Joey Negro

Glasgow: Buddasole, Fri 29 Sep; Edinburgh: Ultragroove, Sat 30 Sep.

The ‘legendary' tag is bandied about these days with abandon, but producer Joey Negro, aka Dave Lee, is one of the few who has earned the epithet. He has been behind underground classics for the likes of ultra-credible imprint Nu Groove and deep house favourite Guidance. At the other end of the spectrum, he has manned the mixing desk for 911 and Take That. Then there's the down tempo jazz excursions of Negro's Sunburst side-project.

’I'd always loved soul and disco music, but it mainly came from America and involved these big bands of seven or eight people with a horn section or whatever, so making that kind of music didn’t seem possible,‘ says Lee of his first forays into making music. 'Then when early house music started coming out in the mid 805, there were people making music on basic drum machines and synths, so I just thought, "Maybe I can do this.” And it’s come full circle, because now I am involved with producing in a full studio, working with a lot of musicians.’

As well as some seminal production, Lee has developed a reputation for the kind of disco-heavy house sets that effortlessly bridge the gap between the two genres. 'I am more of a producer than a DJ,’ Lee explains, ’if I had to choose between the two, I'd go for production without a doubt, but these days it is just assumed that a dance music producer will also be a DJ.’ This preference for the studio does not mean that the punters at Buddasole and Ultragroove can expect a man going through the motions, however.

’I think it's important that a DJ doesn't just play what‘s

Label boss AJ. can now count Skint and Ninja Tune amongst his fans

LABEL PROFILE Yush Recordings


Established by Al, the sampling Wizard of the now defunct local band ls‘laclga'nized, Yush has done extrerixely ‘.'.ell considering that the majority of the releases luave been produced in his bedroom ‘,l.(,v(“)’.'2.".’} bud/jet, Al has managed to

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current, especially if you're a guest, because it just ends up that everyone is playing the current set of promos,’ says Lee of his DJing style. ’lt's difficult to stand out so I generally just play records that I like, so if something's been out for a while and I like it, I won't just drop it from my set for the latest release. And, with so much current music based around samples and sometimes I think people don't realise the amount of sampling that goes into the average record I like to dig out the original and re-edit it to concentrate on the sample that’s been used, so that people get to hear the source of a new record. And, of course, I'll be testing new productions and remixes of my own’.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are in for a treat, then, as the nation's favourite master of disco cut-up looks set to bring his production house into the booth, tour disco history and give a few clues to his latest efforts. (Jack Mottram)

recent of which provoked a phone call from Skint boss Damien Harris. As AJ explains: 'Skint contacted me showing

attracted this praise was ’Yush Versus

makes inspired use of the Sesame Street theme tune.

Evrdence that Yush are not a one-hit wonder has also been shown in Ninja Tune's interest in the Yush Single 'Fade Away’ featuring Edinburgh vocalist, Nubia. Havmg heard the track, the label honchos Jonathan Moore and Matt Black contacted AJ and they, like the rest of us, are eagerly anticipating the label’s forthcoming releases. Although these are vocalist and dependent on funding from the

plan to release their new album

On a October tCatherine Bromleyi for more information on Yush

Recordings, contact

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‘Wurd up

THE CLUB FORMERLY known as The Temple in Glasgow has temporarily

closed for refurbishment and is due , to re-open mid October with a new

name. Watch this space for further details.

IN LINE WITH Radio 1’s new UK garage show, Beat 106 has sacrificed DJ Kid and Tania Swift's popular Sunday drum & bass show to replace it with its own garage showcase. It gave the duo no notice, and we think it’s a sad loss to the Beat 106 roster.

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY’S POTTERROW student union has just announced its club roster for the autumn term. Don’t get excited if

i you appreciate credible music of any

description because Sublime and Cream have been bumped only to be replaced by commercial house nights Void and Fake on Fridays, with chart-tastic Big Cheese and the School Disco on Saturdays. A shocking waste of a tailor-made venue, some might say.

THIS YEAR’S OMC/Technics World DJ Championship takes place at Skyscape at the Millennium Dome on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September. Tickets are £10 and although this year's UK representative is Londoner Mr Thing (former Scratch Pervert), Bunty of Scottish-based crew the Table Gimps will be competing in the new event, the Battle For World Supremacy. MEANWHILE, CRAZY LEGS, DJ Kool

Herc, Africa Islam, DJ Skitz, Rodney P and Roots Manuva have been

: confirmed as guests at the UK

a fair interest. They baSically said . "We’re not gomg to be wining and dining you just yet but keep sending us ; everything you do".’ The release that

The Beatfreekz’, a four-track gem that

somewhat Scottish Arts Councn, Yush alread 5 Y

compilation Ragga Versus Hip Hop and ; 'Yush Versus The Beatfreekz »- Part 2' in

Breakdance Championships 2000 on Sunday 1 October at the Brixton Academy. The competition features eight crews from around the world, including the UK's Scarecrows and will be broadcast live on the internet at For those who want to see the action first hand, tickets are £14.50 from Brixton Academy Box Office: 020 7771 2000.

FURTHER TO THE recent demise of Pure at The Venue, the boys at Renegade promotions would like to thank everyone for their support over the last ten years. They would also like to stress that any club claiming to have 'taken over from' or similarly be linked to Pure is not, so beware of imitations.

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