O I saw you all at my party, $8Y2K. Same time, same place Halloween as your favourite Eastender but I'm Ange, baby! Se marrer!! Box No U/398/3. O I saw you in my flat, holding out for a hero with your rollerboots and winners medals. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. You are sooo money baby. Box No U/398/4. Q I saw you @ 3 Skirving St, S8Y2K. Thanks to DJs Lion-O, Boaby and TK ‘to the’ maxx. Love from the official SBC party organiser. Box No U/398/5.

. I saw you on Sauchiehall Street going into Nice 'n' Sleazy's, you Lene Marlin lookalike with your cute wee flares and your HUGE sandals. Can I be your Unforgivable sinner or can I take you to dinner? My friend thinks your name is Charlene. Be mine! Box

No U/398/9.

U I saw you lovely dark haired woman, 205, 5/6 Saturday nights ago laughing with girlfriend in Cottiers' courtyard. I was nae mates blondish guy, early 30$, drinking at bench. Drink? Box No U/398/ 10.

0 I saw you wearing that cowboy hat and those crotchless pants. Box No U/398/22.

O I saw you Sainsbury’s Buchanan Street, Glasgow Monday 25/9, teatime. You: black hair, eyes, jumper. boots and leopard skirt. Me: tall. We shared a few glances etc. Then

you went up Sauchiehall Street. '

Box No U/398/28.

O I saw you Bennets, 1 Sep, Jane old school friend. Lost your telephone number, please get in touch, Sarah. Box No U/398/30.

O I saw you you big sexy banjo . . . Fancy coming home for a strum? Your pretty plectrum, Elayne x Box No U/398/31.

0131 557 8500

The List I Saw You

14 High Street or Edinburgh


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By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues’, blue, City Cafe, Ehl, Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Garage, Blackfriars, Brel, Cul de Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

By phone: Call 0131 558 1191 from 10am—5pm By e-mail: You can reach us at adcopy© Please supply a postal address when using e-mail,

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The List I Saw You

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No payment is reqUired as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free serVice to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 12 October 2000. Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

O I saw you the tormentor, the one with no e-mail, with evil red locks. Come torment me again! Box No U/398/32.

Q I saw you with your cute curly hair in the Polo Lounge dancing like a straight boy, sorry for being rude, let’s meet up. Box No U/398/33.

O I saw you cute boy from Roots & Fruits, you’re BEAUTIFUL, too shy to speak I’ll wait for DEVINE intervention. Box No U/398/34. Q I saw you through contact lenses, through the rain and the pain, through insects and lie-ins: through the perfect summer. Box No U/398/35.

O I saw you beautiful blonde barmaid in Pad. Your smile melt down my iced heart. I was this black haired guy in a blue tank sweater very nervous and ordering loads of drinks just to talk to you. Would I get to know you? Box No U/398/36.

O I saw you Peter’s friend, at the Garage, Friday 22/9. You were tall, handsome, minimally coif'fed, necklace. l was moonstruck. Did you even see me? Box No U/398/37.

O I saw you Nipple Top in the OFT Oh sister where art thou? You said that smoke got in your eyes I say it was tears . . . Box No U/398/38.

O I saw you Bunnyman looking dazzling let’s share a cake or two GF'I“(17/9/00). Box No U/398/39.

0 I saw you in Borders on 15/9/00. Glasses, long velvet dark brown shirt. Black trousers grey hair. I SAW U! Box No U/398/40.

U I saw you in a pet shop while I worked in a bookshop. I always said ifl knew him, I’d know him well. Now I’m in love with you MJBS love SC. Box No U/398/4l.

O I saw you sexy bar man from All Bar One with the messy hair. How would you like to be my magic sweet one night? Box No U/398/42.

v I saw you Chantel, smiling as usual, cracking the jokes, see you around, N? Box No U/398/43.

O I saw you on the bus from Glasgow, Alex back from Rhodes you said you’d phone me?? Box No U/398/44.

O I saw you I was with you in the Cul de Sac & I’ll aways be with u. Luv from your chicken pie xxx P.S Cats say a big hello. Box No U/398/45.

O I saw you You had a tattoo round your belly button-next time get it on straight! Box No U/398/46.

O I saw you in your underwear. Your luscious lips made me want to eat more than your sushi. Box No U/398/47. O I saw you serving pints in 13th Note cafe-bar. With an air of sweet pussieness and a blemish above your left eye. Baby you so fine. Box No U/398/48.

Q I saw you Giggleswick Bailey at Bennetts, keep on shaking that ass you Preston prancer, Love yer uncle Chico. Box No U/398/49.

O I saw you (almost) on 20/9/00. You pathetic football watching pasta boy! Me - with friend (Sarah Michelle Gellar look-a-like with fat boyfriend) ha ha ha !! Maybe next time?? Speak soon! LS. Box No U/398/50.

O I saw you in C Pats on 1 Sep. You Leo. Me Leo. You read my cards. We danced. Great personality. Super body. Box No U/397/4.

O I saw you Andrew, the barman at the Rubyiat. Want to serve me more than a drink now that the girlfriend is out of the picture???? Box No U/397/9. v I saw you in Sainsburys Central (Glasgow) 4/9. Instant lust over the fruit and veg! Fancy a drink with the wee brunette who couldn't stop looking? Box No U/397/14.

O I saw you Why can you never see me? I see you all having fun and you look so happy. God, life sucks. I guess it's time to leave this mortal coil. See you you in the next one. Love j.x Box No U/397/18.

0 I saw you Oldest swinger in town? G2 25.08.00. You black flowery shirt and old enough to know better. Fancy a tequila? Box No U/397/21.

O I saw you Hugh, I watched you from afar, you didn’t have a clue and could you just wear a T-shirt that fits you. Box No U/397/22.

O I saw you Hi there to The Tron’s own Baby Spice will you fall off your sandal for me please!?! Love Gx Box No U/397/23.


O I saw you Paul, you sexy big beast! How’s the support darlin! Wait till you’re on tour! Box No U/397/24.

O I saw you in the Tron. l’m nut’s about you. Let me lick your false eye-lashes. I’ll be your overweight Scottish Robbie Williams yes or no? Let me know at the half hour call. Box No U/397/25.

O I saw you Sentry. Make your entry! You know where it is . . . Box No U/397/26.

O I saw you in Tron bar your hair cascaded from your shoulders like the fountains of babelon, your lips were like two rose lip petals lacking propegation by a catalyst. Box No U/397/27.

O I saw you in Blackfriars 8/9/00. You looked gorgeous in your tight black T-shirt and your sexy bushy eyebrows. xxxx Box No U/397/28.

0 I saw you in Blackfriars on Friday 8 Sep. You had flame red hair, a heaving chest and full succulent lips that I could kiss all night long. Box No U/397/29.

O I saw you Krista in Blackfriars on 08/09/00. How long did it take you to knit that stylish ensemble. Call me!! Box No U/397/30.

O I saw you standing at the bar, vodka in hand chatting all the sheilas up. Box No U/397/31.

O I saw you Jill, Jill with the fine but ginger ass. I see you baby shaking it oh yes! Box No U/397/32.

O I saw you hot pants, my ‘Angel’ in your tight poppy T- shirt. Take me for a ride in your purple love machine eyebrows. Box No U/397/33.

O I saw you I have the key to your secret lock!! X Box No U/397/34.

V I saw you in Ticket Centre in Candleriggs with your Marge Simpson hair! I think your name is Graham - I love you. xxx Box No U/397/35.

Q I saw you in Nice ’n' Sleazy stripbar on the 31$t of August at 2.28am. You looked at me with your remaining eye and waved with your right hook. You sexy studmuffin!! Box No U/397/36.

5—1 9 Oct 2000 THE LIST 103