Morcheeba Glasgow: Barrowland, Sat 30 Sep.

How did you discover Morcheeba? Perhaps it’s because of the funny name (’M-O-R'; middle of the road, 'cheeba‘; slang for dope) or because the music doesn't fit cleanly into a pigeonhole, but whatever the reason, there's no escaping it's a mysterious path the brothers Godfrey and singer Skye have walked to become a fixture in most household's record collections. Word-of—mouth might seem like a cliche, but it’s been that more than any marketing ploy which has led to scores of people discovering ’this great new band’. A new band who aren't really that new at all, having hit the scene back in 1995 with their 12in ‘Trigger Hippie'. Then came their acclaimed first album, Who Can You Trust, which took them on tour to the US, and saw collaborations with David Byrne. Big Calm, their million-plus seller mixed blues with hip hop to create one of the all time great chill out albums.

Alas, the rock ’n' roll high life left Skye and the boys from Kent rather the worse for wear, as guitarist Ross explains: ’The initial excitement of getting somewhere had kept us on this mad ride for about four years and when you wake up from that you realise you've got a real bad hangover and you haven't been paid.’ Paul seconds the motion: ’It was probably like watching twenty movies in fast forward.’ Burnt out, the band decided to jump ship. ’We all just really needed to step off the rollercoaster, and then when it came to recording another LP we all totally got our enthusiasm back,’ says Paul.

Enthusiasm is what you’ll find in abundance on the new album Fragments of Freedom. Anyone expecting another Big Calm is in for a shock, as Morcheeba have evolved into a different creature altogether. It’s involved




Edinburgh: The Venue from Sun 24 Sep, then monthly.

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Dust off your pork pie hat, sta press trousers and braces and start practising that running on the spot dancing thingymajig to Edinburgh's very own expert ska exponents

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Morcheeba get free again

taking a step back to see what inspired them in the first place.

’The kind of stuff we were into before Morcheeba started disco, pop, old-skool rap that’s the kind of music we wanted to make,’ says Ross. Having the luxury of their own studio in Clapham meant they were able to spend a year getting the mix just right. Prepare yourself for a big dose of Stevie Wonder in ’Love Is Rare', a healthy serving of funk in ’Love Sweet Love' and a touch of 805 Michael Jackson peppered throughout. The band has already had massive success with the first single ‘Rome Wasn't Built In A Day', a song which sounds like the kind of celebratory soul classic Aretha Franklin herself wouldn't be out of place on.

'We’ve always loved music that just makes you enjoy yourself,’ says Paul, ‘and that’s what this album is all about.’ But before we go getting too comfortable with the happy new version of Morcheeba, what about the next album? ’We’ve already written about half of it,’ says Paul, ’lt's going to be a lot darker.’ (Louisa Pearson)

l-ragrnents of Freedom rs out now, the new Yourse/f’ rs released on 9 Oct

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‘\."./ith that on the go and the ciut) ki(lKl.".(] off as \‘.("ll it's all coming together nacelyfi says Knox Keep steeizng ourselves for rejection, but for some reason what we do works lhat'li he because they're good fun then rDoug Johnstone»

T Bombskare are also supporting The Se/ec tel, Sun i2 Nov and Bad r‘xlanne/ s, Tue 1.? Dec, lion/cl Room, Edinburgh

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GRANDADDY HAVE CANCELLED their show at the Garage on 23 Oct to go on tour with Elliot Smith in the US. The show has not yet been rescheduled and refunds will be available from point of purchase. Talking of Elliott Smith, he plays at the Liquid Room on Tuesday 3 October.

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Music, Race and the Soul of America


A Change Is Gonna Come by Craig Werner

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