O I saw you James C. Rock On, Byaint byaint. See ya back at the realm. Snoochies. L,J,D & g R. Box No U/399/4.

O I saw you Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat at your party. You are a star and that’s what you deserved. Remember always stay warm. Love Logrey xxx. Box No U/399/5.

v I saw you Samoan Jane, Cameo, Monday 9th. Wannabe Ballet Dancer (or Karate Kid),Billy Elliot eat your heart out! Luv and loud laughter, Us xx. Box No U/399/6.

O I saw you 7.50am; you in trousers and jumper, briefcase in hand. You walked into the distance: I was sleepy, too scared to talk but I wish l,d spoken. Box No U/399/7.

O I saw you City Chambers party, 30 Sep. Beautiful blond in ; black dress, sometimes with a pink cardigan, I think you were there with mum and dad? Are you up for the next dance? Box No U/399/58.

v I saw you BA 2962 Gatwick/Glasgow, Sunday 24 Dep. you row 3, aisle starboard, me, row 7, middle port. You gave me beautiful smile while picking up your luggage. Box No U/399/59.

O I saw you in the sunset, on the fence. No more all day Sunday mornings, cup-the-cat, pop in cuddles, perfect fit, twice-daily distraction. no mega- BT, untying-string, secret smile, kiss me. Miss you. xxx. Box No U/399/60.

O I saw you Marchmont, Perk Up, Wed 27 Sep. You lovely in green top, grey jeans, dark short hair. Me black jacket/shirt. Your friend in purple. Our eyes kept meeting, no? Wanna second cup? Box No U/399/61.

O I saw you we all saw you snogging the face off a cockney gentleman at The Ark last week you seemed like an easy pearly queen, fancy it up the Gary Glitter? Box No U,’399/62. O I saw you dark-haired boy, having fun again at the Destination Edinburgh party. Get in touch before Christmas. You know who. Box No U/399,’63.

O I saw you again behind the bar in Bar Kohl, still seriously sexy. Maybe you don’t know who you are after all! Box No U/399/64.

O I saw you working Miss Selfridge, Hanover St. You: lil sexy girl with short jet black hair and a cutee smile. Me? completely blown away! Box No U/399/65.

O I saw you spiky-haired dude working in Negotiants. We like your service, love your most loyal customers. Box No U/399/66.

O I saw you a Brad Pitt look- alike, 2 years ago in Oddbins, Morningside. I was the shy girl with dad. Where are you? Box No U/399/67.

O I saw you little boy who got idea at Iguana, 2 Sep! Box No U/399/68.

O I saw you drummer from Kula Shaker in Miss Selfridge. Me, bodacious blonde in bodywarmer, wanting to borrow your big girl’s jumper. Box No U/399/69.

Q I saw you man in white trousers and denim outside the Italian centre on ‘lucky’ 13 Friday. I was looking for Khubla Khan but found you instead, you smiled! Box No U/399/70.

O I saw you Cooper Man on Wed night train. My friends can’t wait to meet my very own ride of steel. Box No U/399/7l.

0 I saw you Monday 18th.

Lunchtime. You, eye catching blond in a pale coat crossing road with friend on Morrison Street. Me, probably looking distracted. Box No U/398/1. O I saw you my dear gardener friend Eilidh I wish you and Alan much joy in finding a place to plant your roots best of luck in everything you do, you deserve only the best happiness in life. Love always, Ailsa xxx Box No U,"398/2.

' v I saw you Magicman casting spells and drinking your potions,

Logrey with you wily Egyptian ways and Rebrov with your

Ukrainean football skills. You the men. I is the lady. Leeloo.

keep realming. Box No U/398/6. O I saw you the following people have been lost in the realm for too long: Rock on, Magicman, Leeloo, Rebrov and Logrey. Don't approach these

I deviants. They have all clearly

lost it. Snoochies . . . you know. BOX NO Lv/‘y398/l7.

i O I saw you calling all Ewoks. 7 . .You spun those tones like a

102 THE “ST 19 Oct—2 Nov 2000

Jedi Master. Keep the jaydar working. Box No U/398,'8.

O I saw you on Gorgie Road, Friday night. You were dressed to kill, loved your giraffe print

trousers, you blonde goddess.

Can I be your wild animal. xxx

Box No U/398/l l.

O I saw you Emma at Espionage Wed 20 Sep. You nursing student? At QMC . . . me actor who helped you and your pal escape thru fire exit! My temperature’s rising Em and this burning love needs extinguishing . . . please get in touch. Box No U/398/ 12.

Q I saw you blonde girl 2.30pm Edin to Glasgow bus, Saturday 9th. You sat in front then opposite me. You smiled, I smiled back then said your coat was on floor. Dark boy. Box No U/398/ 14.

O I saw you Sainsburys, St Andrew‘s Square. Thursday 13th September. Two cokes and Mackies Ice Cream in your basket. I prefer Haagan Dazs vanilla! Want to taste mine? Wanna check my basket? Box No U/398/15.

U I saw you Gawan in the Barony Bar on Wednesday 27/9/00, you were looking devastatingly gorgeous as ever, and l was too dumbstruck to approach . . . you are the chosen one . . . please contact for expensive dinner date . . . platonic is fine . . . yes, really . . . !!! Box No U/398/16.

O I saw you near the Dan

O'Connell on St Patrick's Day,

tripping out and talking a mile a minute. I've loved you since. Welcome to the other side of the world. Box No U/398/17.

Q I saw you gorgeous camera man at Lady Boys during Festival. Like the way you toss your hair. Want to film some more? Love the pretty girl. Box No U/398/18.

O I saw you hot lips hoolaghan a year ago at a Garbage concert, you a vision of loveliness hiding behind deep dark longing

; eyes of passion and untold sexual desire, me drunken ' bum bouncing with beer. Will

my life ever be the same again? Meet me on the other side of the world? Till then Ciao mama . . . Box No U/398/19.

O I saw you Ross at the Venue Sat 9th Sep. Me short dark hair and jeans. You baseball cap, great kisser. My friend agrees. I noticed a chemistry between us though I was too drunk to notice much else. Let’s check it out. Box No U/398/20.

Q I saw you stunning Oriental girl, 20th September, 3pm,

3 Gorgie Road. Red top, grey

trousers. You got off the bus,

crossed the road and went into

? Scotmid Post Office. I had to get

the bus, or I would have made any excuse to talk to you. Is the fact you are beautiful good enough? Box No U/398/21.

O I saw you Lee, David and Jenny. I saw y'all in our new flat! It's like school camp all over again!!! Bunch of reprobates that you are!

Take care . . . Ukraine. Box No U/398/23.

O I saw you Bronagh in the. Blue Bar on Friday night. I enjoyed your chat but got the wrong number! Great music coming up . . . Still fancy it? Get in touch! Ross. Box No U/398/24.

Q I saw you walking down London Road (Wednesday 27th, 6pm) wearing a light jumper. Me: dark hair/clothes going into town. We looked, then again and again. Temporary amnesia, forgot how to talk. Box No U/398/25.

O I saw you learn to eat, burp, smile, stand and giggle. Best of all you made B&Q a more interesting (and wetter) place. One year on you just get better and better. Box No U/398/26. O I saw you but then I didn’t and how I miss you and I’m singing the blues, man. Let me be your lover tonight! Box No U/398/27.

O I saw you and now I don’t. Changeable, contradictory, contrary, eccentric, quixotic, wild woman always there why can’t I stop loving and thinking about you? xx Box No U/398/29.

0 I saw you brand new landlady, dancing queen, shaking your thing my how you and Clem swing. Good to see you happy. Box No U/398/51.

O I saw you Mr Spice Man with tasty Tilly chillin’ and keepin it real on Saturday. Call ME. Box No U/398/52.

O I saw you at the Blue Moon Cafe almost two and a half years ago . . . and I still love you you are still the ‘one’. Te quiero, cabron. Box No U/398/53.

O I saw you mad-red-haired- weirdo-photographer-guy at Edinburgh Castle taking photos of many boring snobs with wine. Box No U/398/54.

O I saw you lurking around the Filmhouse box office, giving out tickets for the opening nights of Bentleys on Monday 25th September. Box No U/398/55. O I saw you Traverse, 21/9. Stunning boy with mates. The colonel was there too, but you didn’t have a jug stuck to your head. Box No U/398/56.

Q I saw you salad gimp. Don’t moan no more. Mayo is good. Especially off mates. Box No U/398/57.

O I saw you Oi bitch, I dig your spikes baby. Come ice my cakes any time. Honey dig ya, dig ya. Box No U/398/58.

. I saw you laughter lines, tahiti tattoo in the Trav. Short but cute! Box No U/398/59.

O I saw you cute, short, short haired guy with tahiti tattoo. Tight ass is good! Box No U/398/60.

O I saw you Leith boy, grey T- shirt and baggy pants, skate into my world. Box No U/398/61. O I saw you foxy big boobed babe. You Joyce, karaoke singer. me Gerry, domino player. Box No U/398/62.



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