Nutty Professor II: The

Klumps (12) 107 mins i: it

Another flabby sequel from Murphy

Eddre Murphy has a habrt of makrng sequels that farl to Irve up to expectations. Thrnk back to Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hours and a pattern begrns to form of Murphy strugglrng to make thrngs brgger and better. Nutty Professor // suffers from a srmrlar malady.

The frrst Professor heralded a return to form for Murphy, at least at the box offrce anyway, as he moved lrke a chameleon through several drfferent rdentrtres from three generatrons of the Klump family. You could almost hear the collectrve srgh of relref from the audrence when the realrsatron set rn that Murphy was not gorng to rurn the memory of the character made

Dinosaur (U) 82 mins + fr xv Thrs latest offerrng from Walt Drsney follows the Journey of Aladar the lguanadon. Whrle strll an egg, he rs taken from hrs nest and flown far from home, to be drscovered by a famrly of lemurs who rarse hrm as therr own. As Aladar grows, and he does grow, he becomes rncreaSrngly aware of the drfferences between hrmself and hrs famrly . strange that. Hrs rdyler world changes abruptly when a meteor storm lashes the earth reducmg the rsland to rubble, Fleerng wrth hrs famrly, Aladar drscovers the earth has become an rnhosprtable wasteland and a 10urney of survrval ensues. In search of food and water, he soon falls rn wrth a herd of drnosaurs whose ruthless leader, Kron, has no patrence for the older and weaker members of the group and a battle of wrlls begrns between Aladar and Kron

For the frrst few rnrnutes of Drnosaur, yelps of 'whoooaaa" can be heard from the audrence of krds and adults alrke, and the excitement rs contagrous as you are transported back rn trrne,

rmmortal by Jerry Lewrs.

Yet, as Wrth hrs earlrer sequels, Nutty Professor // farls because Murphy trres too hard to outdo hrmself all the trme; a trait that rs not helped by the Klump famrly berng allowed to move away from the drnner table and take up a larger proportron of the frlm. As wrth the frrst frlm, Murphy plays the Klump famrly rn rts entrrety as well as bad guy Buddy Love.

Professor Sherman Klump rs gettrng marrred to colleague Denrse (Janet Jackson). As the brg day looms, Sherman, worrred that hrs nemesrs Love Will reappear to destroy hrs happrness decrdes to eradrcate hrm from hrs lrfe forever.

Usrng hrs francee’s cuttrng-edge DNA research, the professor separates the gene whrch hosts Love from hrs own body. Thrs brrngs about horrendous srde effects that force Sherman to questron hrs own rdentrty. As the Prof struggles to cope wrth hrs personal crrsrs, Buddy Love decrdes to pass off the new youth serum as hrs own and sell rt to a huge pharmaceutrcal company.

In order to get the serum, Buddy Love must frrst deal wrth the Klump famrly Thrs proves to be one task too far, not JUSI for Buddy but also for the talents of Eddre Murphy. (Kaleem Aftabl I General release from Frr 6 Oct.

Winning Disney formula just can't lose

sweeprng over m0untarns and down ravrnes to an age before humans were around. The computer-generated scenes are so realrstrc and Visually stunnrng that rt’s not that hard to belreve what you are watchrng could be real.

Then tragedy strrkes; the lemurs talk And talk. Thrngs were lookrng promrsmg, but wrth characters so strong and realrstrc rt seems unneccesary to grve them vomes, Maybe the Walt Drsney crew belreve that audrences expect therr anrmals to talk and that a frlm wrth no dralogue rs unacceptable, but the BBC's recent Walking Wrth Drnosaurs serres grves the he to thrs notron

Yet as the predrctable and, ultrmately, borrng storylrne of Dinosaur unfolds (and rt's wrrtten by Walon Green, who also penned The Wild Bunch, brzarrely enough), you realrse that wrth that wmnrng Drsney formula rt jUSI can’t lose. It rs guaranteed to keep any drnosaur-crazy four-year-old prnned to hrs or her seat wrthout scaring them too much. (Morra McFarlaner a General release from Frr 6 Oct

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