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lt's been a long While since cartoons were deemed the preserve of tiny kiddyWinks or dope-fuelled students whose only goal in life was seeking double entendres in characters’ names. These days, the cartoon is a serious artform as Channel 4’s Animation Week (Saturday 23—Friday 29 September) aims to show. Among the many JOyS to be beheld are Matt Groening’s Futurama, Candy Guard's Pond Life and Adam 81 joe’s World OfAnimation. Celebrities such as Martin Kemp, Jo Whiley and Johnny Vaughan Will be picking their favourite moments in Our Toon While there is subversive stuff aplenty in How To Make Love To A Woman, Captain Sarcastic and B/ubber Boy.

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Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days 0 unmissable stuff.

A All“! BEST

THURSDAY 21 Beck’s Futures The UK toor of this new annual art prize continues its stay in Glasgow With Roderick Buchanan's Winning work displayed alongside pieces by Lucy lvchen/ie, Martin Boyce and DaVid Shrigley CCA @ li/che/lan Galleries, Glasgow.

FRIDAY 22 Two Lone Swordsmen Wielding their talents live are Andrew Vi/eatherall and Keith Tenniswood as they bring their impressive Tiny Reminders to an adoring public. Expect lung-filling, bass-laden techno madness See prewew, page 63 Attic), Edinburgh

Beck's appeal

Next time you toss away your empty bottle of lager (sure/y, place carefully in the recycling bin? ed), double check it’s not a valuable collector’s edition. Dennistoun's Roderick Buchanan is the latest in a long line of artists to design a Beck’s limited edition bottle. Having won the Beck’s Futures arts prize (on show at Glasgow's CCA until 14 October), Buchanan has created three labels entitled 'one of three stills from Sodastream'. There are only 1000 of them,

but The List has three to give away see page 76.

Blubber Boy

SATURDAY 23 Futurama lvlatt Groening’s space-age animation makes its long- e awaited terrestrial

phenomenon in Southeast Asia. Prepare to be

debut. Say hello to ., genumely alcoholic porn-fiend terrified. See robot Bender, -* reVIew, page

unfrozen pizza

delivery bOy Fry, one-eyed alien chick Leela and a host of other comic oddities as Groening attempts to _ match the universal -' if- is. success of The Simpsons'. Channel 4, ‘1 SUNDAY 24 Ring Making i the Blair Witch Pch/ec‘t seem like a Sunday stroll in the woods, HideO \ Nakato's bloody urban myth

.. Edinburgh. MONDAY 25 Mount Florida A fearless electro-funk frenzy from these Optimo faves With their brand new ’Strut’ EP. It's high I time you tasted Glasgow pair MP. Lancaster and r _ TWitch’s peculiar A brand of Witty / experimental pop. See rewew, page 44 Matador

Futurama, Sat 23.

A 2 S. Fi/mhouse,

the art of drinking

TUESDAY 26 Hamlet The theatre world has gone Dane-crazy this year, what With Angela Winkler's Edinburgh Festival interpretation, the forthcoming mOVie starring Ethan Hawke and now this, the National Theatre's first stab at Hamlet Since Daniel Day-LeWis went loopy ten years ago. Simon Russell Beale attempts to keep it together in the lead role See preView, page 54 Theatre Royal, Glasgow WEDNESDAY 27 Breda Beban This former YugoslaVia—born photographer and Video artist brings Still to Stills. Not Surprisingly, these movmg works convey an evocative and powerful sense of loss. See preView, page 74. Stills, Edinburgh. }

21 Sep—S Oct 2000 THE lISTS