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theatre company of disabled and able-bodied actors is launching with a play about the murder of Robert Hamill, the 25-year-old Catholic who was kicked to death by a large crowd in Portadown, County Armagh in 1997. In Portadown Blues (Thursday S-Saturday 21 October), the company, based at Edinburgh’s Theatre Workshop, promises to make connections between the bigotry that exists in Northern Ireland and the racism of present-day Scotland.

THURSDAY 28 Radiohead The world's finest altprog rockers bring their freakshow circus, simulated abattoir, big tent thing north to scare the pants off audience and opposition alike Long-awaited album KidA is released on Monday 2 October, but chances are you may be familiar with it already thanks to the old internet See feature, page 10 G/asgow Green. FRIDAY 29Budwc-iser Bigger Picture The List JOlllS forces with Budweiser for a film/clubs extravaganza A screening of Pulp Fiction is followed by tunes galore from Beat l06 DJs The fun continues the next night with L A Confidential See details, page 22 Corn Exchange, Leith, Edinburgh SATURDAY 30 Morcheeba Kent may have the finest gardens in the country

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but it has also nurtured the blossoming of this excellent trio. New album Fragments Of Freedom sees

them returning to their disco, " ' pop, old skool rap \1 roots to splendid effect. See prewew, page 41. Barrow/and, , Glasgow,

SUNDAY 1 Bill, Elliot This year's The Full Monty has excellent debutante Jamie Bell turning to ballet dancing for a creative way out of a bleak,

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alienated future in 80s Thatc‘herland. Theatrical wizard Stephen Daldry directs and Orphans star Gary Lexi/is plays Billy's single father See reView, page 24 General release “MONDAY zrwe, Cwsyé ThlS Leltb " lad has attempted re-invention and, blow us if he hasn't done a fine I, & JOb of it. Vanguard strives for g a mix of rock, reggae and x *" pop-inflected hypnosis and gets there See reVIew, page 44 Columbia. 3536-:l‘ié-r' 5.41%; TllO literary world nearly lost one if its major crossover artists ' when he was hit by a van last year But the King of horror drama has

Morcheeba, Sat 30.

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It’s not all dinosaurs and pots at Edinburgh’s Royal Museum, you know. Keeping right up to date, the museum is presenting The Jackie Stewart Formula, a display featuring the interior of the pit garage that travelled the world on the 1999 Grand Prix Circwt. Opening on Wednesday 4 October, the year—long exhibition also includes the prize-winning racmg car driven by Johnnie Herbert and a number of displays on a Formula 1 theme.

The work of Glasgow-based comic book duo Metaphrog has been described as ’Wallace & Gromit meets Kafka’ and ’Walt Disney written by Roald Dahl'. HaVIng unleashed the Surreally paranOid adventures of Martin Nitram in Strange Weather Late/y, John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs have moved on to the scary-cute story of Louis and his search for the true identity of his aunt Alison. Louis: Red Letter Day is launched at the 13th Note Cafe on Wednesday 27 September With various appearances and signings also lined up.

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recovered sufficiently to pen a movmg and analytical memoir On Writing See preView page 98 Hodder <81 Stoughton

WEDNESDAY 4 S-.':""'s:t ‘E-ziliir Robert North's ‘.(?l'5l()ll of Romeo And Jufie.’ returns \.\.lill set, costumes and score merg-ng beautifully as our star-crossed ioxers dance their way to a tragic (lCYTTiSC Festival Theatre, EU'li‘IM/l'g/l. THURSDAY 5 -i-:i:-i-v 13-: Sanger-nu: War has never been so much fun With this commando game haying made a spectacular transition from PC. The game's only snipers are the ones on screen looking for a perfect firing position while avoiding the odd grenade and mine See review, page 105 Dreamc'ast