NEW NIGHT Lock The Arches, Glasgow, Thu I9 Oct.

As The Arches nears completion of its first phase of refurbishment and in the process becomes the kind of venue Glasgow has always deserved nay demanded, promoters in Edinburgh are set to capitalise on the space and deliver unto Glasgow audiences a night that is tantamount to huge. Two rooms on an equal billing, one showcasing the hard house and techno of Sublime with fiber-guest Timo Maas, the other highlighting the monster drum & bass of Manga with the scene's renegade masters Bad Company, in combination form a club the like of which has never been seen before. Hold onto your seats folks because Lock is on the horizon and as far as the organisers are concerned, it’s going to ’just completely blow everyone away'.

Now audiences in Edinburgh will doubtless be aware of the good works of both Sublime, run by Scott Conchar and Graeme Anderson, and Manga, founded by DJ/promoter George MacDonald (aka G-Mac). Evidence that healthy competition can only benefit a city's nightlife has consistently been shown in both clubs operating successfully on the same night. As G-Mac says ’Manga and Sublime have always had a good working relationship and even though we’re doing different styles, we've always been supportive of each other.’

This constructive attitude based upon mutual respect of each other's high production values has laid the groundwork for the ambitious Lock project. Essentially bringing together the best guests, the best music and the best atmosphere imaginable, the night effectively meets all the necessary criteria of a clubber's paradise. ’It goes back to the basic value for money theory,’ says Conchar. ’Our high production values will be carried through to Glasgow and with the Arches having the space and the freedom to be able to really go to town, we’re going to create something very unique within the space!


Edinburgh hip hop haven Headspin

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Happy together: (left to right) G-Mac, Scott Conchar and Graeme Anderson

In addition, the promoters have through the years not been blind to the fact that clubbers care to sample both styles of music. On this score, G-Mac comments: ’The line-up that we've got for the night is obviously very good from the point of view of creating interest in alternative camps. People who are into quite hard house will get into Bad Company as they've got a lot of house and techno elements to them, whereas people who are into Bad Company will get into Timo Maas and the drum & bass elements within his music. So there's quite a bit of crossover there.’

Creating the best of both worlds, Lock will be the club to unite the masses. ’I really do feel the people that 90 will have a full experience in terms of musical content, production content and the whole kit-and- caboodle as it were' says Conchar. Or to coin another phrase, lock, stock and two smoking dancefloors. (Catherine Bromley)

Scruff from his righteOus bass

Mr Scruff

Headspin at The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 7 Oct.

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Breaking the rules Mr Scruff

celebrates its third birthday in January. During their extensive run they’ve only had two guests, in the Psychonauts and Danmaas. ’We’ve got really strong residents,' explains club founder Steve Austin. ’But we like to get people we admire, too.’ The latest ObJGCl of Steve’s hard-won admiration is the self-styled ’Peak District \vvanderer’, Ja7zed—up deckspinner Andy Carthy, aka DJ Scruff.

Scruff initiated his bizarre take on hip hop in Sheffield clubs in I994 but it was only With last year’s release of his debut Iongpiayer, Keep /t Unreal, that his impact was truly felt. Indeed, his trademark scuffed beats, imaginative spoken word samples and hip-tilting grooves brought him to the attention of everyone's favourite bandwagon-Jumping auntie, Madonna. Luckily, such celebrity endorsement has not deflected Mr

crusade. ’Well, if yOu’re gomg to have bass, it’s got to do the JOb really,’ he says. ’You know, help yOu digest yOur food and make y0ur trousers flap.’

Currently signed to NITIJa Tune and taking a leading role in the label’s tenth anniversary celebrations, Scruff has made the most of what he sees as a very productive relationship. ’Because I’m in Manchester and the rest of the label is down in London I feel as though l’rn adding to the sound a bit,’ he says. ’Everyone’s dOing very excmng mUSIC and we've all got a similar sense of humour'

Scruff is playing a three deck, three hour set at Headspin, alongside regulars Steve Austin and Trendy Wendy. It Will, apparently, be 'cheeky’, a buzzword he sets great store by. 'It Just seems to sum it up,’ he concludes, ’that it’s good time music and not bland in any way.’ Take him at his word. (James Smart)

Word up

NEWCOMERS TO THE List’s club section will have noticed some changes afoot. In addition to the recently launched Label Profiles, we’ll also be rotating our regular column Four Play with a spanking new column called On The Dex, where we sneak a peek at forthcoming dance singles. This issue also sees the launch of Rate The DJ, our solution to printing pictures of the beautiful people out there while at the same time getting them to say something vaguely relevant. Well, it's worth a ry.

’SOUNDBASE; MIXING IT’, a celebratiOn of urban culture including skating, scratching, mixing and breaking, takes place in Dundee (Friday IB—Sunday 15 October). The three-day festival will showcase a whole host of events ranging from free workshops in IvIC skills to performances from the likes of Scottish DMC champ, Richie Rufftone, and UK hip hop artists The Nextmen. For a copy of the events booklet call 01382 432 244

MEANWHILE, HOMELESS has re- launched at the brand new Dundee venue On Air East. Famed as being Gilles Peterson's Scottish retreat, this is a great club with regular monster guests and forthcoming highlights include Soma's Universal Principles (Saturday 7 October), People Under The Stairs (25 November) and Mr Scruff (9 December). For more info. call the venue: 01382 203 226.

THE ARCHES IS poised to unleash a new down-home funk club on Glasgow audiences. Calling itself The Funk Room, the new monthly Friday night will showcase genuine rare groove, s0ul and filthy funk from 20 October See listings for more details.

AS FOR EDINBURGH openings, a brand new garage club is launching this

- fortnight at Club Mercado. Called

Sunday Supplement, the night will blast off on Sunday 8 October bringing you the freshest UK & US garage courtesy of resident Baby G and guests Bobby & Steve, renowned for their residency at Garage City and their radio show on Kiss FM. See listings for more details.

EDINBURGH STUDENT RADIO station Fresh Air (87.7 FIin re-launches its tantalising transmissions tOmorrow Heartily shamboiic but featuring some great local DJs and some highly talented presenters. A Surefire highlight of this season’s schedule will be the return of Jo IvIaIik's East Coast Protect Sunday SerVice Show. The show starts at 8pm.

5-~l9 Oct 2000 THE “ST 71