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lubbing it up Salsa Style

We thought our Spanish thirst had been quenched when we went to a tapas bar and then sashayed in some salsa class- es. We couldn't have been further from the truth! So. this time we have decid- ed to go where we have never gone before and try out our new moves in one of the hot salsa clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

If there is one thing for sure. the amigos love a night out dancing. so no persua- sion was necessary and we hit the town ready to live la vida loca. A few San Miguels are had while selecting a suit- ably sexy salsa club and then it is time

to show off our technique. As soon as we walk into the club the atmosphere hits us with the electricity and excite- ment of a club in the back streets of Barcelona. Checking out the salsa sounds. the packed dance floor and the crowd we make our way to the bar for a round of San Miguel in preparation for a long night of hot. sweaty dancing. We find the perfect place to stand while checking out the action and enjoying our drinks. In no time at all the music has transported us to the dance floor and we are mingling with the other hot bodies already enjoying some sexy salsa moves. We are carried away by the music and everybody seems to be swaying and sashaying in time to the Latin rhythms blasting from the speak- ers. Everyone is having a great time


and when you are all dancing so close together you just can't help but get to know people a little bit better! We want to keep dancing but we need some more refreshment so we can keep up the salsa pace. Our new dancing part— ners join us for some ice cold San Miguel and flirty banter before we all head back into the hot and sweaty dance floor for more close encounters of the sexy salsa kind.

The night flies by in a heady mix of scorching music and dirty dancing. We are exhausted yet exhilarated. with the cool refreshing taste of our favourite Spanish beer keeping us going throughout the night. Dance floor body language was the name of the game capturing the passion of modern Spain with our new friends.

Infirmary St, Ell-ll} GOI’dOfl St,

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