We saw you

Name Anita (left) 8: Zoe (right) David Kier-Ia Sarah Occupation Phone sex operator & Planet Spoof documentary maker Film festival director young/,5; Pop director What do you think? Spinal Tap rocks Our world. What do you mean It’s not lthmk .t's a very powerfu| ngel Tufnel can ,le my love real-7 lllm about Why yOU ShOUld pump any day

never wear yellow trousers. It’s fucking hilarious.

Name Aidan Moffat Chris Daniel Ian

occupation Arab Strap ’singer’ Graduate Photographer Funeral services employee

What did you think? Brullrant they’re sOundlng Absolutely top-hole! If thlS All wheat and no chaff. If thrs Phenomenal If lhIS glg was more Irke Led Zeppelrn these glg was a lecture It w0u|d be glg was a photo It would be a funeral It would be one of days. If thls glg was an Arab Explonng the Cosmos. the most majestlc photo you those fuckln' Caribbean ones. Strap song It w0uld be could ever possibly take.

’The Frrst Big Weekend’.

As GLASGAY gets underwag, Councillor Gordon McRigour, of the KEEP SCOTLAND STRAlGHT Campaign, would like a word...

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128 THE LIST ‘9 Oct -2 No: 2000