From the next Billy Elliot to the best martial arts movie ever, from Captain Corelli to Hannibal Lecter, and from Charlie's new angels to the follow-up to The Sixth Sense, The List casts a critical eye over the cream of the crop of WINTER MOVIES. Words: Miles Fielder

Little Nicky

Pitch Adam Sandler’s back as the son of Satan, abroad in the world to wreak havoc (and laughter).

Success Sandler cleaned up wrth The Wedding Singer and The



Belter Waterboy. Here he’s backed up by Yards appearances from Harvey Keitel (as Pltch High quality thriller revolvrng around

Pitch Mark Herman once more mixes comedy and Satan Sr), Rodney Dangerfield (as murder and corruption in the New York City social issues in another feelgood tare set in the grim grandpa Satan), the recently little-seen subway yards, starring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin north of England. In this adaptation of Jonathan Quentin Tarantino (as a blind preacher) Phoenix, Charlrze Theron, Faye Dunaway and TUHOChIS novel The Season Ticket, two poor Newcastle and Ozzy Osbourne (as himself). James Caan and directed by James Gray (Little lads go to extreme lengths to see their footy team. Fa'lure BL” he 1”“ am I a funny OdE’SSal- 7 Success Herman may score a hat trick following man. Success Off the back of hrs critically acclaimed Brassed Off and Little Voice. Loser deblut, Gray has amassed a strong ensemble cast

. . _ a rvrn super per ormances. Fa'lure May be swamped by the SUCCESS Of Blfly P'tCh TWO losers' aauallyz Jason Failinregoray is already recervrng further critical

E //r'ot.

Brggs (reprrsrng his nerd role from American Pie) and American Beauty Mena Suvarr (loser, yeah right). College life ain't kind to this

pair until they flnd w

unlikely romance wrth

each other. MM

Success He's funny

and she’s sexy and Charlle's AnQEIs

praise, but Will his non-commercral frlm translate in box office terms?

funny, wrth the new

generamn of crude Pitch TV’s crime fighting babes hit the big screen in

.college (angles the form of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy

commumg to draw Lru, plus Bill Murray as Bosley. _

crowds Success Obvious glamour factor asrde, the kung fu BedaZZIEd Failure Or maybe people are A action sequences kick ass, while the presence of

Pitch Remake of the 1967 Peter Cook and getting srck of Jerk-off JOkGS. ' MGUrraY and caTeOS by crispm GIOVer and Tom Dudley Moore comedy. This time round, nerdy - 1 teen sugges many office worker Brendan Fraser is granted seven PIECI‘ tOnQLlles 'n CheekS wrshes by the devrl drsgursed as a saucy temptress mm A group Of Space , \ Fa' ure F'lm'ng (U2 Hurley). travellers crashland on a _‘ g. was dogged by Success Fraser displayed good comrc trmrng in d'Stam planet VV'IhI‘three it prOdUCt'On The Mummy and Hurley’s best two assets wrll Suns one Of the”) 5 a psydlo problems serve her well as the drabolrcal femme. k'Her' bUt that a'n't these I ; dur'ng Failure How can Pete and Dud be topped in the 'merstellar Robinson CrusOGS 7 Wh'Ch comedy department? Plus Hurley doesn’t have a mam prOblem' a "we 50"“ Murray

great mm track record eclipse unleashes the planet’s L and Liu carnivorous inhabitants. fell out.

The Golden Success A top-class scr-fr

Pitch At the turn of the century, Kate Beckinsale thriller that wastes no time

and American daddy Nick Nolte become embroiled getting to the thrills. Newcomer

in the Wild European passrons of Jeremy Northam's Vin Diesel flexes his muscles to

Italian prince and Uma Thurman's socialite in this great effect.

Henry James adaptation. Failure Budgetary restrictions

Success Merchant Ivory set the standard for mean no stars to WOO the

period dramas, here they’re working With a quality crowds.

screenwriter (Ruth Prawer Jhabvala) and fine cast. Failure It’s strictly drapes ’n’ dresses busrness as

usual Lucy Liu. Cameron Dia

and Drew Barrymore

take over where Farrah

Fawcett-Majors left off

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