.15. Scary Movie (18)

Daily: 5.50, 8.45.

Stuart Little (U)

Matinee Fri & Mon: 12.40, 3.10. X-Men (12)

Daily: 5.40, 8.30.


Programme likely to be similar to the previous week. Phone ()141 637 2641 for details and times.

New films due to open on Fri 29 Sep: Hollow Man (18)

Billy Elliot (15)


5 Lorne Street, Ibrox, 0141 419 0722. £5 (£3).


For this week’s film programme times, please contact the cinema on ()141 419 0722 for details.

9 University Avenue, 330 5522. Tickets £4.50 (£3.50). Children's ticket £2.

SATURDAY 23 SEP Plano XXI Film Screenings 2.00.

SATURDAY 30 SEP Plano XXI Film Screenings 2.00.


12 Rose Street, 0141 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Evenings: £4.75 (£3.25). Matinees: £3.75 (£2.25). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£1.75). Double bill £5 (£3.50). Family fun matinees: £2.25.


1.0 Brother. Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

2. The Luzhin Defence (12) 1.30, 8.30. Himalaya (PG) 4.00, 6.15.


1.0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15. 6.30, 8.45.

2. Breathless (18) 2.30, 9.00. Himalaya (PG) 4.30, 6.45.


1.Babe(U) 1.00.

Screenworks 2000 (15) 3.30.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 6.30, 8.45.

2. Himalaya (PG) 1.45, 8.30. Breathless(18) 4.15, 6.15.


1.0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 8.45.

Sullivan's Travels (U) 6.30.

2. Breathless (18) 2.30, 9.00. IIAIIIUIM’U (I’D) 4.31), 0.45.


1. Sullivan's Travels (U) 2.15.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

2. Himalaya (PG) 1.45, 8.30. Breathless (18) 4.00.

Fever Pitch (15) 6.15.


1. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

2. Breathless (18) 2.30, 9.00. Himalaya (PG) 4.30, 6.45.


1. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

2. Breathless ( 18) 2.30, 9.00. Himalaya (PG) 4.30, 6.45.


1. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

2. Himalaya (PG) 1.45, 8.30. Breathless(18) 4.15, 6.15.


1. Dancer In The Dark (15) 2.45, 5.30, 8.15, 11.00.

2. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.


1.Dancer In The Dark (15) 2.45, 5.30, 8.15, 11.00.

2. Stuart Little (U) 1.00.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.


1. Dancer In The Dark (15) 2.30, 8.15. The House Of Mirth (PG) 5.15.

2. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 3.00, 5.30.

The Atrocity Exhibition (18) 8.00.


1. Dancer In The Dark 15) 2.45. 8.15. The Umbrellas Of Cher ourg (PG) 6.00.

2. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 1.45, 8.45.

The Atrocity Exhibition (18) 4.00. The Firm (15) 6.15.


1. The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (PG) 2.30.

Dancer In The Dark (15) 5.30, 8.15. 2. 0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.


1. Dancer In The Dark (15) 2.45, 5.30, 8.15.

2. 0 Brother. Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.

THURSDAY 5 OCT 1. Dancer In The Dark (15) 2.45, 5.30, 8 15

2. O'Brother. Where Art Thou? (12) 2.00, 4.15, 6.30, 8.45.


Ashton lane, Hillhead, 0141 339 4298. CC booking: 0141 3394298. £4 (£3.50 daily 4.30—6.30pm & all day Mon). Students/U840: £3. Child £2; OAP: £2.50. Seats can be booked in advance for all screenings. Box office open 11am—7pm (Sun: l—7pm).


Me, Myself And Irene (15) 8.30. Sca Movie(18) 4.15, 6.25. 51.3205) 3.35, 6.05, 8.35.


American Beauty (18) Matinee Sat: 3.00.

Also late Fri & Sat: 10.50. Me, Myself And Irene (15) Daily: 5.35, 8.15.

Also matinee weekdays: 2.55. Also late Sat & Sun: 10.50. My Dog Skip (U)

Matinee Sat & Sun: 1.50.