CLASSIC The Hypochondriak

Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum, until Sat 7 Oct --

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Eilidh Fraser: An appalling wife

Tony Cownre rnvests hrs drrertrng wrth the sprrrt of a trghtrope walker A play harping back to post war nostalgia seems rll advrsed rn our strll all-too— Thatrherrte times, yet Brrtannra Rules was thoroughly ernoyable An Atlee era Highland-set versron of Three Srsters, \vrth Mostow repla<ed by Oxford seems urtwrse at best, yet hrs versron was the theatrrral highlrght of the last season rn Srotland Thrs trrne, he's playrng merry hell wrth how we thrnk Molrer'e ought to be played, and wrnnrng hrs argument br'rllrantly

Thrs Hertor‘ Matmrllan adaptatron of


A Passionate Woman Perth: Pertl‘. Theatre, until Sat 23 Sep

31's {rot/w; lire-{s '.'.i"(l(l"‘(; (raj. ant: "is": Sit-.3, was tame" her 'wti- i‘e tildes o“ '.o '."e atit '.(: gatl‘e' oust .'.r:n the Iowa", Hiatr‘ s a bows ar‘o Blue Peter a""oa.s ‘ee' "r; "set morn oer: a"d

.es The pass'o"

O n r a. o ((l ' o- a M‘ ')K 'r t: rr »‘ ).(' ' r a. or <,' s ( \l r», > \/(/L r ' 4 li(:(/rt) r : (it 'i 't t ' "t r)“: M" r, , fit . >' > aunt-ms ' .Jt f"':),,';" a i.';a't' (‘2' .r s r z (y, k I, I! y

Ivlolrer'e's (lassrt plays tip the pantornrme element, wrth hrgh (.amp performanres and maxrmum ernphasrs on the ldr('l(dl strurture, btrt sarrrfrres lrttle of the play's polemrral (omplexrty. Sylvester MrCoy’s Argan rs the psyrhosomatrr sufferer of the trtle, a humourless grt afflrr ted marnly by a Jest rnfertron. There's also a flatulente problem, as hrs (hararter’s presenre rs announted repeatedly by a serres of (anorously resonant farts (at one pornt rn the serond half I thought hrrn rn danger of 'followrng through) and the odd sprrnt for the upstage bog. Hrs delusion rs surh that he farls to see that hrs appalling wrfe (Erlrdh Fraserl suffers hrs company for hrs (ash, and that he tramples on hrs daughter’s (Julre Austrnr happrness by seekrng an rnapproprrate husband for her Order rs, of (ourse, restored by hrs Wise and wrtty servant (Carol Ann Crawfordr and her surtor (Andy Grayt, who has to take a lot of shrt rat one pornt lrter‘allyr from her rn the (ourse of events

A wonderful Hogarthran set by Geoff Rose lorates thrs S(ots versron of the play frrmly \Vithrn rts perrod, whrle the playrng exhrhrts the sprrrt of Hudrbras perle(tly. Cownre keeps a (onsrstent tone throughout, and (asts well, with MCCoy and Gray exrellrng partrtularly rn po ror rn Gray's (ase, pool fared (ampery and (omrr exaggeratron And rt rsn't rust Carry On up the (lassr(s, for rn (apturrng the humour of the body, thrs prere tells us ltttl(ll about the mrrtd rSteve Cr'arner‘r

Julliett Cadzow is a firey woman

in :et (art/0‘s. as t"e "r'dule-aged (t'ea"te' ‘v‘al‘.' arts anon post

(r‘er‘sfieo 'ar‘tas es "

i.."" e “er .8" r‘ e‘,’ \a e'rtr"e-s°.‘,/'e atit "‘()"()t()(;tl(‘ p'o'. ues the p ay's (i'arr‘atr (errt'ep ete, "re" :)'("(l1(<‘:'l't"l‘r! 's l)(‘:i(‘r."((>(l aga 'tst euua y "1()‘."«(l ((>"'_'rt)t:'.roris ‘ro'i‘ (ratg l9'aser as "o Errouri er: .'.lar-< (:"(l Jatke have as ..r‘-;'r‘ar; v‘at .e"u Do'a r:

' ,rtf '."a"s1o" "()"‘ (:o‘.'."’."oor:-:>“ 'ea 1,. to t"e o‘ Betty’s "‘e"‘<)' ‘t. "(i"(1(‘(2 'ate"

( '( r (2 ' s) 't .)’ 1’} .('_ (1' S (’ S ( " . () l)'()l)‘ \ "i " "‘(‘ I): . ( .'L ' r .(l t, '( ( ( . H I! )\ H (i\ O \ 3. r (( "‘ ('lirl") (I, ( t ) , k (i i (I 'L ()f r (i r ( r > ‘Y \i < I *t'lr (it' 'I)(. (I '1‘!) s ' Pt" ( rift .(I .Y’ .‘)((i It ( " ’>' i r) ' (' (11 I . . r i‘ 'l H i' I t " r 'i( 1 ~ ‘( K t

preview THEATRE


l'alkrrk (‘otrnerl

Cwmni Ballet Gwent present


- CONNOTATION Tuesday 3rd October 7.30pm

l't‘illlll'lllg Adolphe Adam’s timeless mtrsie. totally original ehoreography and radiant sets and costumes. this is a completely original two aet classical ballet for the year 2()()().

This brand new work presents a thrilling and unique interpretation of one ol‘ the greatest loye stories eyer told.

A truly dramatic and emotional story featuring \’i\’id character's. l‘t'agile enrotions. ghostly apparitions and the linest classical ballet.


Falkirk ('ouneil rs delighted to ol'ler this unique opportunity of tree workshop \\ rtlr the

('w mnt Ballet ('ompany. You \\ ill tom the dancers on stage and talse part in a ton warm

up and rntroduetron. Alter showing you an e\eerpt l'ronr the ballet. it w ill be your turn to

learn the daneell Sortable ltll' age 7' upwards no e\perrenee is required.

“In nu! ( untr‘ ulnne um/ [urn I/lr’ frm.’

5pm (1 hour) Ticket for the evening‘s performance required.

For tickets or further irr/m‘matirm ml]:

The Steeple Box Office 01324 506850



The World Premiere of


Adapted by Chris Dolan From the novel by Bernhard Sehlink

A powerfully erotic and thorrght-proyoking loye affair between a l5

year old boy and an older woman.

. . . I/re lrurmlirre r/rru/rly rrl'I/rr' .s‘lm‘y makes [his (I tenure/ling

slime/Ur the real r'urrrrur.sserrr's (ifslI/ls’lrlllI/u/ (/I‘rllllu . . .

,loyee .\le.\li|lan. The Scotsman

'l‘()l'R S(‘lllil)l'

Saturday 23rd September, 7.30pm ('u/l Ilrnr‘ ()lA'. ’7' 2- 7780

Tuesday 26th September, 7.30pm (ti/I lint ()fllr'r'U/SU/i-133034 Friday 29th September, 7.30pm (ti/l [Ur/(It U/ 757) J/l/IIN/

Tuesday 3rd—Sat 7th October, 8pm (Sat 7th October, Matinee 2pm)





Post-show Round Table 4pm sponsored by the GOETHE INSTITUTE ('Hlllrlr'l ll'rlll III/lr'rlll'r' lint ()l/lr‘r' U/~// 5“: 43/)—

'\._; 5 4‘3. THELISTS?