O I saw you in C Pats on 1 Sep. You Leo. Me Leo. You read my cards. We danced. Great personality. Super body. Box No U/397/4.

v I saw you Andrew, the barman at the Rubyiat. Want to serve me more than a drink now that the girlfriend is out of the picture???? Box No U/397/9.

O I saw you in Sainsburys Central (Glasgow) 4/9. Instant lust over the fruit and veg! Fancy a drink with the wee brunette who couldn't stop looking? Box No U/397/14.

O I saw you Why can you never see me? I see you all having fun and you look so happy. God, life sucks. I guess it's time to leave this mortal coil. See you you in the next one. Love j.x Box No U/397/18.

9 I saw you Oldest swinger in town? G2 25.08.00. You black flowery shirt and old enough to know better. Fancy a tequila? Box No U/397/21.

O I saw you Hugh, I watched you from afar, you didn’t have a clue and could you just wear a T-shirt that fits you. Box No U/397/22.

O I saw you Hi there to The Tron’s own Baby Spice will you fall off your sandal for me please!?! Love Gx Box No U/397/23.

O I saw you Paul, you sexy big beast! How’s the support darlin! Wait till you’re on tour! Box No U/397/2-I.

O I saw you in the Tron. I’m nut‘s about you. Let me lick your false eye-lashes. I’ll be your overweight Scottish Robbie Williams -— yes or no? Let me know at the half hour call. Box No U/397/25.

Q I saw you Sentry. Make your entry! You know where it is. . . Box No U/397/26.

Q I saw you in Tron bar your hair cascaded from your shoulders like the fountains of babelon, your lips were like two rose lip petals lacking propegation by a catalyst. Box No U/397/27.

94 THE “ST 21 Sep—S Oct 2000

O I saw you in Blackfriars 8/9/00. You looked gorgeous in your tight black T-shirt and your sexy bushy eyebrows. xxxx Box No U/397/28.

O I saw you in Blackfriars on Friday 8 Sep. You had flame red hair, a heaving chest and full succulent lips that I could kiss all night long. Box No U/397/29.

O I saw you Krista in Blackfriars on 08/09/00. How long did it take you to knit that stylish ensemble. Call me!! Box No U/397/30.

O I saw you standing at the bar, vodka in hand chatting all the sheilas up. Box No U/397/31.

0 I saw you Jill, Jill with the fine but ginger ass. I see you baby shaking it oh yes! Box No U/397/32.

O I saw you hot pants, my ‘Angel’ in your tight poppy T- shirt. Take me for a ride in your purple love machine eyebrows. Box No U/397/33.

v I saw you I have the key to your secret lock!! X Box No U/397/34.

O I saw you in Ticket Centre in Candleriggs with your Marge Simpson hair! I think your name is Graham I love you. xxx Box No U/397/35.

O I saw you in Nice ’n’ Sleazy stripbar on the 3lst of August at

2.28am. You looked at me with ' your remaining eye and waved

with your right hook. You sexy studmuffin!! Box No U/397/36. O I saw you with mud in your eyes. You came to my rescue (yet again!) Damn fine, Damn sexy but still scum!! If I get the job I’m yours! Box No U/397/37.

O I saw you Wee Cheesey on 27.8.00 in McCabes pub, Largs. You make me moist! 1 dream about you always. Take me 4 a ride sometime in UR shogun K.P. xxx Box No U/397/38.

Q I saw you Phil S. at the OFT looking sexy as ever. Thanks for an amazing day. I love you more than ever. You make me horny. Lots of love your little Butterfly xx Box No U/397/39.

O I saw you gorgeous wee sex bomb in the CW 31.8.00. Be mine forever. Life without you is sooooo dull xxxx P.S. Box No U/397/40.

O I saw you 28.8.00 at ‘Aspire’ you lithe, lean pilates queen. You can engage my transversus abdominus anytime! Box No U/397/4l.

. I saw you Lee in Tinderbox. No chance on that project. Keep trying though and forever eat

: carpet! Cheers Colin Box No U/397/42.

O I saw you in the Caffe bar in Byres Road. You were wearing a suit and a burgandy tie. You looked lovely. I was small and lively. Box No U/397/43.

O I saw you Colin in Tinderbox, give me my Leza project immediately! Or I want my ball back and I’ll steal your burd! If you ever get one!! Lee x Box No U/397/44.

O I saw you working in Rita Rusk. I don’t know your name. You’re a cute apprentice guy with cool short brown hair. Hey, next Nicky Clarke, fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/397/48. v I saw you at the Concert On The Green. You were a runner in the press tent on Friday, the girl with blonde hair, gorgeous smile and blue top from East Kilbride. I was in the tent and we left to go see Beck together. Wish I had said more! Fancy getting in touch and maybe going for a drink or something? Box No U/396/7.

. I saw you Scott M in the Polo Lounge on Saturday 12 August you were with your sister and I was with two friends. We were pushed together by your sister and my friends but I enjoyed being with you. Please get in touch, cheers Iain B. Box No U/396/10.

O I saw you Wow. 14 August 12:50 (a, Kwik-Fit Pollokshaws Road looking for front tyres for your Polo to take you to London. You, gorgeous, dark, gorgeous, tall, gorgeous, long dark hair, gorgeous, too good for me. I was the bloke who came in behind you, tall, silver/grey shirt, dribbling wreck (still). You smiled sweetly as you drove away, I dribbled some more, and still regret not running down the street like a donkey after you. Would love to know you. Box No U/396/11.

O I saw you in my bed, serene, lighting up my life with your big beautiful cat's eyes. I smell you on my pillows feeling you close as a heartbeat. I taste you on my tongue, my lips, my fingertips. Such little time we have together but with that, such exquisite pleasure. l'm carried through those nights and days until you're in my arms again. C. xxx Box No U/396/14.

O I saw you working in EasyEverything and skiving outside. Fancy a drink sometime? l’ll shout you a large one. Box No U/396/18.

. I saw you Matt F. doing your thing (a, Polo Lounge, 12/8/00. Too shy to say more than hi won't make the same mistake if we meet again (hope

i to) the guy from LRS. Box No ! WHEN.

U I saw you Deborah in a club in Paisley and knew it was love at first sight. Box No U/396/20. Q I saw you packing. Don't do dat! Box No U/396/21.

Q I saw you looking at cats, let's look at upper flats. Box No U/396/22.

o I saw you Kappa pants, let's go disco dance. Tie our scarves, and have a few laughs. Box No U/396/23.

O I saw you Jamal hidden under yo ‘Beau Ramage’ playing yo decks at the Cul De Sac. Love yo to play those magic fingers on me . . . l'm blonde and gorgeous . . . Box No U/396/24.

Q I saw you mr elegant, petit, silver, sexy and suave. Me happy in the sun, you paint splattered on the Byres Road, do you remember? I hope so, we nodded, you looked shy. Box No U/396/25.

O I saw you at Grantly Gardens, Shawlands, tall, bachelor I hope? Let me be your leading lady in a new life of love and laughter. Box No U/396/26.

v I saw you Alan in the Polo just up from London for the weekend I took you back to Shawlands on the Sunday Please get in touch - David. Box No U/396/27.

v I saw you head like a monkey, eyes like a wombat. Be my chimpy and let's swing! Box No U/396/28.

O I saw you Glasgow's version of Dr Darren from Brookside lookalike in my dreams. Please be my reality. Buxom golden haired babe awaits your tentative touch. Box No U/396/29.

O I saw you scampi boy, torturing crustaceans! Love me! Dx Box No U/396/30.

O I saw you in the train. Sara. Box No U/396/31.

O I saw you in Borders on Wed. U were behind the counter. l was above supping a mocha freeze. Thought you were cute in ur blue + white tee. C U around babe boy. Box No U/396/32.

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