O I saw you Sara, Pulp at the Heineken Festival Leeds 1995, and in John Menzies Clydebank. My inability to read a clock-face meant I woke u b4 dawn. Let’s meet up in the year 2000. Jonothan. Box No U/399/1.

O I saw you David-ji, outside Scottish Widows. Come and send me to Nirvana. You know you can! ILY - your bunlet. Box No U/399/3.

O I saw you at the Cafe Truva playing with the baby. You said goodbye when you had to go home - I wanted to go too and play with you. Box No U/399/8. O I saw you Fiona first day in DSS office, Drumchapel. You, nervous but eager to please. Me, vulnerable wanting the job of taking you on for full time employment. Box No U/399/9. O I saw you working in the bar in The Tunnel and remembered your sexy face from Falaraki. how could I forget? Love to meet up again. Woo Hoo baby! Box No U/399/10.

O I saw you Michael, 6ft 4ins from Belfast and studying engineering. We met on Fri 29 Sep. We walked from George Sq to 24seven. Can’t stop thinking about you, maybe I’m not too old for you after all. Please contact Anette. Box No U/399/11.

O I saw you most radiant beauty, most gorgeous creature my eyes have ever seen; the fruit and veg paled into insignificance . . . it was your nose . . . that nose, let me pick you. Box No U/399/12.

O I saw you drop dead gorgeous and dressed in black. Why so sad? Box No U/399/13. O I saw you in the Linn hi-fi shop in Princes Square. You, very dark hair and me blonde girl in jeans. Liked your levitation trick. Would you like to have a drink with me? Box No U/399/14.

O I saw you well actually we heard your demo. Amazing. You are SWEET TOOTH. We are Nude Records. Get in touch with Gaynor. Box No U/399/15. O I saw you long haired guy at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club. You laughed loudly, everyone looked at you and I fell in love. Box No U/399/16.

0131 557 8500

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No payment 15 regurred as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free servrce to readers. Deadline for the next issue IS 12 noon on THURSDAY 26 October 2000. Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

O I saw you Graham from Ticket Centre-or not! Have you been on holiday? Missing you! Box No U/399/17.

O I saw you looking all Virginal in Borders, too early on Thursday morning, don’t worry I’ll have a flat soon. Box No U/399/18.

O I saw you Pacitti, I think it was in the Garage. Your move were very sexy. I was wearing lilac. I hope you noticed me, I was dancing up against you. U/399/19.

O I saw you angel, with the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, you are a sexy Italian and I want you to be mine forever. Box No U/399/20.

O I saw you blonde boobtube with evil laugh, me, shy body- warmer at next table in Vigorous Lime Club. Meet me next Wednesday & I’ll buy you a Midori. Box No U/399/21.

O I saw you bearded compere at the Vigorous Lime Club: me, girl in purple vest. Call me, you joked your way into my heart. Box No U/399/22.

O I saw you beautiful blonde with legs of leather. I had legs of jelly. You were at the Vigorous Lime Club on Wednesday at Nice’n’Sleazy. Box No U/399/23.

O I saw you fabulous comedian at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club (27/9) - you did a funny routine about sex. Wanna try your routine out with me? Box No U/399/24.

O I saw you blonde bouffant boy: You won the caption competition at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club and made eyes at me, blue jacket girl. Make me smile again. Box No U/399/25.

O I saw you with the cheap top + long greasy hair. ljust have to tell you, I had your boyfriend! Cheers!! Lils. Box No U/399/26. O I saw you glasses guy with guitar: You were at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club but I never caught your name. Me, girl laughing loudly in green sweater. Box No U/399/27.

O I saw you 5’6” Indie boy with eclectic taste in music, trying not to smile at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club. Me Katie Holmes only better: come back we miss you. Box No U/399/28.

O I saw you your name was Claire (I’m sure it still is) You were taunting me at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club with your devious smile and leggy legs. Come and taunt me some more! Box No U/399/27. O I saw you Eminem look-a- like, giggling in the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club. Me, long hair & blue top, you spilt my Irn Bru & you held my hand. Box No U/399/28.

O I saw you in the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club. You, shirt & tie, me, red spiky hair. Tell me she wasn’t your girlfriend, call me & we can smile together. Box No U/399/29.

O I saw you small girl, drowned in a jumper, at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club at Nice’n’Sleazy. I was wearing a black polo-neck jumper. Let me be your buoy. Box No U/399/30. O I saw you girl with hair like a fox, laughing with your wild pack of friends at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club. You said I was ‘a bit of a dog’ so I’d like to hunt you down! Box No U/399/31.

O I saw you wild ocean most attentive employee of the Borders country. My friend smiled at you for me, but you couldn’t find my request. Too shy to buy your love. Write. Box No U/399/32.

O I saw you sexy, blonde smiling and chatting as you work in Borders Café, your Oz accent gets me hot. Fancy it?? Box No U/399/33.

O I saw you . . . on the stairs of the Art School . . . Me, Paul Newman look-a-like, you, gorgeous “straight” boy. . . if you want more than a snog, come and be my Robert Redford. Box No U/399/34.

O I saw you at my leaving do, 5/10/00, Gayle. 40% of people meet their partners at work... come and SEARCH me baby!! Box No U/399/35.

O I saw you On the 30th-1st Sep./Oct at the Art School. You very sexy and got thrown out-l helped you out. You, strate, we kissed, would be nice to see you

again, you blonde me brown.

3 Box No U/399/36.

O I saw you irresistible blonde working in Patisserie Francas on Byres Rd. 1 think your name is Claire and I’m sure we could have a very interesting time together. Box No U/399/37.

O I saw you trying not to think about my breasts. Don't fight it baby, come over, they can be yours! Box No U/399,’38.

O I saw you in the Royal Bank on Byres Rd. you chased me into the street to return my card. Let me return the favour? Box

1 No 11139939. l O I saw you Wonder. picking

up lots of forget-me-nots. Is it . . '3 Box No U1399/40.


O I saw you in Optimo. l was wearing suede and boots. You look Italian. Were you just looking at the door or . .? Box No U/399/44.

O I saw you pert brunette with the biggest smile and most evil laugh. You operate the PA for the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club and l was too shy to say hi. Box No U/399/4S.

O I saw you at Planet Peach - Saturday 30th. You were with someone else but I know you want me. Where have your red flaming sideburns gone?!? Box No U/399/46.

O I saw you Mike in HAC @ the GF'I‘. Wazzaap!!! Joel - you measure it like THAT. Box No U/399/47.

O I saw you in Brel (Saturday 30th September) have seen you around oh - dark eyed Greek God - Me, nice-you not sleazy. Girl with bunches. Box No U/399/48.

O I saw you bar man in Brel! 30/9/00. Dark haired and smileyl! Every hour is happy hour when you are around. Me a lager tops woman. Bye Bye. Box No U/399/4‘). ' O I saw you on Sunday. Where have you been? Tinderbox is not the same without your cheesy smile I. Don’t go away again I missed you! Box No U/399/50. O I saw you Trotters. Trot, Trot, Trotting along in the louvre-down the street, advertising yourself as usual. Motherly and nice that’s you. High maintenance Ha Ha!! Box No U/399/51.

O I saw you BM of Re! You

had your pants in your pocket. Remember? Phone me. Box No


O I saw you Peter Patter in Toronto, also in my West End bed. Nice to be home with you, lots of lovin’, top sporty sales girl. Box No U/399/S3.

O I saw you frolicking in the fields Mr Swan. My dog and your kite, I say Golly gosh-what a tangle. An nesthetic mess old boy . . . Box No U/399/54.

O I saw you playing around in the park with your mammal

friend. I tried to fly my kite

above your head. I think we should . . . you and I, miss giraffe. Box No U/399/55.

t O I saw you French Fry @j

7 Bennetts on Friday night. You

still dance like a Telly-Tubby on speed but I love it!! Love your wee Sumo xxx. Box No U/399/56.

O I saw you Lindsay @ Bennetts Friday night. Thanks for coming along and putting up with my paranoia! Will dance more next month. Promise! Box

3 No U/399/57.

O I saw you in ()ptimo. Sorry I V called you a slut. Wanna slut

i around together? Box No


O I saw you I did. I saw you was it, uh, Eton? Do you ski? Box No U,'3‘)‘)/42.

O I saw you in your pants. Do you think that yellow was a mistake? llmmm‘.’ Box No


l9 Oct—2 Nov 2000 THE LIST 101