Organic Agriculture In India Tue 26 Sep, 6.30pm. £3 (£2). Centre For Human Ecology, 12 Roseneath Place, 624 1972. Kapil Shaw gives an overview of Indian agriculture and explains the principles of Sajiv Kheti, a Gandhian concept of organic farming which has developed in parallel to Western ideas.

Professor Stephen Hawking CBE FRS Fri 29 Sep, 6pm. McEwan Hall, Bristo Square, 650 4381. The cosmology genius, and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, gives a lecture on the Universe in a Nutshell based around the theme of Rights and Responsibilities.

Patrick Moore Sat 30 Sep, 7.30pm. £8—£10. Playhouse, 18—22 Greenside Place, 0870 6063424. The renowned astronomer, and presenter of The Sky/4t Night, charts the most extraordinary events in space in the last 45 years. See photo caption.

Devolution Now Wed 4 Oct, 10.30am. Open Door, 420 Morningside Road, 447 9757. Eberhard Bort from the Government of Scotland forum gives a talk on the importance of devolution to the people of Scotland.

James Orr Wed 4 Oct, 6pm. The Hub, Castlehill, Royal Mile, 473 2000. The man charged with ridding Scottish society of drugs speaks on the subject of ‘Drugs Misuse Whose Responsibilty?’. The Union Canal - An Asset Or A Rubbish Tip? Wed 4 Oct, 7.30pm. Free. Water Of Icith Visitor Centre, 24 Lanark Road, 455 7367. Discussion on new and productive ways to use and enjoy the canal in the future.


Edinburgh Rocks Sat 30 Sep, 7.30pm. Meadowbank Sports Centre, 139 London Road, 661 5351. Edinburgh’s basketball giants take on the mighty Sheffield Sharks in their first match of the season.

Other Events Geology Walks Until Sun 24 Sep, Sun 3pm. £5.50 (£2.50—£4.50). Ilolyrood Palace Car Park, 555 185‘). Discover the secrets of Edinburgh’s landscape, from the volcanoes and glaciers that have shaped the land to the people who have used it. The 18th International Antiquarian Book Fair Thu 21—Sat 23 Sep, £5—£10. Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, 220 4349. Edinburgh plays host to this prestigious book fair, and on display will be the first edition of the first national atlas of Scotland, published in 1649. Donald Dewar will make an address to delegates, plus showings of Scotland’s first catechism and a series of etchings by David Deuchar.

Antiques 8: Collectors' Fair Sat 23—Sun 24 Sep, Royal Ilighland Centre, Ingliston, 333 3036. Ornaments, furniture and collectibles from one of Britain’s largest antique fair or ’anisers.

A Day In The Neolit ic Sat 23—Sun 24 Sep, noon—5pm. Free. Royal Botanic Garden, lnverleith Row, 552 7171. Experience life as it was 5000 years ago through ancient technology and a prehistoric plant walk.

Humps And Bumps Sat 23 Sep, 10.30am—noon. Ilolyrood Park, 247

41 1‘). Take a tour of the archaeological remains of Ilolyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat whilst learning about some of the stories associated with the park.

Capital City Challenge Sun 24 Sep, 9.45am. £1—£‘). .‘yleadowbank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road, 52‘) 7844. A new 10an and fun run around the city. Ages 15+ for the full race, 11+ for the fun run. (.‘losing date for entries was 13 Sep, but you can always go along and cheer them on.

Kite Carnival Sat 30 Sep—Sun 1 Oct,

1 lam—6pm. Ilolyrood Park, 52‘) 3030. 11on mod l’ark goes kite crazy with

84 THE LIST 21 899—5 Oct 2000

displays of kites from around the world, chances for members of the public to get involved with flying competitions, music and entertainment. The event is part of Edinburgh’s Festival of the Environment and there’s also a teddy bear parachute drop, which we’re assured is cruelty free, and an exhibition featuring information and advice on environmental issues from councils and conservation organisations. Popular Observing Sun 1 Oct—Sat 31 Mar, 7.30pm. £1. Royal Observatory Visitor Centre, Blackford Hill, 668 8405. View Saturn with its rings and Jupiter and its moons from one of the telescopes of the Royal Observatory.

Earth 8. Self Connection - Didgeridoo Class Tue 3 Oct, 6—7.30pm. Free. Four Winds Inspiration Centre, The Pavilion, lnverleith Park, Arboretum Place, 332 2229. Advance booking required. Rolf Harris eat your heart out! Have a bash at playing the didgeridoo and learn the technique of circular breathing. Kid-E-Quip Wed 4—Thu 5 Oct, Wed l0am—5pm; Thu 10am—4pm. Free. Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, 333 3036. Exhibition of products and services offered for children with disabilities. From computer programs to family furniture, this exhibition aims to help create a better living environment.

Paper Paraphernalia Wed 4—Fri 6 Oct, 10am—12.30pm. Free. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 25 Hawthornvale, 551 4490. Advance booking required. Do your bit for the environment with paper recycling workshops and turn domestic debris into modern day works of art.

Old Town Guard Thu 5 Oct, 10am—4pm. £7 (£2—£5). Edinburgh Castle, 225 9846. Alba Adventure Company take you back to 1743 when rumours of a Jacobite rising were rife.


Brass Rubbing Centre

Chalmers Close, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 556 4364. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Free, but there is a charge for making a rubbing. Situated in the apse of a Gothic church dating back to 1460, the centre houses a selection of church brasses and ancient Pictish replicas as well as lots of crayons so you can get rubbing.

Camera Obscura

Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 226 370‘). Mon—Sun 10am—5pm. £4.25 (£1.95—£3.40); family ticket £12. Pick up a pedestrian in your hand at this attraction, which gives visitors a real- time, 36036 image of the city. The most recent addition to the venue is the Magic Gallery, giving hands-on experiences of the art of visual trickery. There is also an exhibition devoted to holographs and photography on the lower fioors.

Dynamic Earth

Ilolyrood Road, Edinburgh, 550 7800. Mon—Sun 10am-6pm. £5.95 (£3.50—4.40); famin ticket £16.50. With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet, a tropical rainstorm pouring down, earthquakes and tidal waves at every turn, the history of the earth has never been more interesting. Edinburgh’s latest visitor attraction uses stunning new developments in interactive technology to piece together the history of the planet.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, 225 9846. Daily 9.30am—6pm. £7 (£2—£5). Although much of the castle’s medieval character was lost when it was converted into barracks in the 1901 century, continuing excavations aim to redress this. Other

3 attractions include James lV’s famous ' cannon, Mons Meg, the ()ne O'Clock ; Gun with its own exhibition, lots of

military silverware and, of course, The Stone ()f Destiny, used to crown Scottish

; kings since time began.

Stopping off in Edinburgh with his Interplanetary adventure, the UK's foremost astronomer, who has written over 100 books and helped map out the moon for NASA, shares his cosmic knowledge of our Solar System and beyond.

Patrick Moore - Into Space. Sat 30 Sep, 7.30pm. £8—£ 10. Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside Place, 0870 6063424.

Edinburgh Zoo

Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, 334 9171. Daily 9am—5pm. £6.80 (£3.80—£4.80); family ticket £19—£23.50. Widely accepted as one of the finest 2005 in Britain, there’s plenty here to while away an afternoon, or even a whole day if you take your time. The penguin parade at 2.15pm is a must and the newly-built African plains afford a fantastic view of the city.

Georgian House

7 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, 225 2160. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. £4.40 (£2.90). Experience a period Georgian house, giving a taste of life in Edinburgh when the New Town was built. Last admission 4.30pm. Special offer throughout 2000 up to three children under eighteen go free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Gorgie City Farm

51 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, 337 4202. Daily 9.30am—4.30pm. Free. Bringing country life to the heart of the city, this working farm houses a host of farmyard animals including ponies, pigs and goats. Other facilities include a children’s play area, cafe and workshop, wildlife garden, farm tractors and an interpretation centre, plus a full programme of supervised activities for children and adults.

Mary King's Close Tours

Meet at Mercat Cross (beside St Giles’ Cathedral), Edinburgh, 225 6591. £5 (£4—children £3). Literally, a trip to Edinburgh’s underworld, Mary King’s Close is part of a now subterranean network of streets, walled off in the middle ages during an outbreak of the plague. Visit the restored (or at least made stable and safe) street and hear the horror stories of the residents left to die. Various times between 10.30am and 9.30pm advanced booking is necessary.

Museum Of Childhood

42 High Street, Edinburgh, 52‘) 4142. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free. Founded in 1955, the museum has five public galleries with all manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages. From antique dolls to 1980s computer games, there’s plenty here to send you off on a trip down memory lane.

Museum Of Scotland

Chambers Street, Edinburgh, 247 4219. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 10am—8pm. £3 (£1.50); children under 18 free. Devoted soley to the history and heritage of Scotland, the building contains five thematically-arranged exhibitions, moving from pre-history to the present day, at which point national heroes such as Billy Connolly and Elaine C. Smith get involved.

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 556 1096. Daily 9.30am—6pm. £5.50 (£2.70—£4); family ticket £13.50. Starting life as a 13th century abbey, the palace has evolved

into a sumptuous regal residence crammed full of paintings and artefacts dating back primarily to the 17th century. The tower apartments housed a sad and lonely Mary Queen of Scots’ for a time, but with a spectacular view of Arthur’s Seat, and magnificent gardens to look at, it’s hard to feel too sorry for her.

Royal Botanic Garden

lnverleith Row, Edinburgh, 552 7171. Daily 9.30am-6pm (Sep), 9.30am—5pm (Oct). Free. A sea of tranquillity in the hubbub of the city, the Botanic Garden is home to a wealth of flora from all over the world. The glasshouses give you the opportunity to check out tropical plants as well. The site also hosts art exhibitions, horticultural courses and various countryside events.

Royal Observatory Visitor Centre Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, 668 8405. Monéat 10am-5pm; Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£2); family ticket £7. This attraction is a mine of information on the heavens, from the latest interactive CD-ROMs on space and astronomy to the observatory’s on- going work in Hawaii and Australia. Public star-gazing sessions take place every Friday night from October to March.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Ocean Drive, Leith, Edinburgh, 555 5566. Daily 10.30am—6pm. £7.50 (£3.75—£5.75); family ticket £20. The former royal yacht has opened its doors to members of the public after a £25 million refit. The on-shore visitor centre contains historical information on the boat and its furnishings while, on the yacht itself, members of the public can have a good nosy round the royals’ former quarters. Last entry 4.30pm.

Writers' Museum

Lady Stair’s House, Lady Stair’s Close, Edinburgh, 529 4901. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Free. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland’s most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.


Musselburgh Races Sun 24 Sep, 2.10—4.40pm. £7—£12 (£4). Musselburgh Racecourse, Linkfield Road, Musselburgh, 665 2859. Family race day with children’s entertainment.

Hot Match Day Sun 1 Oct, Knockhill Racing Circuit, Knockhill, Dunfermline, 01383 723337. From souped up SRI’s to high performance HPC's, this speedy day of motor activity should please all racing enthusiasts.

John Muir, Saviour Of The Wilderness Wed 4 Oct, 7.30pm. £6 (free to non- members). Albert llalls, Dumbarton Road, Stirling, 01786 473544. Broadcaster Jimmie Macgregor presents a talk on John Muir, a well-known figure in America, considered to be the father of National Parks.