FASHION Autumn/Winter Trends

This season, a mind-boggling selection of radically different styles and fabrics are on offer for fashionistas and mere mortals alike. Almost all the shelves and rails in the high street are heaving with berry-coloured clothing, because in addition to red, pale pinks right through to deep burgundies are now the shades in which to strut your stuff. Black and white are also on the agenda.

If you like a bit of glamour, your luck's in as conspicuous consumption is the name of the game. The look is glossy, sassy and topped off with big, bouffant hair (think Sharon Stone as Ginger in Casino). Gold, the colour and the metal, knee-length skirts, belted coats and the ubiquitous pussycat bow blouses are de rigueur. The accessories of choice are flashy: snakeskin footwear and bags teamed with cuffs, chokers and chains in diamante or chainmail.

At the other end of the scale is granny chic which, up until now, was favoured only by well-heeled, middle aged ladies with a penchant for classic British fabrics. This has much to do with the revival of tweed and tartan. No longer dowdy, along with the Burberry check, these weaves are now positively desirable (and not just for coats either, tweedy cropped trousers, hipster miniskirts and culottes are also available). Bowling bags are riding high on most wanted lists, as are wide-brimmed hats.

Bring out your batwing-sleeved sweaters and pull out your puffballs, because despite being regarded by many as the decade that style forgot, the 805 have returned. Thankfully this has manifested itself in the shape of cowl neck jumpers and off the shoulder tops, some of the period's less laughable creations.

The 405 are also putting in an appearance, making peep toe shoes, brooches, floaty tea dresses, and classic formal prints the order of the day. Not forgetting the boys; menswear takes its lead from ladieswear making sharp suits, retro checks, chunky gold, and pointy-toed dress shoes the things in which the well- dressed gent about town should be seen. (Dawn Kofie)

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From the tweeds of 'granny chic’ to flash glamour, there's plenty to choose from on the High Street this autumn. Fashions by Kookai and French Connection.


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