The tea-cosy beast was certainly bewildered when he picked up the Mercury Music Prize but laurel-resting is a risky move in this business. So, Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy is leaving his razors at home and hitting the road, one oi which leads to Glasgow's Queen Margaret Union on Sunday 15 October. Expect exultant adulation for the folksy. rootsy, ballsy tunes he has at his disposal. As his drinking buddy liam Gallagher nearly put it once: he's eclectic.

FRIDAY 13 - ' r' Cryptrc's Catlfire Boyd s overseehg Scotland’s brggest ever trrbute to Samuel Beckett But t's not gong to be blokes hangrrig around ponderrng

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See feature, page 24 '/arrous venues,


SATURDAY 14 I It's absolutely huge' Tne frrst stage of {7‘0 Glasgou': Scence Centre opens today, '.‘.'rth an ll‘leX crnerna screen the herght of erght drmble-decners See feature, page 10 G/asgozr/ Strenre Centre SUNDAY 15 in ,. L ._ Dor"t be oecer/ed by nrs dosser'-l.<e demeanour, l.‘l(?l’(Uly lvl'_.8l( Prr/e ‘.'.trnner Damon Gough (an pry the

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Cut off at the pass? The number of street party passes for thrs year's Hogmanay knees-up rn Edrnburgh has been cut from 180,000 to 100,000, though organrsers promrse crty reSrdents wrll have much the same chance of layrng therr hands on one. They’re allocatrng 75% of passes to Edrnburgh reSrdents who must apply before Tuesday 10 October by sendrng an A4 stamped addressed envelope to Edrnburgh’s Hogmanay, Box Offrce, PO Box 2001, Edrnburgh EH7 6YR, The frve-day event wrll be the Culmrnatron of a 5rx-week programme krckrng off wrth Edrnburgh’s Caprtal Chrrstmas rn November.

Land ahoy?

lndran-born Alan Krlpatrrck has spent the last nrne years lrvrng rn Edrnburgh, though as an artrst, he has exhrbrted as far afreld as Texas, What feeds hrs work are the landscapes and coastlrnes of Scotland, nature’s patterns rnsprrrng powerful frelds of abstract colour, underscored wrth a sense of loomrng drama. You can catch hrs largest solo show to date, featurrng over 30 new parntrngs, at Edrnburgh’s Patnothall Gallery, Saturday 7—Wednesday 18 October

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undoubtedly floodrng the stage rt’s Irke Tom Jones never happened. SECC, G/asgow

WEDNESDAY 18 V: rmy Hmrm Thrs rrsrng star brrngs us hrs SCUlptural vrsron of an Invrsr’b/e Repub/rc Hrs latest hybrrds emphasrse a change from vrvrd colour to pure whrte See revrew, page 84. G/asgow Prmt Stud/'0.

THURSDAY 19 rm 7 rrrma The baddest man rn Brrtarn or a rnedra construct par excellence7 Whatever he rs, Nasty Nrck rs here to meet hrs adorrng puber and srgn copres of hrs Gurde To Being A Complete And Utter Bastard. Brg Brother rs strll watchrng yOu. Ottakar’s, G/asgorv, Waterstone’s, Ed/nburgh.

Robbie Williams, Tue 17