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Plans for a multi-million-pound film studio in Glasgow are either the biggest shot in the arm for the Scottish film industry since Trainspotting or the biggest kick in the groin since The Match . . . Words: Rich Grant

Hollywood on Clydeside would be nice. But instead

of MGM's roaring lion. we may have a white elephant. designed by Scottish Screen. the quango

which dispenses public money to filmmakers north of

the border and whose logo has been likened to a Scottie dog staring at a blank screen.

According to Scottish Screen. the Pacific Quay project makes good economic and creative sense. Scotland has a thriving film industry and we also have great locations as well as great talent. If we have new studios. our industry will blossom even more. and rupees and dollars will fall from the skies. So let’s spend a few million pounds of the tax-payer‘s money on production facilities. and build them bang under a flight path in the middle of Glasgow.

Interesting idea . But ask most Scottish filmmakers what‘s on their wish list. and the studios won't even feature. Ask overseas producers if they want to camp in Glasgow. and the answer will most probably be ‘no‘: they are already spoiled for choice and have better financial incentives elsewhere.

Before the Scottish ()ffice gives the go-ahead. there are several serious questions to ask. If our filmmakers have access to large-scale production facilities. will they make more. better films‘.’ Will the new studios attract lots of inward investment? Will they run at a profit or depend on annual hand-outs‘.’

Who will benefit most: independent filmmakers. public service broadcasters or Hollywood moguls'.’ Who will pick up the bill'.’

Nobody knows whether or not the Pacific Quay project will work (that is why a second feasibility report has been commissioned). If it was financed by

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one of the industry giants. it may just succeed. because it needs big-budget projects to stay in the black. The Scottish film industry is not enough on its own. and public money isn’t meant to underwrite commercial adventures or subsidise broadcasters keen to have the studios in their backyard without spending the pocket money earned by the 'Ii'lviir/ibivs.

liveryone hopes the Pacific Quay project will be a success. If it pays for itself. good and well. But if it doesn't. it will drain more resources away from the people who need them the most.

In the multimedia. digital age. it could be argued that we don't need to create a poor man’s Hollywood but smaller-scale. more practical facilities which let talent flourish and satisfy more basic needs.

It would be easy to compare Pacific Quay with the Millennium Dome and the hole in the ground beside Holyrood Palace. but the new studios could turn out to be more like one of Saddam Hussein‘s weekend homes.

While his people starve outside the gates. Saddam lives it up in his palace. And if the plans for the film complex do go ahead. Scotland’s few independent filmmakers could be begging for pennies as usual. not invited to the party. while the bureaucrats sit inside patting themselves on the back. enjoying their performance—related bonuses at public expense. and sipping champagne with their mates.

Whose empire are we building here'.’

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8 THE UST 5—19 Oct 2000

Call us premature, but as the nights grow longer it's good to look fonivard to Santa's telly gifts, and this year Billy Connolly is occupying his sack. Returning to TV for the first time since his tour of Australia, the Big Yin teams up with ex-Corrie star Sarah Lancashire and another sometime- beardy Scot, Douglas Henshall, for a one-off comedy drama. Gentleman’s Relish stars Connolly as Kingdom Swann, an Edwardian artist who takes saucy photos to make ends meet. All of which is encouraged by his housekeeper played by Lancashire . . . Not quite as old-fashioned but guaranteed to get the pulses going is a new Oasis album. Familiar To Mil/ions

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