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PC Star Trek Voyager Elite


(Activision) £29.99

If the adventures of the U.S.S. Voyager are anything to go by, space has more rips and tears in it than a jakey‘s trousers. After being dragged a gazillion light years from home by an alien technology, it seems like every week in the TV series the poor starship falls through yet another hole in the space-time continuum, landing the crew in deep galactic excrement. And so it is with Star Trek Voyager Elite Force the latest computer game featuring the Federation's finest. This time the crew have been dumped in a space ship graveyard, badly damaged and utterly lost. Luckily, earlier in the week they had the presence of mind to set up an Elite Force of combat personnel, known as the Hazard Team, who will now do their utmost to explore the other floating hulks in the graveyard and protect the Voyager from marauding pirates.

Built using the Quake III engine, Elite Force is a fantastically ludicrous first-person shooter that follows the adventures of this Hazard Team. Though the Star Trek ethos of non-violent resolution tries vainly to control the proceedings, the large amount of quality weaponry and a story that constantly descends into vicious fire-fight make this the most action packed Star Trek title to date. The enemies, be they human, Klingon, Borg or simply unknown are numerous and beautifully created while the

first time.

First class gaming joy in a universe familiar to us all

environments are varied and imaginative, never failing to surprise. The missions are often short and simple, hurrying the story along apace, and feel like they were designed to fit between commercial breaks.

And this is what makes Elite Force so good. Everything reeks of the TV series. The corridors of the Voyager are eerily accurate, the jargon is like a second language and, with the cast lending their voices to the game, the whole thing feels like an extended TV episode. Even those with no knowledge of Voyager will fit right in, smiling with childish glee when stepping on the transporter for the

Elite Force multiplayer will be played at sci-fi conventions from now until eternity but don‘t let that put you off. This is first class gaming joy in a universe familiar to us all. (lain Davidson)


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

(EidOS) £24.99

Everyone knows that the most irritating thing about ITV’s Wno ‘./'./a.'?ts To Be A [VII/Irona/re? is Chris larrant's rn(essant procrastrnatror‘. 'Is that yo..' final answer7 Are you sure? You (omit: have walked away Fina! answer 7 You don't have to play' Is that def-nae“; yOur final answer?’ Aaaaaaaagh' (let on With It you T//'./'/a/-h()strvtg, t)a( k-o‘- the-throat talking freak or I"! give you the fastest linger first Hoping aga'ns‘. hope, the PlayStation version rs booted up but a qurck look at the option

stlé‘t’f‘ (:rsar)l)ol"ts l"e'es "o i s larran‘. out/of" oofton the gan‘e starts ar‘d a fears are we rseo No an:o;rn‘. o‘ )oyoao ooondng skyos "as inane prattltr‘g and arts‘.'.(=.'I-"(; tt‘teen

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a Play/mg oals rust .(=".<;t"ens the to'ture, 'eo..< mg ‘.'.r1a; (o1. o lza‘.e been a" erroyao e trust 9. t'eg.:./I"1oe"dlesspurgatory ()"r,

C) d Llothe' larrari‘. (on o l m t'us 'ur‘


Powerstone 2 (Eidos) £39.99

lhe ()li(]i"ril Powerstone =.'.'as a oetter

of a title Super-fast (orn'oat Littlrstng

.‘6l.' :495‘3u16

Crimson Skies is a great flight sim for those who hate flight sims

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.‘x'7()( na‘ooo'. neat—("woo a"o (aptueo "‘any a gaWe' s '7ea't l’o.’.*erstoee 2 goes "o'. i)'ea-. so out n ".(“.‘. ground out s "o ess e"gag"‘g lhe emo'msas was < ltar‘gt-o ‘rort‘ toe-to—toe s'trgg'ng to tern (t) "1% ho." a"d a unit tooe o" weapons, a'to :1deeo;nmeso‘

st eriery, ta" ne o.< ken a) a"o ‘.'.'eloeo aga "st .23) to i".'(‘t‘ otl‘e' (o'ttnatar‘is lheie‘.’esa'e'.d(..ous,11‘2"t'yng SPIDS, l.lex.(ar‘- to'v‘fos, s;.l)n‘a".nes and Haunted houses all offer "g (it“er'ertt challenges are r)e'”s floo's gut- tra_>s are sprang, gt...” tur'ets ta" oe "tour‘ted, .'()( ks (lodged, "deed you are ottet‘. oaitwng the (- e'r‘e"ts 'tto'e than your enernses l’o:‘.«er‘stone 2 s oat ked unrth detaa and tho;:gh itit‘ :on:hat oarstsxxrllf.r1(l;ta.rtt;e unsatisfying, a( tron ytrnkres find It hard to put (l()‘~.‘.t‘.

PC Crimson Skies (Llicros‘oft) £29.99

Son‘e .oeas are so ahsa'diy sample you ‘.'.o".(le.v -.'.hy no o"e r‘as {nought of l.":(‘ll‘- heto'e lake ( rrmso/r Séves to' exan‘ple Here the ll'ndenourg dzsaster "exer fiaootmed and ar'shros (()Y‘i:llllt‘(l to take oxer t"e skies, l)l()".:(ll."(l fast elf ( se'it transport for oasser‘oe“. and he gt”. alike \.'.' i" so 'n..'< h ta'go 5 oatr't ; onernead, .i'tst 't.’r>u~o;:s {yoes ( <>..t<l"'t help on. l)'()t are tt‘ernsewes a name ar‘o take to

t)ra<v<>‘t‘1tuu' »\s dd l\lail‘-a"


Zathary, the hero of (fnmson Sk/es and toe very (nara( ter you control Thrs rs a Sill‘.l)l(‘, 'ntssron-hy-mission (ombat flight svruuator that rs so full of humour and 'nagrnatror‘, only the dourest ,‘OySlK k anaggzer would find fault lhe o anes are unposshty designed, the (italogoe ouernpe, the dogfrgr‘ts ozentrfui and, best of all, stunting and daredeni flying rs retarded by an |ll( reased reputation 2n the weeks nexusreels A great flight so for flow '-.‘.".o nate f|;ght suns

Cultures (THQ) £29.99

l.lost nutro-management God suns are \ery rnu(h alike If they all shared the san‘e graphrtaf ternpéates would you he aote to tel! ther“. apart7 l't( rease your resourtes, lll( rease your populaton, mtrease your ar'nres, (()".(ltl(‘l your neighbours and, yawn, Thank‘uliy, ll-lQ has tried a rttte S()'tt("ll‘."‘(} o' T't'eren'. ‘.'.il". Cultures,

()Tcl': (l(l(ll"

<o'1(ertt'a‘.rn ; more or‘ your :ndI‘..'Idt.'ai mm ts than “‘0” (WM t“.e ntzlrta'y 'nrgl‘f. inese\RkHugs-landed-rrt- .»"\1‘t(>r‘=(art".rst oe (ared for, nurtured ar‘o entted to oreed, oroootzng 'nore ':. age". to seart h ‘o' ("e sax oret es of a ‘a'le': (orhet, nroogl“. together as fine ea e to toe gan‘e l'atllng, expio'at on, d plorhaty and a little (mm: (to play the:' pa”. out 1 s the horndaalzty of the ‘.r.iagers that "makes Cultures sat h ‘un \"J'rth exery hath a (elehratror‘. and every rnar‘r.age a

\.l( tory, Cultures ‘s the g orroas rneetrng no .“t oe‘.=.'.een Suns a"d Age Of fern/res

Age Of Empires II The Conquerors Expansron (Microsoft) £19.99

The ..".(l snaieo‘ \thl of the "‘artage'rtertt suns, Age Of [Um/Wes // .s ow- ot the most oo:>.; a! ()"trr‘e "tuttvolayers arm .2 ’lt)‘.'. ":as its last exoans'on pat \ Unfortunately [he Conquerors does wtt'e to exoar‘d ooo.“ ‘f'ie ongr‘a? I't tne may o‘ ga'neo ay, <o:‘-'.er:t onzy to o'oxtde the ".e‘.‘. toltu'es, a levy ex’Ja s< er‘a" os and some small, :f ‘.'.("(()"-1t‘, t‘.'.{’(l’\5 to the AU}. // system The nex'. Artet, Hun, Korean, l.la§,«'ar‘ and Boartzsh, a?! tome \.'.'t" ti‘etr ()‘.‘.." nra"d


of untt and tet ."..".() ogy, :"(r‘easzng tee tame?» o‘ (o'nnat styles asa-eao e to tet'arn

ll‘t‘lt‘ ,8 (l 80 S()s'"(‘ "0‘...

team and rrno'oxeo Al o..t ‘.'.."er‘. a?‘ .s sad and done, [no ( ohoue'o/s nurti appeal to nardt ore AU! ‘ttv‘s atone tar too :“..<" to explore n t-"e o'rgrna;

There .s

gauze ‘o' (tlb‘utl‘ olayers to sl)(‘.".(l twenty (1;: (l on :t‘ore o" the same

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STAR RATINGS U'Wr‘rssahle Xe", oood ‘.".o'tl‘. a s'io'. Be‘ot'. a\erage \t>t.".e oeen warned