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'ck’s Christmas dinner {22.31

CH RISTMAS AT TH E CALEY Christmas lunch ceilidh £18.95 Christmas dinner ceilidh £25.95 Hogmanay dinner ceilidh £29.95 Hogmanay bash £20.00

(All within Edinburgh's famous Festival Hall) Caledonian Brewery, 42 Slateford Road. Edinburgh 0131 623 8066

iguana Christmas menu

£12.95 per head 3 cowses mam ~2-':cm Fin-24:" Co:

festive entertainment

Christmas dinner 19.95 DJs Dlay llve at iguana every ngnt during the fest-ve perco

ser ed 1st ---- $3.2 th Dec christmaslunch 15.95 V 4

Wednesday 61h December 2000 - Sunday 7nd January 2&1

See entertainment fliers for more :nlormaton Breakfast fizz

ser ed 1st dec ---- th a Smoked salmon fizz 7.95 v ‘4 J n

food day a night

The iguana menu is avazrable from 9am1 0am, every day except 25th / 26th. / is: Christmas EVE 8,3oam—3am Christmas Day 7pm—3am

festive opening hours Boxmg Day 12noon—3am Open 9am-3am. dec am an 2nd Hogmanay 8.30am—4am Christmas eve 9am—3arn hogmanay gem—dam New year’s Day 7pm_3am Chr‘S‘maS day 7001-38m new years day 12noc."—3arr‘ 2nd January 12n00n_3am box'ng day " 2n00n-3an‘. january 2nd gar—3am

. free hone reservation number “guana o§oo 3288 275 41 Iothian street

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l9 Oct—2 Nov 2000 THE lIST111