Mark Little returns to his roots

How far can a Little go?

If cultural overload is your thing, the place to be this fortnight is Aberdeen. What was previously called the Aberdeen Alternative Festival has rebranded itself for the internet age as @aberdeen, but features just the same mix of music (Kid Creole And The Coconuts, Kate Rusby, Placebo), theatre (Ben Elton’s Popcorn, Blow-Up Theatre's Somebody To Love) and comedy (Mark Little starring in Defending The Caveman as well as Jerry Sadowitz, Lee Hurst and more). It takes place all over the city Friday 13-Saturday 21

October. Details 01224 635822.

All TIE Don ’t do that, do BE this. Fifteen days 0 unmissable stuff.

THURSDAY 5 New Penguin Book Of T

Scottish Verse Marking National Poetry Day, this exhaustively researched collection is splendidly edited by Robert Crawford and Mick Imlah, containing everything from Rabbie to Robin Robertson and Carol Ann Duffy to George Mackay Brown. See prevrew, page 108 and John Fardell, page 120. Pengum.

FRIDAY 6 Derrick May What more can you say other than he helped invent the whole techno malarkey and is still on top of his game after fifteen years? Attic, Edinburgh SATURDAY 7 Visions Forle Future Part three of the Frurtmarket's search

for artists producmg new work in Scotland brings us top stuff from Annette Heyer and Steve Hollingsworth. See preView, page 83. Frurtmarket, Edinburgh.

SUNDAY 8 The House Of Mirth Transforming Glasgow into 19th century New York may have sounded like a task too far But Terence Dawes has pulled it off admirably, aided by exquisite performances from Gillian Anderson and Eric Stolz. See feature, page 14. GFT, Glasgow; Fi'lmhouse, Edinburgh.

MONDAY 9 Sims Livin' it Up Simophiles can go crazy With this expansion pack which somehow improves on a tremendous gaming experience Humorous torture at its best. See reView, page 1 12 PC

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What 5 With the free book? 11 September is a date etched in many Scots’ minds; a date from 1997 when the nation’s voters deoded that it was time for power to be devolved from Westminster to Our brand spanking new parliament To mark that moment in history comes literature from a bunch of exciting Scottish-based writers on a new imprint 11:9 launched by Neil Wilson Publishing Martin Shannon, Tom Bryan, Raymond Soltysek, Linda

Cracknell, Shug Hanlan and DaVid Cameron are your

names to watch. Check them out in the sampler collection free \‘Jlih this issue of The List.

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E r it :5“ Picture the scene. A land of desolation. A nation adrift, stuck for something to do. A miserable, forlorn kind of a place. And then lo! A new magazine hits the shelves. It has Clint Eastwood on the cover and it is packed with great stuff about what’s going down. The people are fulfilled and they rejoice. It is called The List and it is fifteen years old this month. Happy birthday to us. Look out for our celebrations in a month's time when we reach issue 400.

TUESDAY 10 Colaplay Who cares that they didn't Win the MerCury, the hysteria they caused at T in the Park was Justified, so go and witness their bittersweet beauty. See feature, page 22, Barrow/and, Glasgow. WEDNESDAY 11 Dylan Moran The term grumpy may have been invented for this former Perrier victor Now based in Edinburgh, he is making a welcome return to the Circuit after missing out on the Fringe this year. If yOu miss him live, catch his rather excellent new sitcom, Black Books, showing every Friday on Channel 4. The Stand, Edinburgh

THURSDAY 12 The Sopranos Everyone's fax/Ourite depressed gangster returns for series number two as Tony Soprano finally takes the

reins of New Jersey’s ’waste

management’ business. Sharp, hip,

funny and violent. Bada-bing, indeed. > See feature, page 18 Channe/4

Dylan Moran, Wed 11