O I saw you at premiere of Daybreak, thought I was some sort ofjourno asked what I thought of the film and I gave crap response. Can I explain again? Box No U/397/2.

O I saw you white-haired John in Frankenstein's lst Sept. You drank hot chocolate at Napier, have seen you a couple of times since but we've never met. Me blonde with male friend, staring rudely. Next time I'll smile. Box No U/397/3.

0 I saw you in the Meadows, 6/9, 6pm. You: tall, fair, beautifully proportioned, white top, black skirt, accompanied by anorak-wearing guy. Me: tall, pink shirt and probably scowling. You may not remember me! Box No U/397/5. O I saw you Thomas. We talked about shows at the box offices. I remember the party now and you. It would be great to meet for a drink. Box No U/397/6.

V I saw you Jack in Espionage on Saturday 26th August in your kilt with Colin and Gordy. I missed you the following week. Fancy meeting again?! Britney Spears. Box No U/397/7.

. I saw you this morning and every morning for the past two years. Leaving you behind will break my heart. If this ain't love, why did it feel so good? Box No U/397/10.

Q I saw you working in John Lewis, Edinburgh, afternoon Thu 24th August. Me going up escalators to top floor to buy beach towel, you (dark hair, v. attractive) also going to top floor with two colleagues (one man, one woman) to speak to assistant working on the towel section. We made and held eye contact several times, would really like to meet up, contact Box No U/397/11.

O I saw you @ City Cafe, Sat night 9/9/00. Breathtaking blonde girl in the beautiful red dress with v. sexy red painted finger and toe nails. I was guy playing on the blue pool table with short fiery hair & blonde quiff. You distracted me all night. Call me . . . PURRRRLEASE. Box No U/397/ 12.

O I saw you nearly four years ago, it confused and inspired me, never imagined we'd end up here, but I’m thinking clearly now and my heart feels like it’s gonna burst :), my offer(s) still stand, one day I will do it properly, this dirty dogs (3 in love. Box No U/397/13.

O I saw you on Wednesday. Disappointed things didn’t work out. Hope you are happy when you ‘do your thing’. I miss you my Canadian angel. Hope we can be good friends. I will love you always. Jen xx Box No U/397/15.

O I saw you ‘rock on’ hope you have a great b-day. You’re a stallion. You should take over your dad's stud farm he he he. Love u loads. Jenny. Box No U/397/16.

Q I saw you at Lunar Bay. You were carrying a spade. I couldn't miss you as you were the only one on the beach. I fancy you. Will you be my boyfriend? Please contact me if you are interested . . . Love Laura xxx. Box No U/397/17.

O I saw you Silver Yin licking those luscious lips and swinging those slinky hips in The Egg. I love you baby. Box No U/397/l9.

O I saw you Thursday 14th Sept, 8.45am, small petite female with long red/brown hair, beautiful face, black coat, bag, and high heels, walking past the Bank Hotel, heading up South Clerk Street. You are a vision and I loved you at once. Could you possibly be single? Box No U/397/20.


Q I saw you Pamela. I am sorry for what happened even more so for what didn’t. Do you want to talk? (By the way I don’t always end up in hospital.) Box No U/397/45.

v I saw you The Luzhin Defence - I saw you at the Filmhouse Sun 10 Sep in the cafe. You sat in the row in front of me, at the end I followed you down the stairs. You looked gorgeous and fascinating. Meet? Box No U/397/46.

9 I saw you Simon in The Tass. You were so handsome but too neat and tidy and I was a little minx. Now you’re nicely tousled and I’m a happier kind of wild. I love you and so does Jake. Purrr. xxx Box No U/397/47.

O I saw you last Festival, missed you this Festival. Maybe see you next Festival? Beaucoup d’embrasses de Paris R+J, luv Nic and Ems. Box No U/397/49. O I saw you brunette bombshell Shakespeare sensation, Bard on the Bus (Fringe Fest). Your Romeo show was romantic (your Juliet just joyous), your (lady) Macbeth McMarvellous, and your Hamlet heavenly! (Though one of your mates nearly stabbed me as the bus lurched about!) Your show was passionate and great fun thanks for making it a Festival to remember. Even the expensive, three-hour Tattoo didn’t match your performance. I know it’s taboo/to poo-poo the Tattoo/but compared to you/the Tattoo . . ./was poo! Any chance of meeting for coffee in a cosy café? Box No U/397/50.

O I saw you looking cute as a button, 3.30am end of Friday night beside Planet Out. I was sitting on step with girl. You kept looking over shoulder. The little wave made my night. Who are you? Box No U/397/51.

O I saw you lady with the pink and blue hair in the Filmhouse how about some champagne. Love you always xx Box No U/397/52.

O I saw you Feeh in my bed and it was glorious. All my love humpff xx Box No U/397/53. 0 I saw you non in the Traverse on 11/8. You were with some bint called Arlene but she is no good I can give you all she can and more! Box No U/397/54.

O I saw you Jamessy Jammo, you’re so cute, 6ft 2in, looking all innocent. I want to break you in. Love S. Box No U/397/55. Q I saw you and my jaw dropped. I’ve put up with some shit and it’s really made me appreciate the better things and believe me, you are better. xx Lover behind the bar. Box No U/397/56.

O I saw you Stu Poo. You were oh so quiet, please talk to me. I saw you notice me. Curly-haired goddess. Box No U/397/57.

v I saw you feisty Frankenstein’s Derry devil boy - easy on that ghoulish Guinness, you wistful, well-endowed, wild child! Box No U/397/58.

O I saw you influential advertising big shot. Me kcen young gun and award nominee at Drum awards. Catch me while you can. Box No U/397/59.

O I saw you big brown eyes in Traverse bar. I want you Liam Gallagher lookalike. Nice butt too! Box No U/397/60.

. I saw you bar staff @ Blue. Where did we find so many sex gods? I love you all and you know it. Box No U/397/61.

v I saw you up ma bum shoutin’ Tarzan. Sarah with the red'hair, be my bum chum. Love you lots dear, thanks for being there. Box No U/397/62.

O I saw you Tuesday 12th September in the Portrait Gallery. It was your job to impress the press, but you impressed me more! We chatted over a falafal or two . . . I think you’re dead nice. Fancy a pint? Box No U/397/63.

V I saw you a double vision of loveliness spotted in the Traverse (16.9.00). I can handle the two of you - can you handle me? Box No U/397/64.

O I saw you Will K we love you all the best tunes at the Trav. Will you be our CN number forever!!? Box No U/397/65.

Q I saw you Sarah B @ the gallery every day. You are the biz!! Lou - we love you and are gonna miss you my sweet xxx Box No U/397/66.

O I saw you Oirish Grace. Your pertness drives me wild with desire, baby. Let’s get together and do that thang again. Box No U/397/67.

O I saw you the blonde bombshell with the brown roots. You were 22 and wearing green. Box No U/397/68.

O I saw you you were a wee bit worse for wear but your West Coast accent moistured me up. Get in touch. Box No U/397/69. O I saw you Sat 2nd on your back on the pavement, knees up, legs spread, both hands in your pants, eyes to heaven. What were you thinking? Box No U/397/70.

O I saw you Sat 2nd behind Waverly Bridge station, giving it loads in the back of a Merc, naked as the day you were born. Box No U/397/71.

O I saw you Austin Powers lookalike in the Blue Bar I want to have your babies, whoops, I’ve had two alreadyl?! Box No U/397/72.

O I saw you horse woman. You were hurting, I offered to sort you out back at my place. Are you a big ride or a three-day event? Box No U/397/73.

O I heard you baby, shakin’ that ass . . . Box No U/397/74. O I saw you Lindsay you spacker in the Trav, yet again. Call me I’ll be your spacker too. Box No U/397/75.


O I saw you in the Traverse bar on 9th September at 9.30pm, looking lonely in a red shirt and glasses. Time to go! Box No U/397/76.

O I saw you a sultry vixen with eyes wide shut, waiting for her prince. Box No U/397/77.

O I saw you hey chico Mendez, I saw you looking Mexican down the Traverse.

. How about a ram big boy! Box

No U/397/78.

O I saw you I saw you working in B&Q on Easter Road around two months ago. You: tall, good- looking, dark hair. Me: blonde, buying drill! You asked ifI needed some help. Fancy meeting up some time? Box No U/396/2.

O I saw you six months ago and melted. Can't wait to see you again; miss you too much Sexball. Box No U/396/3.

O I saw you Je t'ai we at the Odeon for Wong Kar-Wai. He didn't give a talk, but your scent, your smile and aquellos ojos under the stars saw me by. Are you in the mood for love? Quizas, Quizas, Quizas . . . Box No U/396/4.

O I saw you lfI haven't snogged you by the end of tonight then I'm a real mug, who you probably shouldn't pick up. (Sexy Steve) Box No U/396/5. . I saw you @ the Liquid Room @ Idlewild. Me Seafood T-shirt, you had abandoned your friends. I think your name was Helen? Meant to get your number but band started! Box No U/396/6.

O I saw you each of you dancing, singing, laughing, crying, sober & drunk too much French Canadian wine! is someone sick or having sex? Pound drinks at the Tron, socks on the door, stripping (Mucho Mambo), football in the Meadows, Canada Day, ‘America Day’, the Gaia, CLUB 407!, the list goes on. You are all like stars . . . shiny and far apart! Je t'aime mes amis. (PS I have the power of Greyskull.) Box No U/396/13.


O I saw you Volvo man . . . baby, you can drive my earl! When we gonna go for a ride together?? Renault woman. Box No U/397/l.

21 Sep—S Oct 2000 THE lIST 95